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10 Best Steam Iron For Quilting & Sewing: Quilter’s First Choice in 2022

Nothing frustrates quilters than having a terrible quilting iron.

That is why it’s crucial to have the necessary idea about the best steam iron for quilting you can find on the market today.

It is also worth knowing that a terrible iron is regarded as one of the major challenges which all quilters all around the globe are faced with or get to handle at one point or the other during the process of quilting.

As a result of various experiences of failed brands/types of quilting irons, quilters around the world now regard the purchase of top quality or perfect iron their main goal.

No matter how experienced or exceptional you are as a quilter, one terrible experience with your iron, or having a bad iron could bring an end to all those hours of hard work.

To complement your talent or skills as a quilter, there is a need for a top quilting Iron.

We know you must have had your highs and lows with several brands or designs of irons.

That is exactly why we have taken our time to closely monitor the various designs of irons on the market.

With our picks of the best irons for quilting, you will have at your disposal one of the perfect irons that are available on the over-saturated market.

Steam Iron For Quilting & Sewing – A Comparison Table of 2022

Oliso Pro
CHI Steam

What is The Best Quilting Iron To Go For?

We have taken our time to select the best steam iron for quilting which you can possibly choose from.

We can assure you that all the listed irons are designed to deliver on consistent optimal performance.

Among them our first choice is Rowenta; the first choice of steam iron to straighten all your quilt at a line.

Carefully read through and choose the one that fits into your specifications.

This article has all you need to know when it comes to choosing the right quilting iron.

Apart From Wrinkles Removal, What Other Benefits Does Steam Offer?

Apart from the removal of wrinkles and the smooth and excellent touch the steaming process offers, additionally, when you steam your fabric, it ensures all bacteria that can bring about unpleasant smell or odor are being eradicated.

When you steam your fabric, you are also saying “No” to germs.

We believe every quilter out there deserves the best.

It can only be easier, better, and cost-saving with the quilting irons we have identified in this article.

Say “No” to the burning of your fabric.

As you read further, you will find out and understand the steps required in identifying and choosing the perfect iron for quilting.

Remember, it goes beyond just having the best iron for quilting.

You also have to adopt the right techniques to achieve the actual or expected result.

At all times, ensure you handle and treat your iron with respect. Love every moment with it.

And after you might have gotten an iron of your choice from our list, ensure you keep your iron away from anything that could reduce its effectiveness.

If you fail to protect your iron, there is no way you can protect yourself from having unsatisfying experiences.

You may check the best mom backpack & best ductless range hood on the market.

Top 10 Best Steam Iron For Quilting Reviews [Updated-2022]

01. Rowenta Everlast- An Ideal Steam Iron For Quilting By ROWENTA



Rowenta everlast comes with a soleplate that is made of stainless steel.

This amazing design of iron eradicates any form of inconsistency in your quilting works.

It ensures you get the right result, not by luck, not just once, but on a regular, yet consistent basis.

It is a steam iron with amazing performance.

It comes loaded with various steam options which are perfect for all kinds of ironing exercise.

The steam options range from variable to vertical, and from vertical to steam burst.

Amazing, right? That is how you feel when you get hold of this excellent design on every use.

Also, you can remove the collector with ease, an attribute that makes it easier and faster to empty.

As a quilter, do you experience difficulty in getting rid of those hard/difficult wrinkles? Say no more.

The Rowenta Everlast comes with steam shots that are known to be very powerful in eradicating any forms of wrinkle- the easy and the difficult kinds.

Highlighted Features
  • Active steam holes- 400 in total
  • Accuracy tip- a guide to reach those difficult places during ironing
  • Up to 2.4 meters cable- more reach and ease of movement
  • A large water tank/reservoir- 354 ml
  • Amazing steam power
  • Amazing ironing experience
  • Several steam options- 3
  • Consistent excellent service delivery
  • User-friendly
  • A steam power of 1750W
  • Made of stainless-steel soleplate

It comes with more than enough steam to go around your fabrics- thanks to its unique technology called Microsteam400 soleplate.

This technology made it possible for this design to have 400 micro steam holes which are all active.

With an active/opened 400 steam holes, why won’t it achieve a 100% excellent steam distribution on your fabric?

Having known how difficult it is to get the iron or move across some areas while in operation, this amazing design has with it an exactness or accuracy tip to assist you during these difficult moments.

The Rowenta Everlast is not just an iron, it works and acts as the perfect partner for every quilter.

Also, worth listing is how easy it is to move around and stretch while in action, thanks to its 2.4 meters cable.

It has a water reservoir that can hold up to 354 milliliters of water to guarantee close to half an hour constant steaming exercise.

Its power of up to 1750W is also a feature that can’t be neglected.

It ensures you get nothing less than an excellent ironing experience.

02. A digital Steam Quilting Iron By BLACK+DECKER



We are in a digital world, this amazing design of iron by BLACK+DECKER has just taken us to an entirely new level in the quilting world.

This design is user-friendly and amazing to operate.

It has with it an LCD screen, a true identity of digitalization.

The LCD screen makes some basic functions appear or come simpler and easier.

With the LCD screen, you can decide or choose the steam level for every kind of fabric you are working on by just clicking on a button.

Yes, you heard me right. “A single click or push on a button is all you need to activate/choose your preferred steam level and other necessary fabric settings.

This brand of iron comes with excellent features and a nice shape.

It is easy to handle, thanks to its nicely designed grip handle which ensures you remain comfortable all through the process of using it.

While ironing, it guarantees smooth and uninterrupted movements and also ensure all forms of wrinkles are totally eliminated with ease, and also faster- thanks to its “Stainless Steel Soleplate”.

Highlighted Features
  • Digitalized
  • Independent Steam and Temperature controls
  • Amazing grip/handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Shuts down automatically
  • The Steam rate excellent- high
  • Steam power of 1500W
  • A soleplate made of stainless steel

It comes with an excellent steam rate, which has a rapid effect on your fabric.

Its temperature control is digitally operated, just like it is with the steam control.

Amazingly, these digitally controlled functions are created independently- this means you can modify these two settings or functions to the requirement of every fabric type to achieve the best result without one function affecting the other.

Knowing how terrible and restricting mineral deposits could be in achieving optimal performance, this design of iron comes with a system known as “Auto-clean.”

This system ensures all forms of mineral deposits are being ejected or pushed out.

How convenient and effective this function is, can’t be waved or thrown away.

For ease of understanding of when to trigger the Auto clean function, the instruction pops up on the screen, instructing you to trigger this essential function.

A push on the designated button is all you need. Easy, right?

This iron is great at what it does, and act accordingly.

With the iron resting on its soleplate, it goes off or shuts down about half a minute of inactiveness and the same thing happens after 8 minutes of inactiveness while resting on the heel.

Its power is placed on 1500W, which brings about faster heat generation.

03. TG1600 By OLISO – A Steam Iron For All Quilters



The TG1600 iron is regarded as very smart design. It works with synchronization with the user’s movements.

Think about an iron that acts immediately it feels your moves, an iron that acts swiftly to every instruction given.

It comes with a technology that solely belongs to this design- it can’t be found with other brands of iron on the market.

This technology ensures a special feature called “scorch guards” move in when you touch the handle of the iron, and move out once your hand is off the handle.

The technology is known as “I-technology”.

The scorch guards serve the purpose of an Anti-burn- meaning you don’t have to worry about the possibilities of getting your fabric burnt while your iron lies horizontally on the fabric.

With this function, you don’t have to keep your iron on the heel rest during the period of inactiveness, which could be stressful to the arm and the wrist, leading to unnecessary pain and discomfort.

You can always leave your iron resting its soleplate pointing towards the fabric.

The scorch guards work at your favor and only lifts upon the feel of your hand on the handle, leaving you to go through the ironing process with ease.

Highlighted Features
  • I-technology- which makes it a smart brand of iron
  • Automatic turn-off after a particular time of inactiveness
  • An adequate and faster heat generation process
  • Anti-burn function- scorch guards
  • A large water reservoir
  • A very long cable
  • Easy to handle
  • User-friendly
  • Several steam settings and levels
  • Scratch resistance stainless steel soleplate

Its soleplate which is made of stainless-steel resists any form of scratch and also ensures the steam rate is excellent and evenly distributed across the fabric.

After a period of 30 seconds of inactiveness, while sitting horizontally on the scorch guards, heat production goes off automatically.

And when put on heel rest, the heat goes off in about 30 minutes.

The automatic heat shut down ensures your safety comes first and also well guaranteed.

It comes with 1800W power which heats up this brand of iron in little or no time.

The heat produced penetrates deeply ensuring all forms of wrinkles are clearly eradicated.

The steam comes in three (3) different levels namely low, medium, and high which can be used with the provided steam settings (the continuous steam setting, the horizontal burst steam setting, and the vertical burst steam settings).

Before you commence your ironing, the operation makes sure you remain patient by watching closely to ensure the scorch guards have completely moved in.

Allowing the guards to move in completely won’t take much of your time, all you need is just a few seconds.

The wait ensures you do not destroy your fabric. The power cable is long enough to aid ease of movement.

The cord is about 4 meters long and the water reservoir can take close to 384 milliliters of water.

04. DW9280 Steam Iron By ROWENTA



The DW9280 is a beauty to behold. It comes with amazing shape and design, light, and easy to handle.

Have you been having difficulties in getting rid of those difficult/ tough wrinkles? This brand of iron is for you.

Its power stands at 1800W- which guarantees a fast heat generation and deep penetration of heat during ironing and the excellent steam rate which are distributed evenly across all areas of the fabric; thanks to its 400 steam holes.

Amazingly, it releases up to thirty (30) percent more steam than other brands of irons on the market.

This advancement is influenced through the provision of a technology known as “Pump injection”.

Certainly, you can’t achieve a result below perfection.

The soleplate is made of stainless steel which comes with an anti-scratch function.

To indicate the perfect temperature for any kind of fabric, it comes with a digitalized LED display system that shows the temperature of the soleplate and the kind of fabric the temperature is fit for.

When you follow the screen closely, there is no way you can experience a burn on your fabric.

Highlighted Features
  • Greater steam discharge of up to 30% more than other brands of iron
  • 400 steam holes
  • Led display system
  • Anti-calcium and auto-clean systems
  • A big water reservoir
  • An auto-off function
  • A perfect fit for all kind of fabric
  • Soleplate that is made of stainless steel

As a means of eradicating any form of mistakes that could lead to the burning of fabrics or other related accidents, this iron comes with an auto-off function.

The auto-off function triggers in certain situations.

While left inactive, resting on its heel after 8 minutes, it powers off.

And when it’s resting on its side or pointing downward after 30 seconds of inactiveness, it powers off.

It comes with a large water tank which is big enough to hold up to 326 milliliters of water comfortably.

With the presence of the anti-calcium system, you can easily make use of any water- treated or untreated.

It also has the auto-clean system which eradicates mineral deposits.

With the availability of the anti-calcium and the auto-clean systems, you are certainly sure of getting optimal satisfaction when it comes to performance and service delivery.

05. A Steam Master Iron By SUNBEAM



Every operation carried out with this amazing design of iron are well regulated.

It ensures the right or adequate steam rate for various kinds of fabric to be iron is released, hereby preventing under/over steam application.

If you desired to apply more steam, most times in the fight for complete eradication of wrinkles, the tough ones, there is a button made available to release strong steam.

All you have to do is a mild push on the button.

Once the button is triggered, immediately, extra steam strong enough to erase the tough wrinkles are released with faster and immediate effect guaranteed.

With this design from Sunbeam, say no to tough/difficult wrinkles.

It comes with a long power cable, long enough to allow ease of movement while going through your ironing operation.

The cord is treated differently from other iron brands available on the market.

This iron has a room where the power cable can be easily stored.

This means you don’t have to leave the cable dangling or being visible after every ironing operation.

Highlighted Features
  • Auto-clean function
  • A very long cable
  • Soleplate that is made of stainless steel
  • Cable retracting function
  • Several steam options
  • Auto-off Function
  • Anti-Mineral deposit function

With the click on the designated control button, the cable moves into the provided slot on the iron.

With this, your cable is neatly packed and properly handled to protect it from possible damage.

It also comes with an auto-off system that powers off the iron after 30 seconds of inactiveness while resting on its side or while pointing downward.

And when the iron is being put on heel rest, it switches off after 15 minutes of inactiveness.

With this function, the burning of fabric seems almost impossible.

As a means of preventing a drop-in performance that could arise from mineral deposits, the steam master iron comes with an auto-clean system which cleans and eradicates mineral deposit.

It comes with a soleplate that is made of stainless steel.

06. GI505- A Sharp Professional Steam Iron By SHARK



Just as the name indicates, the “Sharp professional” is a steam iron which ensures you achieve an exceptional result- A high-quality professional outcome.

It comes with 1800W power which ensures you achieve even distribution of steam across the fabric and at the same time releasing a fast and consistent heat needed to achieve a fantastic result.

With the quality of steam produced and released, all associated worries with wrinkles are being dealt with.

No matter how easy or tough those wrinkles are, the steam produced by this amazing design of iron eradicates those concerns.

Its water reservoir can hold up to 300 milliliters of water and the cable is long enough to make movement easy during ironing.

The cable is up to 2.5 meters long. After a certain period of inactiveness, the auto-off function triggers.

Highlighted Features
  • A big water reservoir
  • A long cable
  • Soleplate that is made of stainless steel
  • Anti-calcium feature
  • Auto-off feature
  • Light-weighted
  • Excellent steam output
  • 1800W of power

The iron turns off after 30 seconds of inactiveness while resting on its side or while pointing downward.

And when the iron is being put on heel rest, it switches off after 15 minutes of inactiveness.

It is lightly weighted- about 1.6kg.

As a result of its lightweight, it makes it a perfect choice of iron for both home use and also can be carried along when going on a journey.

All it needs is a little space in your traveling bag.

Its anti-calcium function also ensures you can store in its tank any kind of water- treated or untreated without having any negative effect on performance.

Its soleplate is made of stainless steel which is scratch resistance.

07. TG1100- A Smart Steam Iron By OLISO



One of the attributes of successful quilters is the level of smartness that they possess.

So, think about an iron that easily fits into your operations, an iron that works/reacts smartly to every operation. Ironing shouldn’t be a tough task.

It shouldn’t come with any form of challenges- that is why it is necessary to go for an iron that thinks/acts as you would.

For a stress-free operation, and also for the purpose of achieving an excellent result on a regular basis, this is just the right iron for you.

TG1100 comes with a technology known as “ITouch”.

This technology ensures to become permanently free from any forms of fabric burning.

This is how it works- the technology initiates or triggers a feature known as “scorch guards”.

The scorch guards work with the feel of your hand across the handle.

Once you touch the handle, the iron powers on, and the scorch guards retracts into its compartment.

And upon the removal of your hand from the handle, the “scorch guards” drop, ensuring the soleplate stays afloat the surface of the fabric.

Highlighted Features
  • I-touch technology
  • Auto-off feature
  • Easy to handle
  • User-friendly
  • An adequate and faster heat generation process
  • Anti-burn function- scorch guards
  • Very smart
  • Soleplate that is made of stainless steel

These processes don’t take too much time, all it takes for the scorch guard to drop and retract is just a few minutes.

After a short break from your ironing activity, while picking up the iron to continue from where you stop, do not be in a hurry to start using or moving the iron on your fabric, ensure the scorch guards goes in completely to avoid possible tear and unnecessary folding on the fabric.

It comes with about 1800W of power which makes heat generation faster and effective by releasing the required heat for every operation.

For a deep heating effect, this amazing iron never fails to deliver.

After about 30 seconds of ineffectiveness, while resting on the scorch guards, the auto-off function triggers.

And while resting on the heel after about 10 minutes, the auto-off feature is activated.

It comes with several steam holes, which allows constant and evenly distribution of steam.

Take your quilting experience to an amazing level with this excellent design.

08. Steamfast SF-717- A Portable Choice For Every Quilter



This amazing portable iron can be used in 2 different ways, making it possible to serve several ironing purposes. It can function both as a dry iron and a steam iron.

It comes in a very small size, but it acts beyond what you see.

No matter how tough those wrinkles on your fabric are, SF-717 eradicates them in little or no time.

Thanks to its highly effect steam outlets (4).

It is suitable for your everyday ironing routine and also a perfect fit for out of the home use- meaning you can comfortably take it along with you while going on that trip as it comfortably sits in your travel bag.

All it requires is a little space.

Highlighted Features
  • A long power cable
  • Ease of handling- light weighted
  • More than one voltage option
  • Dual usage- dry and steam iron
  • A fast heat generation mechanism
  • Can be comfortably used at home and away from home

Think about those places which always appear difficult for bigger irons to get to, this design of iron gets to those areas or places with ease.

The heat-up time is amazing, thanks to its water tank size of about 42 milliliters.

Its power stands at 420W and the power cable is about 2.5 meters long to allow the ease of movement.

It comes with two voltage option, a feature that makes it a perfect fit for use in any part of the world.

All you just have to do is to select the appropriate voltage between the voltage options of 100 and 240 volts.

09. TG1050 Steam Iron By OLISO- Every Quilter Smart Choice



 This excellent iron guarantees top heat generation and retention.

Not only that, it ensures steam flow is evenly distributed on a constant basis- thanks to its several steam holes.

It comes with a power of about 1600W which makes it a perfect fit for your quilting/ironing operations.

Say no to any form of wrinkles.

It comes with impressive steam settings which allows you to choose between three (3) different applications.

There is a continuous steam setting, there is the horizontal burst steam setting, and there is a vertical burst steam setting.

All these available settings can be used on different levels, which makes it possible to be used for all types of fabric.

There is a low, medium, and high levels of steam release/ application.

It comes with a technology known as “Itouch technology”.

This technology ensures your iron comes on when it feels the presence of your hand across the handle and powers off upon the removal of your hand.

Also, Itouch technology ensures the issue of fabric burn is completely eradicated.

Highlighted Features
  • Scorch guards Feature- Anti-burn enabled
  • I-touch technology
  • A large water storage capacity
  • A long power cable
  • It comes in 3 steam settings
  • It comes in 3 steam levels
  • Faster and consistent heat generation and retention
  • Effective eradication of simple and tough wrinkles.
  • It comes with anti-calcium and auto-clean systems
  • Soleplate that is made of stainless steel

TG1050 comes with a feature that is known as scorch guards.

The scorch guards protect the soleplate from having direct contact with fabric during the period of inactiveness.

The iron has a compartment that houses the scorch guards.

The scorch guards retract upon the feel of your hand across the handle- a possible indication of ready to use.

And upon the removal of your hand from the handle the scorch guards move in.

The coming out and going in of the scorch guards happen in a few minutes.

After about 30 seconds of inactiveness while pointing downward- sitting on the scorch guards, the iron powers off automatically.

Also, if the iron is placed resting on its heel, it powers off in about 8 minutes of inactiveness.

It has a water storage capacity of about 375 milliliters which enables extensive steam usage.

Also, it has a power cable of about 2.4 meters.

Other amazing inclusions are the anti-calcium and automatic cleaning systems.

The anti-calcium system ensures that optimal performance is guaranteed no matter the type of water used- treated or untreated.

And the auto-cleaning system ensures there is no room for mineral deposits.

You can be assured of achieving excellent results with this brand of iron.

10. CHI (13102) Steam Iron By CHI STEAM



Ironing shouldn’t be a difficult task to execute.

But with the wrong type of iron, difficulties in ironing can’t be avoided.

To experience an easy and smooth ironing experience, there is a need to go for a brand built/developed to deliver on every quilter demands.

Chi 13102 is a smart digitalized iron that ensures all fabric types are ironed under the right temperature.

All you have to do is to select your type of fabric, and the iron regulates the temperature to the right level needed for optimal performance to be achieved.

The steam produced is highly effective, powerful enough to ensure all forms of wrinkles are eradicated in a very short time.

Thanks to its steam holes which are 400 in total.

The number of steam holes ensures even and continuous steam distribution across all areas of the fabric.

Its power stands at 1700W, the main reason for its fast heat generation & retention, and the excellent steam performance you get to experience with this design of iron.

Highlighted Features
  • A digitalized temperature control system
  • Auto-off function
  • A long power cable
  • A power of 1700W
  • Effective and powerful steam release
  • High heat generation and retention
  • Perfect iron for all types of fabric
  • Comes with a function that allows the Power cable to retract
  • Soleplate that is made of ceramic

The power cable is about 2.4 meters long which ensures movement during ironing comes easier- increasing your reach.

To ensure proper handling of power cable, this brand of iron comes with a system that enables the power cable to move into a compartment.

To draw in the cable, all you need is a simple push on the button provided for this function.

While left inactive resting on its heel after 8 minutes, it automatically powers off.

And when it’s resting on its side or pointing downward, after 30 seconds of inactiveness, the power also goes off.

How To Choose The Best Steam Iron For Quilting

Shopping for the best irons for quilting can only come easy when you already have an idea of what you want and the necessary features to look out for when shopping for a new iron.

As a quilter, it is important to know that iron with the necessary features is all you need to achieve that amazing result.

Remember, when you make use of iron with low quality, no matter the effort invested, what would have come out as an amazing design or creation can fail to deliver on the expected result.

To choose the perfect quilting iron for you, the following information will guide you through the process.

01. Power

When choosing your quilting iron, make sure you choose an iron that has a power between 1400W and 1800W.

The higher the power, the better it is.

02. The Number of Steam Holes

The Higher the steam holes, the better the result you get.

While choosing an iron to buy, make sure you go for a brand with a huge number of steam holes.

An iron with over 300 steam holes is great.

03. Heating Rate

Another point to consider when choosing your quilting iron is how fast your choice of iron heats up.

Go for an iron that heats up between 24 to 60 seconds.

04. Soleplate

Keep an eye on the soleplate. Go for soleplate that is made of stainless material.

Soleplate made of ceramic and aluminum can also be considered.

These types of soleplate materials ensure your iron glides smoothly.

05. The Length of The Power Cable

While picking your desired iron-type or brand, ensure you go for an iron with a long power cable.

A long cable ensures you can move around in ease.

With this, you can reach more places/areas comfortably.

An iron with a power cable between 2.4 to 3.6 meters long is a perfect pick.

06. Auto-Off System

Although this feature is not major, going for an iron with an auto-off function brings with it peace of mind.

It eradicates possible fabric burns that may arise as a result of negligence or carelessness of a quilter.

This function ensures the iron turns off automatically after being active for a set period of time.

07. Soleplate That is Resistance To Scratch

Look out for irons that are resistant to any form of scratches. It is one of the qualities of a good quilting iron.

08. Anti-Calcium & Auto-Clean

Optimal performance should not be a one-off experience.

A top quilting iron ensures continuous delivery of effective performance.

The anti-calcium system ensures you can make use of both treated and untreated water.

And the auto-clean system ensures mineral deposits are eradicated to pave the way for amazing service delivery.

An iron with these functions guarantees continuous excellent performance.

09. Water Reservoir

A water reservoir that can hold up to 236 to 354 milliliters of water should be a major consideration.

The bigger the water reservoir, the longer the steaming process.

10. Adjustable Steam Settings

An iron that offers more than one steam pattern should be a major feature your quilting iron must possess.

Ensure you go for an iron that comes with adjustable steam settings.

An iron that can switch between continuous steam, horizontal steam burst, and vertical steam burst settings should be a major consideration.

11. Weight

When choosing your quilting iron, ensure you also focus on the weight.

A heavy iron can bring about discomfort and can slow down the ironing process, whereby restricting you from completing this task earlier than it should be.

An iron with an excellent weight should be considered.

The Basic FAQ About Best Quilting Iron

01. After Purchase, What’s Next?

After you have unpacked your quilting iron, ensure you go through the user manual to understand how best to handle/maintain your iron to achieve the best it has to offer. Understand each function and how best they work.

02. Is it Compulsory I Have Water in The Reservoir Before I Can Make Use of My Steam Iron?

The decision to leave the water reservoir filled or empty depends on what you are trying to achieve and the type of fabric you have at hand.

Taking out the water from the reservoir means you don’t want to make use of the steam function, leaving you with the option of making use of your iron in a place of a dry iron.

It is only advisable you use your steam iron as a dry iron when the fabric to be used it on doesn’t necessarily need steam ironing.

03. How Can I Get Rid of Wrinkles At A Fast Rate?

When wrinkles are being eradicated, it makes it easier and faster to iron your fabric.

To get rid of wrinkles at a fast rate, make sure you make use of the steam function that comes with your steam iron.

04. What is The Ideal Kind of Water To Put in My Iron?

The kind of water to put in your iron depends on the manufacturer’s standard/advice.

Some types of iron allow the use of both treated and untreated water in the iron- meaning either treated or untreated, the quality of water has no effect on the performance of the iron.

According to recent reports, it is advised you mix both treated and untreated proportionately- a 50%-50% mixture rate is fine.

A rate that is believed to guarantee optimal performance.

05. How Do I Extend The Life Span of My Iron?

To extend the life span of your quilting iron, all you have to focus on is proper maintenance.

Ensure you neatly pack your iron after every use and keep it in a safe location.


At all times, make sure your iron is free from stains and dents. Remember, you can’t know it all.

Ensure you visit the user guide from time to time for necessary information on handling and safety.

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