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Step By Step Painting For Beginners Beautiful Abstract/ Flower/Ocean on Canvas 2022

Applying color to a solid surface is very mesmerizing, learn in this article how one step by step painting for beginners.

The colors blend into each other while leading to unique pieces of art.

A blank surface is transformed into a colorful and refreshing piece of art that becomes the center of attention.

Imagine putting up a colorful and fresh painting in your lounge, you will certainly observe that it will give your lounge a homely feeling.

Paintings also have a lot of meaning to them and different people perceive paintings in different ways.

How To Paint Step By Step Painting For Beginners

If you are new to painting and you are lacking ideas about what unique piece to create, then you certainly don’t need to worry anymore.

We have some very interesting, simple, fun ideas for you to paint.

01. Abstract

Abstract painting is the first thing that you should try if you are completely new to applying color on a solid surface because it does not have any limits.

You can experiment with color, strokes, and textures according to your liking.

Abstract art doesn’t require any pattern to be followed so it gives you a free hand.

You can have a simple idea in your mind and you can follow that but it also allows you to go with a flow.

While creating abstract paintings, don’t use more than 2-3 colors.

Try to use fewer colors, just use the different shades of a single color and you will be able to create phenomenal paintings that people will love.

A lot of colors can make the painting look annoying or sharp to the eyes.

If you see the painting above, you will observe that only two basic colors were used to create this stunning painting.

The major colors used are yellow and blue, you can see that many shades of blue are present in the painting, while yellow when mixed with blue, gave rise to green.

So, just by mixing two colors, you can achieve new colors and you don’t need to add extra colors to your painting.

One more fascinating thing about abstract paintings is that you are not restricted to use a specific brush size or specific strokes.

You can work with whatever is available and you can experiment with different strokes.

So, the top of the list would be abstract painting because they are attractive yet unique, simple to achieve and they don’t require any complex methods.

We are sure that after reading this, you will be motivated to create a unique abstract painting with a bunch of paints that you have available.

02. Flowers

Everyone loves flowers and flowers are beautiful in every way, whether they are real, in the form of a picture, painting, pattern, or any other way they are presented.

You can start by drawing a simple flower and then applying color according to your personal choice.

There are so many kinds of flowers, you can draw a flower by hand or you can trace a pattern as well.

If you are unable to draw, tracing is the simplest way of getting a pattern which you can follow.

Once you have drawn a pattern, you are ready to paint.

You can start by painting larger flowers and then you can add leaves and smaller flowers on the side.

While painting flowers, you still have freedom.

You can choose the colors according to your choice and you certainly don’t have to follow a specific pattern or color combination.

Since flowers are quite easier to draw or paint as compared to other objects or things, you can start practicing with flowers, and then you can move on to more complex things.

You will be able to create stunning flowers and you will also be able to improve your painting skills.

Enjoy a walk in your garden or a nearby park and get some inspiration from the gorgeous flowers.

03. Silhouette

Another amazing idea for painting for beginners is a silhouette painting.

It is one of a simpler painting techniques but the end product looks very mesmerizing.

It requires less effort but people will think that you have put in hours creating a silhouette painting.

The idea behind silhouette painting is that you apply a bunch of bright colors as a background on a solid surface.

You can use shades of red and yellow, green and purple, blues and blacks, or any other combination that you like.

Once you have created a bright background with the use of different brushes and strokes then you are ready to create a dark object on the bright background.

The dark object whether it is a tree, a horse, a ballet dancer or any other will be the center of attention and it will give a very unique look to the overall painting.

Silhouette painting is great to give someone as a present, you can relate the painting to a certain memory and it will surely leave an impact on the hearts of your loved ones.

The trick behind silhouette painting is that the background color must be the opposite of the dark color that you will use to create the object.

You can mix a number of colors to make the background stand out.

The brighter the background, the nicer will be silhouette effect.

Make sure that you don’t use more than 2-3 colors for the background.

If you use more colors then the painting can look weird instead of looking attractive and beautiful.

Get ready to make amazing silhouette paintings as Christmas or birthday presents for your friends and family.

04. Trees

If you are done with painting flowers, abstract paintings, and others then you certainly, need to try painting trees.

Painting trees are slightly more complex than painting flowers or silhouettes because trees require more detailing depending upon the trees you are painting.

Painting trees can be very fun because you can get inspiration from the trees around you, especially when they are changing colors.

Trees, when they are changing colors, are a magnificent sight, it makes you fall in love with nature more.

You can start by tracing or drawing the basic pattern of trees and then you can move on further by applying multiple colors to trees.

You can use browns, greens, yellows, reds, oranges and so many other shades to give life to the trees.

Especially if you are a true admirer, you will love to get your hands on these specific colors to paint trees.

Painting branches can be slightly tricky but you can get a hang of it once you start painting them.

In the painting above, you can see that minimum colors are used to create a stunning painting where the main focus is on the trees.

You can also add a scenic look to your painting, you can add mountains, sun, or any other thing that you like with the main focus on the trees.

You can paint simpler trees and then further move on to more complex ones.

05. Oceans Or Waters

The last idea that we have for you is paintings of waters and oceans.

There are so many people who love oceans and oppositely, there are so many people who are afraid of oceans.

If you are someone who is fascinated by oceans or waters then you will certainly be intrigued to paint a painting that has your expression of waters.

You will certainly love using cool colors to express yourself on the blank surface.

Painting waters can be more complex as compared to the other simpler ideas that we have mentioned earlier because you need to place the colors at the right places to get that flowy effect.

You don’t necessarily get the freedom to place the paint wherever you feel like for the flowy effect.

In the painting, you can see that the strokes of the paintbrushes are creating the flowy effect.

The colors are placed in order to create shadows and texture in the painting.

Unlike the abstract paintings, you have to be careful about the direction of strokes, the sizes of the brushes, and the colors that you are using.

Don’t be afraid, it is not that complex, it is one of the most fun painting ideas because you get to create absolutely stunning paintings of oceans.

You can practice the different strokes before you actually start applying color to any solid surface.

If you live in a warm area then a painting of ocean or waters will give a cooling effect to your lounge.

There are millions and trillions of painting ideas, you just need to get inspiration from something that is close to your heart because painting is all about expressing yourself.

A Verdict of Easy Painting For Beginners on Canvas

If you don’t feel a connection with the object that you are going to paint then you will not enjoy painting it that much.

Start with abstract paintings and then further move on to more complex painting ideas.

We are certainly sure that after going through these ideas, there will be some paintings hanged in your home and your friends will also get to enjoy the paintings that you will paint for them.

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