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10 Best Pill Cutter To Buy in 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

What is the best pill cutter on the market today? We made a shortlist of top 10 best pill cutters, which are excellent in performance, durable & reasonable budget.

Medicines have become an integral part of our lives! Did I say anything wrong? Well, think again. In this era of pollution and increasing carbon rate, every second person is consuming the medicine.

If that’s not the reason, then, for being fit and in shape, you require to take a pill.

Pills can be of any shape, generally small, and include a mixture of healthy and required chemicals. You may also like our other product reviews such as for back pain relief belt.

The power of medicine is calculated based on these mixed ingredients. There comes a time when either for economic reasons or because the doctor prescribes it.

One has to cut a pill in two or more pieces. For doing that, various pill cutters exist.

Comparison Table of Pill Cutter

Multiple Pill SplitterMultiple Pill Splitter
Equadose SplitterEquadose Splitter
Apex Pill SplitterApex Pill Splitter
Acu Life Pill CutterAcu Life Pill Cutter
Pill Mill Cutter SplitterPill Mill Cutter Splitter
Apex Ultra Pill CutterApex Ultra Pill Cutter
Arpstar Pill SplitterArpstar Pill Splitter
Ezy Dose Cut N’ CrushEzy Dose Cut N’ Crush
Patented Multifunction Pill CutterPatented Multifunction Pill Cutter
Pill Organizer Box

Pill cutters or pill splitters are tools that help to divide a medicine pill into equal halves. Today we’ll talk about the best pill cutter out there.

What is a Pill Cutter?

Pill Cutter is a tool used to break a tablet or capsule into two equal parts or more. It is suggested by doctors that always use a pill cutter for cutting a pill in pieces.

One can use hands to reduce the contamination of germs. This is so that the probability is very high.

It is essential to divide the content into equal parts to make a fixed-dose. Pill Cutters always carry a sharped razor blade in various geometries; this gives them the ability to split or cut any sized pill.

There are variations available like single pill cutter, multiple pill cutter, or a pill-splitter with a weekly medicine box. These specially designed tools are for the cutting job only. The materials and metal used in them are selected after getting approval from the medical community.

Their razor-sharp blades usually made by aluminum or stainless steel and come with an extended durability warranty.

Pill cutters have become the need of every medical box, and people who are on the regular medical course should have this pill cuter in their bags.

As there are many pill cutters available in the market, we have searched, sorted, and shortlisted the ten best pill cutters for you. So, let’s check them out and select one as per your choice –

Top 10 Best Pill Cutter Reviews

01. Multiple Pill Splitter by Pillcut

Multiple Pill Splitter by Pillcut


This pill cutter is a patented design that cuts a pill in two halves. This cutter is recommendable for cutting multiple pills in equal parts, at one go.

With its sharp blade, which you can use as per medical instructions and since it medically approved, this pill cutter has a long shelf life.

Highlighted Features
  • Pill Cutter by Pillcut is a patented design
  • It is one of the best for cutting a pill into two halves
  • Can cut many pills at single-use
  • Has remained a best seller and the blade used is approved by US medical board

This cutter comes with finger protection and cuts round and oblong pills only. Being approved by the US medical science department, it cuts a 4mm size pill in two halves of 19mm -19mm each.

This pill cutter one can use for cutting pills into their least possible size. This is a good tool that you can keep at home.

02. The Equadose Pill Splitter

Equadose Pill Splitter


Equadose Pill Splitter is known for delivering split the pill into two halves. It got a design in such a way that its two blades provide a splitting force at once on a single point resulting in equal parts.


Even though it always gives a smooth user experience, its blade does not cause any harm to human touch and remains usable for long.

This splitter is aircraft aluminum designed and is the right option if one has pets. Being designed in such a way, it can cut pills of any shape but only single at a time.

Highlighted Features
  • High-grade Aluminum body
  • Perfectly aligned, twin blade action which cuts any shape pill into two halves
  • Recommended for pet pills as they are small and needs to spilling into halves
  • The blade used is harm resistant

03. Pill Organizer Box by Thassio

Pill Organizer Box by Thassio


This is very beneficial to many pill consuming people or for old aged persons who are on a prescription.

This weekly medicine case with a pill splitter includes a good quality pill-splitter along with a plastic case with seven segments.

Highlighted Features
  • An ideal option for elderly people
  • The seven-day planer is easy to carry and travel-friendly
  • Pill splitter allows splitting any size pill
  • It is worth to invest in the product, especially if one needs to remember his entire weeks or daily medicine course

These help one to schedule their weekly course and halve it with the help of the razor blade pill cutter.

This pill cutter helps in splitting the pill, and the plastic lids help one to schedule their daily or weekly doses.

04. Apex Pill Splitter

Apex Pill Splitter


Apex Pill Splitter is a user-friendly, easy to carry a pill-splitter which one can use to split a pill into two or more halves.

The geometry of this pill-splitter includes stainless steel double-sided bade fitted in a V-shaped design.

This design and blade help in gaining the right shape of a pill, without breaking and crumbling it.

Highlighted Features
  • A small yet powerful pill splitter
  • Designed with stainless steel, double-sided razor-sharp blade
  • Special V-shaped design for providing an extra grip in splitting the pill
  • Good option and travel-friendly

An ideal cutter, Apex pill splitter one can use for both small, tiny pills and large, hard pills. It has design, and double edges blade helps it in breaking a pill into halves.

05. Acu Life Pill Splitter/Cutter

Acu Life Pill Splitter


This is another pill splitter on the list, which is known for its compactness and great service. Its durable design and stainless-steel blade help one to split a pill into equal parts.

Highlighted Features
  • Small yet powerful pill cutter, easy to carry
  • Stainless Steel blades hard enough to break any sized pill
  • Acu Life Pill splitter one can wash with common dishwashing soap
  • Travel-friendly and comes with a safety lid

Producers manufactured in such a way that washing it with dishwashing soap does not affect its blade quality and life.

This splitter is easy to carry, and its covering over blade provides safety to hands. This Acu Life Pill Splitter is a small yet powerful pill cutter.

06. Pill Cutter Splitter by Pill Mill

Pill Cutter Splitter by Pill Mill


This pill splitter comes in the list of heavy-duty metallic pill splitters. Its body and blades are of good quality aluminum with confirms durability, and its grip handle makes the job easy.

Highlighted Features
  • Compact and user-friendly design, grip handle makes the job easy
  • High-Quality aluminum blade for an amazing performance
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with a pill cutter
  • Cuts a pill in two halves and makes equal doses every time

One can split any size and shape pill with this Pill Mill Splitter. Its design and handle grip cut a pill in two halves.

This confirms making a perfect and equal dose of a medicine. This splitter can cut the only pill in one go. The quality of aluminum used is excellent as it provides a long life to this pill cutter.

07. Apex Ultra Pill Cutter

Apex Ultra Pill Cutter


This optical-grade polycarbonate made pill-splitter is a V-shaped designed structure. This V design provides an extra grip over pills of any pills and divides them into two equal parts.

Highlighted Features
  • A fine pill splitter with a polycarbonate body
  • Especially V design interface to cut a pill in two halves
  • Easy to carry and its razor guard ensures full safety and durability when not in use
  • Even use to split the pills in their fourths

This Apex pill cutter is a high-quality razor-sharp blade. Perfect to finish the job, and its blade guard makes it safe to carry.

This pill splitter can cut any size and shape pills. It is handy when one needs to divide a pill into two equal parts. It can split one tablet in one go.

08. Pill Splitter by Arpstar

Pill Splitter by Arpstar


This is a pill cutter that got an unusual design for splitting vitamins and nutritional tablets. This splitter is entirely 100% food-grade materials made and 100% BPA free.

Highlighted Features
  • Compact designed pill cutter with accuracy to split in half, fourths and even in eights
  • Completely made with food-grade materials, best suitable for multivitamins
  • It is PP material made, a 100% free BPA free
  • Its V shape design helps in the smooth cutting of pills

Suitable to split any size and shape pills up to 0.7-inch in diameter. Its geometry and design help in splitting a medicine in half, fourth, and even eights part of it.

V shape design helps in splitting with accuracy and sharpness. This compact pill-splitter is suitable for journeys and carrying in bags.

09. Ezy Dose Ultra-Fine Cut N’ Crush by Ezy Dose

Ezy Dose Ultra-Fine Cut N’ Crush by Ezy Dose


This is an all in one go pill splitter. It is with its special pill holding the container, drinking water cup, and especially V-shaped designed alignment. This is a perfect option for traveling and outing purposes.

Highlighted Features
  • This small compact pill-splitter comes with a pill crusher and holder. It’s lower part serves as a drinking water cup
  • Ezy Dose has designed a perfect tool for traveling and touring people
  • The best option for people who face problem in swallowing big pills and capsules
  • V-shaped design for precise cutting

This cylindrically shaped pill-splitter also contains a pill crusher in its geometry. This compact pill-splitter is a stainless-steel razor blade built, and it’s perfectly made structure provides a one go split. It cuts any size pill in two perfect doses.

10. Patented Multifunction 3 in 1 Pill Cutter by Bexeen

Patented Multifunction 3 in 1 Pill Cutter by Bexeen


This is an approved design which provides a good pill-splitter, grinder, and crusher. This pill-splitter is listed among the one in all splitters, loaded with a sharp patent awaiting blade.

Highlighted Features
  • A compact pill-splitter with a twisting top pill crusher
  • Adaptable wings allow splitting any size and shape pill
  • A perfect option for traveling and its FDA approved blade does a smooth split every time
  • A perfect pill-splitter and grinder to use for any kind of medicines and pills

The adaptable and adjustable pill splitter design allows one to split any shape and size pill. Its twisting top pill crushing mechanism allows a person to crush a pill just by twisting its top. Its compartment allows a person to hold a one-day dose. An ideal pill splitter for any shape pills.

Things to keep in mind before buying a pill splitter

Well, it solely depends on one’s needs. However, the few basic, essential things to keep in mind before purchasing a pill-splitter are every day for all.

A good pill-splitter should provide a smooth and effective splitting experience. If a pill cutter jams or feels resistance because of a pill’s hardness, it will cause extra strain on one’s hands.

Another important thing is to check the quality of the blade used for cutting. The blade is the part of a pill cutter that comes in direct contact with a pill. It mustn’t get dull.

You should always go for a high-quality metal-made pill-splitter. It is very important to understand the fact that a fixed amount makes every medicine of active chemical ingredients. The dimensions of a pill got finalization in such a way that it’s every part covers that active ingredient.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to divide the pill into equal parts. There were instances when people tried to split a tablet with their hands. Eventually, due to the difference in sizes, the effect of that pill does not remain sound.

There are many pill cutters available in the market which advertise themselves as the best pill cutters out there. Hence it is advisable to invest money in a good pill-splitter after knowing its features and durability.

Understand the need for pill splitting

Pills are the chemically powered doses that a doctor prescribes when a person falls ill or if the body is deficient. The same holds in the case of animals. And hence, it is essential to take care of the amount that one consumes.

The pill should be cut in parts when a person is not comfortable swallowing it whole, or one needs to take it in pieces. Other reasons may include the requirement of minimum dose or due to some economic factors.

It is essential to treat a mediated pill or tablet, as some of them are prone to germs. When they encounter bare hands or an open environment, their quality decreases. In the case of pet animals, it is tough to give them medicine. Hence cutting it in half or fourth can make your task a bit easy.

A pill-splitter is a tool mainly designed to do the cutting job and suggested to be kept with you. Many of these cutters come with pill grinders and crushers and with containers as well.

These small handy pill splitters are very useful and help in dividing a medicine well. Pills should be cut with metal only, and when the metal comes with the contact of the tablets, it becomes essential to check its corrosive properties and anti-infecting properties.


pill cutters


Pill splitting is the right way of minimizing a single dose of a pill into other smaller doses. Still, it is essential to know the medicine type and one’s requirements. Pills are for in one consume, but if your body doesn’t allow you to take one big tablet or pill. Then split it into equal parts and then only consume it.

It is recommendable to seek permission from your doctor before splitting any such drug or pills. There are few pills and tablets which you should not split, let’s check them out –

  • Birth control pills, anti-seizure medications, and chemotherapy dosages are there to take at once. Never cut these pills.
  • Pills containing different chemical proportions or powder or granules kind of chemicals also comes in pill-splitter prescribed drugs.
  • A pill with a covering to protect their contact with the inner lining of your food pipe or stomach, you should never cut into halves.
  • Pills with soft texture or which are prone to get crushed, you should not insert in a pill-splitter.
  • Certain medicines include chemicals that are of very uneven taste. These are manufactured with an edible coating so that one can consume them without any discomfort. Splitting such pills in two will only result in mouth irritation.
  • If you are on a severe medication, then it is advised not to split your pill.
  • Pill-splitting is an effective way to play saving and help one’s economics. If your body acts normal in half the dose of a pill, then one can work with one tablet for two days. It is appreciable but only after permission from one’s doctor.
  • Pills are expiry subjected, and it is essential to check their packaging before splitting them.
  • A few examples of pills which you can split into parts are Viagra, BP pills, antidepressant drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pill Cutter

What is a Pill Cutter?

A pill cutter is an instrument designed for splitting a pill into equal parts.

Approved by medical boards, a pill cutter or pill splitter is designed in such a way that it can cut any size and shape pill into smaller parts.

It is thus making lower doses as compared to the actual tablet.

These splitters provide a smooth job without causing any strain or harming one’s hands. A pill splitter is a vital tool to be kept in every house.

What is the use of a Pill Splitter?

As the name suggests, a pill splitter you can use to split a pill into smaller and equal parts. You can use it when a tablet needs a split into lower doses or when facing issues in consuming it.

When it comes to giving a pill to pets or kids or when a person has a small-sized throat, it becomes an uncomfortable task to swallow an entire pill. Hence, there comes the need for a pill cutter. One can split a tablet in an as smaller size as per his comfort.


How small can a pill be cut with the help of these pill cutters?

It depends upon a pill cutter’s design and geometry. The most common sizes which can be obtained by a pill cutter are halves, fourths, and eights. It means putting a pill under the blade. You can divide it into two equal parts.

Similarly, by putting the half pill, its fourths can be obtained, and the same is true for eights. Some pill splitters can go more ahead, but most of the medicines break or get grinds being the eights level.

How to clean these pill splitters?

Generally speaking, pill splitters come with a durable and long-lasting blade and structure. These pill cutters remain usable and clean as long as you use them with care. If there is a need to clean them, it is recommendable to use a cotton plug with warm water and then clean them thoroughly.

After cleaning, make sure to rinse it with a dry cloth or cotton and make it dry before using it again. Never use a wet pill cutter for cutting purposes. There are a few other solutions that you can use only if the user manual or seller suggests them.

Can I carry a pill splitter for traveling?

Yes, a pill cutter will be a handy tool when you are traveling. Pill cutters these days come in compact and easy to carry figures with proper safety guards over blades. It is okay if one carries it along.

You should simply make sure that you should close properly, and no chances of your hand touch the blade should be there. It would be more convenient if you carry it in your handbag along with its proper packing.

Can I grind or crush my pills with a pill cutter?

The answer to this question depends upon the type of pill splitter; You are using. Many pill cutters come with a new pill crusher or pill grinder option with them.

A separate top twist or drag segment remains attached to the main cutter for grinding and crushing purposes.

When a pill gets into a pill cutter, first, it gets split into parts. Then its parts feed into the grinding or crushing segments, and their powder one can collect for consuming.

What is the material used for making blades in a pill cutter?

Most of the pill cutter’s blades are of suitable quality metals like stainless steel and aluminum. It is a must for every pill-splitter to pass the quality check standard made by Medical Boards.

It’s advisable always to use medically approved pill cutter blades. All these pill cutters use high grade and premium quality metals. These cutters promise excellent durability and remain immune from the pill content and other germs.

Name few best pill cutters in the market?

There are many best pill cutters available in the market, few among them are-

  • Multiple Pill Splitter by Pillcut it allows a person to split 7-9 pills at one go.
  • Apex Ultra Pill Cutter with a polycarbonate body, built with food quality material.
  • Ezy Dose Ultra-Fine Cut N Crush by Ezy Dose with an inbuilt pill crusher.
  • Pill Cutter and Splitter by Pill Mill with heavy-duty blades.

There are many other suitable pill splitters available in the market.

Where to buy a good pill splitter?

Pill splitters are very common these days, and people have become aware of the need and usage of a pill-splitter. One can buy a good pill cutter from online e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba.

Other options include pharmacy stores and supermarkets. You should always purchase a pill splitter from a reputed company after checking it’s quality and materials and your requirements.

Are blades of pill splitters replaceable?

No, they are not replaceable. Blades used in pill splitters or cutters are the special grade, heavy-duty blades that generally last longer.

You should not touch them to change or share them. Doing this will only result in decreased life of a pill cutter and may affect the safety guard and pill cutter’s body.


how to use pill cutter

A note about pill splitters

Pill Splitters are manufactured with proper attention and only by medically approved materials. It is a good practice to use them despite using objects like knives, scissors, or by hand. They are instruments that are to provide ease in terms of pill consuming.

Expanse controlling is something that will work in the case if a person is under a standard prescription. Pills like cold pills or fever pills you can split into halves, after a day or two.

For families with young kids and pets, keeping a pill cutter is handy. There comes a time when a kid needs to take a pill, and their small mouths do not swallow these tablets. These situations generate the need for pill cutters, which cut the medicine in their respective halves and fourths. Thus making them easy to take and consume.

It’s also true when one’s pet became ill. A sick pet is no less than a human infant, and giving it medicines is a hard task. Splitting or grinding a pill by a good quality pill splitter and grinder helps one to mix the medication in food or give it to their ill pets or kids.

Another scenario when these pill cutters act as a good companion is one in which a person who is under a medication needs to travel. These pill splitters come with space to keep one’s medicines. They can store from a day’s dose to complete a week’s prescription depending upon the type of splitter, you buy.

Certain pill cutters come as a complete package. They include a water cup, a pill grinder, and a dose holder like, for example, Ezy Dose Ultra-Fine Cut N’ Crush by Ezy Dose. But keep in mind that if you have pets, never use their pill cutter for splitting your pills.

Final Thoughts

Animals and humans have different bodies, and their medications are also different. Using the same pill cutter can increase the chance of mixing if a pill cutter is not cleaned correctly, and trashes are present from the last pill cutting. It is advisable to clean your pill cutter after every use with a dry tissue or a cotton plug.

There are certain medicines which come with a strict guideline which warns you not to split. You should not cut these pills as their ingredients and manufacturing do not allow it. There are certain capsules which contain granular kind of elements, and if they get split, the granules may be lost.

These pill cutting tools come in various sizes and shapes. Their pill splitting abilities also vary depending upon their sizes and pill shape. Always split your medicine with a trusted and branded pill cutter. These instruments are handy. This helps one when it comes to lowering a dose or make a pill easy to ingest.

The above-given options are the best in their work and keenly suggested by us. So go ahead and pick your favorite one. Happy splitting.

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