back support belt types

Types of Back Support Belts and Benefits for Better Knowledge

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people visiting doctors after the flu and cold. A massive chunk of people visits doctors to get their back pain checked.

This pain is mostly due to a few common reasons. It includes poor posture, bad physical health, a weight lifting injury, or chronic overuse. Back pain can also occur from accidents like a sports injury, car accident, falling, etc.

Back pain is a result when an injury occurs, and due to the wear and tear, more damage occurs to the back.

To overcome this pain and to avoid it. Doctors and fitness trainers highly recommend using back support belts.

These belts, you can use to give stability to the muscle and the bone structure of the back area.

A wide variety of back support belts are available and are used based on your damaged back area.

Before talking about the different types of belts, don’t forget that this initial back pain is very dangerous.

It can cause decreased walking capability and may cause paralysis if more damage is done without being taken care of.

Back Support Belt

There are two main types of back support belts which further have their types based on the back pain area and the budget.

Elastic Belts

These types of belts are for moderate damage and mild pain levels. There are many different versions of this belt.

These belts don’t have any rigid material in them. Still, they have strong elastic bands that help in maintaining your back posture and make lifting weight easier.

You can comfortably wear for a more extended period, and you can hide under your clothes.

These belts come in various price ranges depending upon the amount of cushioning and the material from which it has been made.


Mechanical Belts

These types of belts are for severe pain levels. They have rigid supports, also called panels built into them in such a way that they shape up and position your back the way it should be.

These types of belts you can also use during weight lifting due to their excellent posture support.

People who suffer from inflammation also use this belt due to its better stabilization than elastic belts. Mechanical belts are further divided into two types:

Thick Lumbar Belts

These belts are thicker and more rigid than the normal ones. These belts are used by people who lift heavy weights frequently because these belts provide much better stability.

People commonly use it as a safety measure to reduce the risk of damaging the back. Due to their thickness and chunkiness, these belts make you look a little bulky than you are.

Thin Lumbar Belts

Thin lumbar belts are used by people who do not lift weights very often but are recovering from a previous back injury. You can comfortably wear these belts under clothing without any difficulty.

These belts help in keeping the muscles and bone structure in the ideal position. This will make them relax and recover over time.

How to Choose a Back Support Belt?

You can choose a back support belt by consulting a healthcare professional who can identify the damaged area.

Then you can purchase the type of belt recommended by them. It will help you to recover from back pain and not waste money.

How to Keep Your Back Healthy?

To keep your back healthy, you must develop the habit of not hunch over while using your mobile phone or your computer.

The most common reason for back damage is a bad posture. So always make sure that you have a good position.

Tip: You can utilize a popular technique. You can put a tennis ball behind your upper back while seating.

Whenever your body tries to hunch over, the ball will fall, alerting you to fix your posture.

You can also keep your back healthy by doing back exercises, including squats, while standing up against a wall.

Benefits of Using Back Support Belts

The science behind Back Support Belts isn’t complete as of yet. However, current researches only talk about the benefits of back support belts.

You can choose the type after your doctor’s recommendation, and you may see the following benefits:

Correcting Deformity

Any deformity caused by an accident, injury, or surgery one can fix using back support belts.

Limiting Movement

A back support belt keeps your rear structure and muscles in place and doesn’t let it move, which lets the muscles relax and recover.


Keeping your spine in place for sure helps in keeping the correct posture. Hence the pain reduces, and the damage recovers because of the stabilization.


People who wear back support belts have told that due to the rigid backing, sitting, standing, and other movements are made quickly without any difficulty.

Fast Recovery

After an injury, a back support belt can help in recovering your injury very fast. It can make you go back to work in no time.

Pain Relief

Some expensive belts have features like massage and heat, which further relax the muscles and damaged area. This results in an immense amount of relief and reduces pain intensity greatly.

Negatives of Using Back Support Belts

We have highly emphasized getting a support belt after consulting with a health practitioner. Choosing and using a wrong support belt may cause more damage to your back, then recovering the loss.

  • Back supports belts that do not fit you well, or those made with a universal size may cause skin irritation and lesion.
  • Long term use of a back support belt is prohibited because it may cause muscle atrophy.
  • A back support belt usually makes the damaged muscle-restricted to recover. Hence the load is transferred to other muscles, so you need to extremely careful while using back support belts.
  • Some people who have been using back support belts have shared that the pressure on the abdomen has caused them digestive issues. Hence, using back support belts for a very long period is prohibited.
  • Restriction and Compression of your muscles may cause an increased heart rate and high blood pressure, so you need to be careful about that as well.


Lastly, we would like to mention that using a back support belt for the short term shall be beneficial for you, and you should not use it for a long time.

Any health practitioner won’t recommend using a back support belt for a more extended period.

So stay fit and stay healthy, take care of your body fitness, and don’t forget to consult your doctor before purchasing a back support belt.

Hence, making sure that your back is healthy and fit is very important.

Keeping your back healthy will result in making a very positive impact on your life. It will keep you fit in the upcoming years of your life.