How do you get Paradox Amplifiers in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

How do you get Paradox Amplifiers in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

In this guide, we’ll outline all the different methods of obtaining the Paradox Amplifiers. They are necessary to complete Lost Prophecies in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. As well as providing players with all the hints and tips they’ll need to farm them as efficiently and usefully as possible. 

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris was released on December 5th, 2017. After the success of the original Destiny, the second version introduces the Lost Prophecies, which allow players to compete in activities to achieve Lost Prophecy weapons. The weapons are a great way to reach the revised power cap of Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris at 335. 



What the obtained Paradox Amplifiers are used for

To get the weapons, players must utilize the Infinite Forge as well as interacting with Brother Vance. A critical thing comes with Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. Brother Vance is a Vendor on Mercury who sells Lost Prophecies in exchange for specific prophecy offerings. This one can obtain by taking part in particular activities

Before Brother Vance begins to trade in the Lost Prophecies, players must first complete the Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Story mission. Additionally, three following adventures and one heroic adventure you must also complete on Mercury. 

There are eleven Lost Prophecy Verses. Each is culminating in a different and specific Lost Prophecy Weapon. Which, one can only obtain once the verse is fully complete. Upon receiving all the required prophecy offerings, players must hand them over to Brother Vance on Mercury. He will give them another item that must be taken to the Infinite Forge to create the corresponding weapon eventually. 

Primarily, players will need an abundance of Radiolorian Cultures, Paradox Amplifiers, and Hermaion Blossoms. A collection of these items you can trade for one essential prophecy offering. Every ten Radiolorian Cultures, you can convert into a single Concentrated Radiolorian Culture. Every ten Hermaion Blossoms you can collect in exchange for a Fossilized hermaion blossom . Finally, every ten Paradox Amplifiers you can turn into an Advanced Paradox Amplifier.

Each verse has a specific number of prophecy offerings that you require to fulfill the Lost Prophecy. Once complete, players can visit the unlock the Lost Prophecy Weapons Infinite Forge and create the specific weapon for that verse. 

Out of the eleven Lost Prophecy Verses, there are eight that require the Advanced Paradox Amplifier to fulfill and complete the verse and create the corresponding weapon. 

What is a Paradox Amplifier?

A Paradox Amplifier is one of the three prophecy offering items as well as a Hermaoin Blossom and a Radiolorian Culture. They have a maximum stack size of 20. You can obtain through strikes, heroic adventures on Mercury, and matches on the Crucible. However, Paradox Amplifiers are not guaranteed rewards for these tasks, and the only way to overcome that is just to keep playing. 

With every ten Paradox Amplifiers you earn, you can take them to Brother Vance on Mercury and trade them for an Advanced Paradox Amplifier for the cost of 15 legendary shards. As previously mentioned, 8 of the 11 Lost Prophecies require Advanced Paradox Amplifiers you need to fulfill. In total, for these 8 Lost Prophecies, players will need to obtain 16 Advanced Paradox Amplifiers. 

Collecting all the Paradox Amplifiers and subsequent Advanced Paradox Amplifiers will take time and continuous grinding. They are the second most challenging material to acquire after the Hermaion Blossoms. 

Obtaining Paradox Amplifiers for Lost Prophecies

The 8 Lost Prophecies that require Advanced Paradox Amplifiers and the weapons they correspond to:

  • The Conqueror 2: Legendary SMG 
  • Jack Queen King 3: Legendary Hand Cannon
  • Traveler’s Judgement: Legendary Sidearm 
  • Sol Pariah 6: Legendary SMG
  • West Sunfall 7: Legendary Hand Cannon
  • Infinite Paths 8: Legendary Pulse Rifle 
  • Null Calamity 9: Legendary Auto Rifle 
  • Future Safe 10: Legendary Sword 

Once achieved, Lost Prophecy weapons are added to the Lighthouse Engram reward pool for all characters to make use of. 

Obtaining a Paradox Amplifier with Strikes 

Strikes are a key endgame feature of Destiny and Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris and a great way to get your hands on some powerful loot, including Paradox Amplifiers. They are a player verses environment (PvE) activity designed for one to three players of a fireteam. Strikes will consist of a series of objectives for you and your team that increases in difficulty, ending by facing a battle with an Ultra. Attacks begin in a public area, but once you and your team enter, the attack becomes private to avoid any interruptions or outside influences. Easy attacks take around 20 minutes, while the toughest strikes can take up to an hour.

There are three types of strikes, Vanguard strikes, Heroic strikes, and Nightfall strikes. Vanguard is the easiest, while Nightfall is the toughest. Players should make sure they complete at least three Heroic Strikes to get a Powerful Engram. The rewards you can get upon completion of the strike will vary depending on which strike you can select. So getting a Paradox Amplifier is not always guaranteed. However, rarely, a hit may be rewarded by two Paradox Amplifiers or even an Advanced Paradox Amplifier. 

Obtaining a Paradox Amplifier from Crucible Matches

The Crucible is the only player verses player (PvP) mode in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. Players will find themselves in a group of four pitted against another group of four players in various types of battle. Players and opponents’ levels are irrelevant during Crucible matches as level advantages such as light and power advantages are disabled.

To keep the Crucible match balanced, all player stats and equipment stats are temporarily equaled out so that with regards to weapons. They deliver damage based on the weapon type and classification rather than the player and equipment stats. Additionally, armor is also balanced out, and in the Crucible match, one kind of armor will not offer surplus advantages compared to another armor type.

You can regard Crucible matches as the best way to farm Paradox Amplifiers. If you are serious about loading up on Paradox Amplifiers and progressing quickly in the Lost Prophecies, players should spend time in the Crucible competing in matches.

Whether the match results in a win, draw or loss, players will see many awards of Paradox Amplifiers. Occasionally prizes will consist of two Paradox Amplifiers at the end of around. Even though grinding away in the crucible may be the easiest way to farm Paradox Amplifiers. Earning enough to complete the Lost Prophecy verses is still going to take a long time. 

Obtaining a Paradox Amplifier through Heroic Adventures

Heroic Adventures are new additions that came with the expansion of Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. They have a Player verses Environment (PvE) mode, and you can only play on Mercury and Mars. Heroic Adventures you can only unlock when returning to Brother Vance after completing all three adventures on Mercury in order: Bug in the System, The Runner, The Up and Up. They are similar to usual adventures but come to have much greater difficulty. There are also additions of new modifiers that increase the difficulty of the gameplay.

Players are recommendable to have a power level of at least 300, unlike usual Adventures to play any Heroic Adventure on Mercury. This has a recommendable power level of only 250. Beating Heroic Adventures on Mercury will result in Paradox Amplifiers. However, Heroic Adventures is the most time-consuming method of getting Paradox Amplifiers. On the plus side, doing Heroic Adventures in Mercury will give you Mercury Tokens, which players can use to acquire Lighthouse armor and weapons. 

What happens after obtaining Paradox Amplifiers?

Completing these tasks to achieve all the Paradox Amplifiers that you will need is a long but fun process. Paradox Amplifiers, along with Radiolotrian Cultures and Hermaion Blossoms, one can trade in groups of ten for their advanced version: Advanced Paradox Amplifiers, Fossilised Hermaion Blossoms, and Concentrated Radiolorian Cultures.

These can one can ten collect to fulfill the 11 Lost Prophecy Verses and taken to the Infinite Forge to create the Lost Prophecy Weapons. Although the process is long, the weapons are powerful and worth the grind. 

Progress with the Lost Prophecies one can record with a seal comprising 12 symbols on the wall of the Lighthouse next to the Infinite Forge. Each Lost Prophecy causes one symbol in the seal to glow once you complete it. And when all Lost Prophecies are complete, 11 of the 12 symbols will be lit up. 

Once the Lost Prophecies are complete, players can acquire not only all the powerful weapons but also Sagira’s shell. This is an Exotic Ghost shell that improves your rank with the Gunsmith and also produces telemetry for every type of elemental weapon. 


The Lost Prophecies and the many items you will need to complete them are a great addition that came with the Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris expansion. Completing these Lost Prophecies adds hours of game time.

It allows players not only to collect the necessary items like Radiolorian Cultures, Hermaion Blossoms, and Paradox Amplifiers. It enables one to achieve lots of useful and cool things along the way. Collecting items takes time, but for successful Guardians, it’s worth it.