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PS3 Vs PS4 Controller – A Side By Side Comparison of Which One is Better in 2022?

A console for video games is definitely a good way to have fun indoors, when the weather is bad or when you simply don’t have anything better to do.

Both the PS3 vs PS4 controllers have grown to be quite popular among video game enthusiasts and others as well.

While it is true that PS4 is a more recent release than PS3, no one can deny that PS3 still has its game on and can offer a great degree of entertainment.

So, which one is better? Which one is worth your attention and money?

Both made and released by Sony, PS4 is out on the market for 6 years already, since its launch in 2013, and it is still going strong.

But, if we are to take a look at PS3, which was launched for the first time back in 2006, we have to admit that the popularity and notoriety of PS3 are much more solid.

Of course, you will want to check out more than the popularity and fan community of these two play-stations before making a final choice. So, here are the facts you should consider.

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Comparison: PS3 Vs PS4 Controller

Design Details

Although it may not seem that important, the design of your console may end up bothering you after a while.

After all, you may not want to look at a bulky console all the time.

Besides this, its design may influence its position in your home and storage options when needed.

So, in terms of design, PS4 is indeed slimmer and smaller than PS3.

The regular PS3 console has a rectangular shape, measuring 27.5 centimeters in width, 30.5 centimeters in-depth, and has a height of 5.3 centimeters.

There is also a PS3 slim version, which should be smaller, but the truth is that the differences are not that significant.

So the answer is yes, PS3 is indeed larger and thicker than the more modern-looking PS4.

Noise Levels

You probably didn’t see this coming. How can a video game console be noisy?

Well, it can, especially older models, which tend to produce a certain background noise when they function.

It may not be noticeable during the day, but if it happens at night when some of your household members are sleeping, it may be an issue.

In this chapter, PS4 is quieter than PS3.

Even when you play games that consume a lot of its resources and for extended periods, this console will not make too much noise.

This can’t be said in the case of PS3, which can make some noise, although it is not that bothering.

If you already tried PS3 or know someone who has this console, you probably know what we’re talking about.

The truth is that a quieter device is always a desirable aspect.

If you will end up using the console on a rather frequent basis, being subjected to a background noise can be annoying after a while.

What is making the noise? The fans cooling the device are responsible for this part.

So, even if you do purchase a PS4, depending on how much you use it, you may be able to hear the fans after a year or two.

It is said that the C-Chassis model from PS4 produces less noise, due to the fact that it is smaller.

This is not a model that is very easy to find, but you may want to invest some effort in getting it if you think that the noise will be an issue.

The RAM And CPU Capacity

As you may expect, there are considerable differences in this chapter, due to the fact that the two consoles use entirely different internal architectures.

Still, the claim that the more recent PS4 is 10 times faster and more powerful than the later PS3 is a matter that can be discussed.

It is hard to compare two devices that were made in completely different ways.

PS3 uses a cell-architecture made by Sony, which was custom created for this play-station and was notorious for the fact that it was quite difficult to be made.

PS4, on the other hand, has a similar chip with Xbox One and that is an x86 chip.

The CPU is an AMD Jaguar with 8 cores that can reach a maximum speed of 2.7 GHz.

It also enjoys 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM.

The PS3, on the other hand, uses a CPU that can reach 3.2 GHz, but has only one single-core, although it does have some companion cores meant to help it out in times of need.

Concerning the RAM part, it has only 256MB of DDR3. So, yes, PS4 is indeed faster.

Also, it is worth knowing that PS4 allows you to play PS3 games, as it is possible to stream some games, not all of them, directly on your new PS4 console.

The bad part is that if you have disc-based games, you won’t be able to use them on a PS4.

Types And Versatility of The Available Controllers

The controllers used by PS4, more precisely the DualShock4, is actually a redesigned version of the DualShock3, used by PS3.

Of course, there are some differences, or improvements if you want to call them like this.

If you ever held a DualShock3, you will notice that the new version is larger in size.

Also, it is heavier, allowing you to better feel it in your hands.

The grips of the controller were enlarged as well, so you won’t experience difficulties when playing.

There is good news for races and shooters, as the redesigned version features improved trigger and shoulder buttons.

By taking a closer look at these two controllers, one aspect can be seen almost in an instant.

The DualShock4 has a generous touch screen in its middle section, which can be used for a variety of operations.

You can use this feature while playing a game and in the console’s UI as well.

The new controller also has a jack for headphones, so now it is much easier to use headphones when playing a game.

This will definitely give you the chance to enjoy a better gaming experience and not bother the rest of the household members.

Another significant aspect of the new controller, in comparison with the old one, is the new light bar.

The light bar will allow the console to better determine your position in the room when playing.

So, if you are a fan of motion games, you will notice that your gaming experience is taken to another level by this new feature.

The Dedicated Library For Games

The diversity of games that can be enjoyed with a particular console is definitely something you need to consider.

Considering that PS3 is out on the market for a higher number of years, it is only normal for this console to provide a more generous games library.

PS3 has been supported by game developers for quite a while already, so it is still possible to find a wide range of games to enjoy, without having to spend a small fortune on them.

Still, you should decide which is best, a larger game library or better video resolution for your games?

PS4 may not provide the same amount of games as PS3, but the video quality is much better in this case.

Also, new games for PS4 are released periodically, so it is expected for its library to grow as well.

Thus, if you decide to invest in this particular console, most certainly you will be able to enjoy new games very soon.

Besides this, it is very hard to ignore an HD resolution of 900p/1080p.

Those playing cross-platform games will definitely appreciate a higher resolution, which will improve their gaming experience.

What About Skills Concerning Media Performances?

Are media skills important to you? In this case, we will have to give credit to PS3.

Up to this point, this console is much better when it comes to media than it’s the newest sibling.

If you have an external hard drive or memory stick, you will be able to play videos stored on these devices on PS3 without a problem.

But, when it comes to PS4, it is worth knowing that this particular console won’t play anything but files in an MP4 format.

So, this is definitely a downside, as many of us still have a lot of files in other formats.

Recently, Sony made the announcement that it is possible to play music from a USB stick with the help of a PS4 console.

However, it is impossible to store these files on the console.

PS3 offers the convenient feature of streaming files, in a wireless manner, taken from other types of devices.

Yes, PS4 can do this as well, but only with the help of an app, more precisely the Plex app.

Speaking of apps, PS4 has a wide array of apps available.

So if you are an app enthusiast, you will love knowing that PS4 enjoys apps like Netflix or BBC iPlayer among others.


Differences Regarding Price Tags

The price tag is almost always determined by the age and features of a device.

So, as you expect, PS3 is more affordable than PS4.

The cheapest PS3 model comes for approximately $215.

We are talking about the PS3 Super Slim model, of only 12 GB.

If you think that this is enough for you, the price tag is more than approachable.

A larger model, of 500 GB, will cost around $260, so the difference is not that significant and you’ll get the chance to store a high number of games at once.

When it comes to PS4, prices can vary between $320 and $390, depending on model and storage capacity.

Usually, for this money, you will also receive a game, even two, together with your console, so you can start playing right away.

The Verdict of PS3 Controller Vs PS4

Which one is better? Well, it depends on your personal preferences, expectancy, and dedicated budget.

Hopefully, the previously mentioned lines will help you make an informed decision.


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