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Top 10 Best GameCube Controller & Adapter For Smash Ultimate/Switch/WII in 2022

Searching for Best GameCube Controller & Adapter on the market?

Researching 48 hours, we have compiled a list to help you find out the top quality.

An owner of Nintendo’s GameCube video game console needs a good quality GameCube controller in order to have amazing gaming experience.

The great gaming experience is dependent upon the game and of course, on the controller.

If you are not comfortable with the controller, then you will definitely not enjoy the games.

There are a variety of GameCube controllers available; they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

They also have different features and functions.

In order to help you choose the best GameCube controller, we have come up with the list of the best GameCube controllers.

We cannot forget the adapters, so we have a number of adapters in life for you as well.

Get ready for the most amazing gaming experience of your life.


The Comparison Table of Best GameCube Controller & Adapter (2022 Updated)

Super Smash Bros

What is The Best GameCube Controller For Smash Ultimate & Switch?

For smash ultimate, Nintendo DOL-A-CWB(JPN) White Classic GameCube Controller is the best for the versatility, classic design, and most important fact for its budget.

If you are finding the best controller for the switch then Nintendo 1507451-01 can be an excellent choice, this model has proper functionality, comfortable on the hand & affordable budget.

Do The GameCube Controllers Come With Adapters?

Ans: No, the GameCube controllers do not come with adapters.

The controllers come on their own; the wireless controllers might come with batteries.

Otherwise, you have to do invest in batteries yourself.

If you want to use the controller with any other gaming system, then you will need to buy the adapter on your own.

10 Best GameCube Controller For Smash Ultimate & Switch Reviews

01. Nintendo Super Smash Bros. White Classic – Overall Best GameCube Controller For Smash Ultimate



This classic white controller is officially licensed by Nintendo.

This product has an ergonomic grip, and it will adjust in the hands of the user comfortably.

It has a smooth surface, and it is not very heavy as compared to other controllers.

It has multicolored, easy o push buttons that the user can use for various functions.

One of the most amazing things about this GameCube controller is that it is compatible with all GameCube systems.

You don’t have to worry about the compatibility with this product.

Highlighted Features
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Slightly tighter joysticks
  • Lightweight
  • Durable surface
  • Resists against wear and tear

This device is officially from Japan, and it has no region lock, unlike many controllers. Since this product is white, you will need to clean it often because it is likely that it will get dirty a lot.

It can also work with Wii, but you need to have the Wii U GameCube adapter.

The joysticks on this device are slightly tighter, which allows you to play better. Also, it has a long cord with which you can play easily, even form a long distance.

This product will end up being your favorite because it is lightweight, comfortable to hold, fun to play with and it can also work Wii.

02. Power a Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch – Best GameCube Controller For Switch



This GameCube controller is available in three colors, including grey, black, and purple.

If you are someone who is fond of bright colors, then you should definitely go for the purple one.

This product has various features that are quite unique as compared to other controllers.

It is a wireless controller, so you don’t have to worry about the cord.

It uses Bluetooth 5.0, so you can sit where ever you are comfortable.

It comes with motion controls and system buttons for increased compatibility.

Highlighted Features
  • Low battery warning LED
  • Large buttons
  • Available in three colors
  • Wireless and battery operated
  • Functions with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Allows up to 30 hours of gameplay
  • Not compatible with HD rumble or IR

The amazing features of this controller are the player indicator and the low battery warning LED since it is battery operated.

Now you will be aware when the battery is running out.

Two AA batteries have the ability to provide you long hours of play.

Another benefit that you get from this device is that it has larger buttons that you can easily push.

This controller is highly recommended because of its amazing operation and features.

If you love gaming then you need this controller for your GameCube console.

03. GameCube Controller Indigo



This specific GameCube controller is available in three attractive colors, including black, indigo, and platinum.

It comes with seven easy to push buttons and 2 analog sticks. It also has D-pad and a built-in rumble pack device.

The good thing about the color of this controller is that it will not get dirty very quickly.

It is compatible with GameCube and Wii, as well.

Highlighted Features
  • Available in three attractive colors
  • Doesn’t get dirty quickly
  • The joysticks are responsive
  • Compatible with Wii as well
  • Properly functional buttons
  • Comes with a cord

Talking about the functioning of the components, the buttons are nice and easy to push, the joysticks are responsive, it also has vibrational functioning which works great, all in all, this device is functions greatly.

However, some people might face the problem of wrong button input.

Also, it can get scratches so make sure that you handle it with care.

This product is recommendable because of its color, design, and great functioning.

04. 2 Black GameCube Console



This pair of GameCube controllers is a perfect choice for friends, siblings, and even couples.

If you are looking for a pair of controllers instead of one, then you should definitely get this one.

These controllers are available in black and purple colors.

These controllers allow you to save, copy, or delete games on the GameCube.

This pair of controllers come with a memory card with a capacity of 128MB.

You can store whatever you like in the memory card because it has a large storage space.

Highlighted Features
  • They come with a memory card that has 128MB space
  • Longer cords provide freedom to the user
  • Accurate action commands
  • Responsive analog sticks
  • Ensures the comfort of the user
  • High storage space

These controllers are modern and stylish, but they also ensure the comfort of the users.

The users can hold on to these controllers for a longer period of time without any discomfort.

The wires of these controllers have a longer length, which gives you the freedom to sit where ever you want.

The analog control sticks are responsive, and they provide accurate action commands.

The same is the case with buttons; they provide the right commands.

These controllers are highly recommended because they are specifically designed to ensure the comfort of the user and they also ensure accurate commands.

05. GameCube Controller, 2 Packs Classic Wired Controllers



This is another pair of GameCube controller with which you will have a fun time with family and friends.

These controllers are compatible with all sorts of systems, and they also don’t have a region lock.

You can easily load, save, or delete games that you like on the GameCube.

These controllers come with dual analog joysticks, and they consist of analog pressure-sensitive action buttons.

These buttons and joysticks will make sure that the correct input is given.

They provide accurate action command, and thus, you can have an amazing gaming experience.

Highlighted Features
  • Sturdy body and comfortable to hold
  • Longer cords for freedom
  • Correct input is provided by the buttons and joysticks
  • Compatible with all systems
  • No region locks

These controllers are also compatible with Wii.

These require no external power like other gaming controllers.

The wire of these controllers is long, so it gives you the freedom to settle where you like.

These controllers are sturdy and will last you for a long time.

They will not get dirty quickly either.

These controllers are great because of their amazing performance and a sturdy body.

06. Super Smash Bros. Edition GameCube



This GameCube controller has all the features that you look for in a controller.

It is compatible with Wii, and it doesn’t have any region locks.

It has a smooth finish when compared with other controllers because many controllers are rough to touch.

This device doesn’t get a lot of wear tear, and its outer body resists scratches and lines.

The buttons are easy to push, and they have the ability to provide the right command to the processor.

Similarly, the joysticks are stiff and responsive.

Highlighted Features
  • Sturdy and properly functional
  • Responsive joystick
  • Easy to push buttons
  • The smooth finish of the outer body
  • Resists scratches and wear and tear
  • Shorter wire as compared to other GameCube controllers

Loose joysticks are unable to function properly.

The only struggle that you might face with this device is the short wire.

The short wire takes your freedom away, and you have to sit closer to the screen.

Otherwise, it is a great controller that functions well while making the gaming experience a great one.

If you are in search of a sturdy and properly functioning controller then you definitely need this device in your life.

07. Power a Wired Controller For Nintendo Switch



This controller will ensure an amazing gaming experience for you because of its great features.

It has the preferred gamepad, it has system buttons that are added for compatibility, and it has a detachable USB cable.

Since the wire is attached to it, it doesn’t require batteries for functioning.

Also, it doesn’t require charging, you just need to attach it to the console and you are good to go.

As soon as you plug it in, you are ready to play the fun games.

Highlighted Features
  • Larger d-pad
  • No batteries required
  • Sturdy body and lightweight
  • It comes with shoulder buttons

You can even get a second controller for your friends and family.

The best thing about this product is that it is made with high-quality materials and the people who have manufactured it are experienced.

It is sturdy, and has a nice finish, this version of the controller is improved by adding shoulder buttons and a larger d-pad.

It doesn’t need an adapter as it is plugged in through the USB cable.

This controller will fulfill all your gaming desires with its amazing features and functions.

You can play with this controller for a longer period of time and you will not get tired, the controller will adjust in your hands naturally and comfortably.

08. Reiso 2 Packs NGC Controllers Classic



This pair of controllers are available in various funky colors.

If you are tired of a black and old controller, then you need some fun colored controller to bring some color to your life.

The colors range from blue, purple, red, green, yellow, orange, and others.

You can get a single controller, and you can also purchase a pair.

Some of the colorful controllers are clear, and the internal parts of the controllers are visible.

Highlighted Features
  • Single controllers can be bought, but they are also available in pairs
  • They are available in a variety of funky colors which are different from the rest of the controllers
  • They are comfortable to hold in the hands even for a long time
  • Provide an accurate action command

These good quality controllers are compatible with all versions of Wii and GameCube.

They have responsive joysticks which provide the accurate action command.

Also, the handles have an ergonomic grip with which the users can hold them easily and comfortably.

You will not feel any discomfort, even if you are playing for a very long period of time.

You can not only buy them for yourself, but you can also buy them as a present for your friends or family.

They will also love them because of their cute colors and great performance.

09. Poulep 2 Packs Wired Gamepad



These controllers are great because you can buy one of them and you can also buy them in pairs.

They are available in a vast collection of colors, including blue, green, red, orange, purple, and others.

These controllers are compatible with GameCube and Wii, as well.

These controllers can be used by people of all ages.

They will adjust in any hand size, even people with large hands will enjoy playing with these controllers as they have responsive and pressure-sensitive joysticks.

The buttons are firm and very easy to push, as well.

Highlighted Features
  • Firm buttons
  • Pressure-sensitive joysticks
  • The ergonomic grip which ensures the comfort of the user
  • Compatible with Wii as well

Some people might believe that the input is lower when these controllers are compared with other Nintendo controllers.

It is possible because some of the controllers don’t provide accurate command action.

When the command action is not accurate, then you may not enjoy playing the game that much.

However, it is not necessary that all people will face this problem.

These controllers are recommended because of their amazing functioning.

10. GameCube Controller (2pack)



This is another pair of GameCube controller which don’t require charging.

They don’t come with batteries and operate with cords.

These controllers have four action buttons and one shoulder button.

These controllers are quite similar to the original Nintendo controllers.

They come in a nice plastic packaging which keeps them safe and prevents wear and tear.

Highlighted Features
  • Long cords which provide freedom to the user
  • Responsive joysticks
  • The buttons may be very hard to push
  • Lightweight and easy to hold

These controllers come with longer wires, which give you the freedom to sit wherever you want.

The only problem that you might face while using these controllers is that the buttons might not function properly.

When the buttons may not function properly, then obviously, your gameplay will be disturbed.

However, it is not necessary for all people.

These controllers are recommended because of the affordable price and amazing functioning.

We have gone through the top 10 best GameCube controllers, and we hope that you will have an understanding of the different controllers available for you.

However, if you want to use the same controller with the Wii or another gaming console, then you will need an adapter.

An adapter will make the controller compatible with another gaming console.

In order to make sure that the controllers are compatible with other gaming consoles, we have prepared a brief list of the adapters which will allow you to choose the best one.

With the adapter, you will be able to use the same controller that you got for GameCube with the Wii.

3 Best GameCube Controller Adapter Reviews

01. GameCube Controller Adapter



This adapter allows you to play games on Wii or Switch.

The adapter also enables you to have eight players at the same time playing a single game.

Now you can play unending games with your family and friends. It also provides you a vibration feature.

If you are using the GameCube controller for Switch, then it is possible that you will not be able to achieve the same functions because the buttons of the controllers may vary.

Highlighted Features
  • Ensures a stable performance and fast transportation
  • Since it is not very heavy, you can easily carry it around
  • You can play with up to eight players at the same time
  • The button of the controllers may vary so it is possible that you may not achieve the same functions

It has a variety of excellent features that will ensure that you get an amazing gaming experience.

It ensures fast transportation and stable performance.

It also has a shocking support function. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

You will definitely enjoy playing a variety of games with your friends and family.

This is one of the most popular adapters because it allows eight controllers to be plugged in at the same time.

02. GameCube Controller Adapter For Wii U



You can use this adapter to switch from “Wii u” and “PC.”

This adapter allows you to attach four GameCube controllers to connect with Wii or PC.

It also provides built-in vibration feedback.

This adapter can also be used for the switch system, but for that; you will need to update the system to 4.0 edition for proper functioning.

Highlighted Features
  • Four controllers can be connected to this adapter
  • Built-in vibration feedback
  • Compatible with Windows X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, and Mac OS
  • It is very stable
  • It can also be used with the switch system

This GameCube controller is compatible with Windows X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, and Mac OS, as well.

If you love playing games with your friends, then you definitely need this adapter so all of you can play at the same time.

It is recommended because of its compatibility and amazing functioning.

03. Sisfung GameCube Controller Adapter Compatible with Wii U



This is the third adapter, and it doesn’t require drivers.

This adapter also allows you to attach four GameCube controllers to it in order to make them compatible with other gaming systems.

You can attach this adapter to the “Wii U,” Switch System and PC.

It makes sure that you have a fast, smooth, and lag-free performance.

It is observed in other adapters that the performance lags.

However, this adapter lets four players play at the same time but with smooth performance.

This GameCube controller’s adapter is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Vista.

Also, it can be attached to the gaming systems very easily.

All you need to do is to insert the USB port to the system, and you are good to go.

Highlighted Features
  • Easy to attach with the USB port
  • Compatible with Wii U, Switch system, and PC
  • Ensures lag-free performance
  • 4 controllers can be attached at the same time

Now there is no need to be bored with a bunch of friends, you can just install the adapter with your Wii, and you can have endless fun.

If you want to play Wii then this product is greatly recommended for you as it will allow you to use the same controller.

You will not have to invest money into another controller.

Also, you can ask your friends and family to join, and you can have an amazing bonding time with them.

Buying Considerations of Best GameCube Controller And Adapter For Smash Ultimate/Switch/WII

Now you all are familiar with the adapters of the GameCube controllers as well.

Let’s move on further, after having a look at various products, their features, and functioning, it is very necessary to have a look at the buying considerations as well.

The buying considerations are certain factors that have a direct impact on your decision making.

The buying considerations allow you to make a rational decision while making sure that the product that you are getting is suitable for your needs and your budget.

You don’t want to end up with something that has features that you don’t need.

Also, you will have a better understanding of the different options that are available for you.

Let’s hop on to the buying consideration to have a better understanding of the products discussed above.


Nowadays, every product in the market, be it a device or an everyday use thing, has a lot of variety.

There has been an increase in the manufacturers and also the models of the products.

Talking about the GameCube controllers, they are also available in a wide range.

Since they are available in a wide range, they have variant prices.

Some have higher prices, while others have low.

It is not compulsory that only expensive things will have better quality and functioning.

You can get an equally good product at a low price as well.

All you have to do is look for options and then match them with your needs.

You will be able to find the GameCube controller that is according to your needs and your budget.

Build Quality

The second most important thing is the build quality of the GameCube controller.

If it is manufactured with high-grade materials, then it will function quite well, and it will also seem well.

On the contrary, if the quality is low, then it will definitely seem and feel cheap even if you have spent a lot of money on it.


There were times when the controllers have restricted only neutral colors such as black, grey, or white.

Nowadays, the controllers are available in a variety of colors; they can be purple, they can be platinum or any other bright color such as orange.

The color of the controller depends upon your personal preference.

If you are fond of bright colors, then you can opt for bright ones; similarly, if you are fond of blacks and whites, then you can get them.

However, light colors such as white tend to get dirty very quickly, and so you will have to clean the white controller again and again.

Make sure that you get a color that doesn’t get dirty very quickly.

One thing more, you can even match the color of the controllers with the theme of your room if you desire.


While buying controllers, one thing that is ignored is the weight of the controller.

It may not be very noticeable, but some controllers are heavier than the others.

You don’t want to invest in a heavy controller because it will make you tired when you are playing for a long time.

Your hands will get tired, and it might cause you pain as well.

In order to prevent this from happening, make sure that you get a controller that is lightweight so that you can hold it for a longer time without any discomfort.


While playing games, the grip of the player on the controller is extremely necessary.

If the player’s grip is not good enough, then he will not have a good gaming experience.

The controllers must have an ergonomic grip with which the players can hold the controller in hand comfortably for a longer time.

Sometimes when you are playing for a long time, you might feel discomfort, and that is because of an uncomfortable grip.

Now you have to make sure that you get a controller that has a nice and smooth grip that feels comfortable to your hand.

The handle must fit in your hands easily.


Most of the functioning takes place with the buttons. You give the input with the buttons.

If the buttons are not firm, they will not be able to give the right input, and the command action will also be wrong.

You can also lag behind in the game because of the buttons.

Before you buy a controller, you need to make sure that the buttons are firm, and they give the right input.

Your gaming experience gets better with the right placement of the buttons.

Loose buttons give the wrong command; the controller becomes useless.

Responsive Joysticks

Another important component of the controller is the joystick.

If the joystick is loose and not responsive, then the same thing will happen.

You will not be able to give the right command.

If the joystick gets loose and if it is not in place, then the controller has become useless.

You will not be able to achieve the same functions as you did with the joystick.

Make sure that the joystick remains firm and responsive so that you can have a lag-free and fun game.

One joystick displaces, and the whole controller becomes useless; you will not be able to play properly.

The Comfort of User

The comfort of the user is also to be kept in mind when looking for a GameCube controller.

If the user is not comfortable playing with the controller, then it is useless.

The handle must fit easily in the hands, the controller should be lightweight, and the user must not get tired with the constant use of the controller.

All these things are very necessary to ensure a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

You will use only those things that you are comfortable with.

If you are not comfortable, then you will never use that thing, so comfort is very important.

Cord Length

If the controller is not wireless, then it must come with a cord.

The length of the cord plays an important role in the freedom of the individual.

If the cord is small, then the individual will have to sit closer to the screen, and the freedom will be limited.

On the contrary, if the cord is larger in size, it will give the individual an opportunity to sit wherever he may like.

Longer cords are preferable as compared to shorter cords.

There are controllers that have longer cords while there are some which have shorter cords.

It depends upon your personal preference, but controllers with longer cords are far better than the ones that are small.


Some of the controllers are wireless; they do not have wires or cords.

They operate with the help of batteries.

You need to make sure that the controller you are buying must have longer battery life, or else you will spend hours charging the battery, and you will spend less time playing games.

Also, some wireless controllers may not come with batteries, and you might have to spend money on extra batteries.

Another thing that you need to know is that different batteries have a different recharging time, so make sure that you get the ones that have a decent charging time so you can save time and energy both.

However, wireless controllers give you the freedom to sit wherever you want and use it. However, you want.


Another major factor that is concerned with the wireless controllers is the connection with Bluetooth.

The controllers are connected to the gaming system with Bluetooth.

They don’t require cables or cords; they require battery life and Bluetooth connection to get working.


The last thing that you need to know is the durability of the controllers.

The durability of the controllers is dependent upon the build quality.

If high-quality materials are used for manufacturing, then the end product will be durable, but if cheap materials are used, then the end product will also be cheap, and it likely that they will not last a very long time.

The joysticks can get loose; the buttons can also get displaced; these things happen if the build quality is low.

Controllers with a good build quality will definitely be durable.

The Common FAQ’s of Best GameCube Controller For Smash Ultimate/Switch

There may be certain queries in your mind even after getting to know the GameCube controllers quite well.

In order to answer some of the questions that may arise in your head, we have prepared a list of questions, and we have provided the answers to them so that you can have all your questions answered.

01. Are Wireless Controllers Better Than The Ones That Come With Wires?

Ans: The wireless controllers and the ones with wires, both have their pros and cons.

One person may find the wireless controllers better while the other may find the one with wires better.

The wireless controllers give you the freedom to sit wherever you like, to choose the desired distance from the screen; you can even sit on the couch and then play games.

But the negative of wireless controllers is that they require batteries, and the batteries will also need recharging.

Now, if we talk about the controllers with wires, they take away the freedom of the player, or they provide limited freedom.

But the positive side of these controllers is that they don’t require batteries and recharging.

It depends upon the personal preference of an individual. Performance-wise they are very similar.

If you get used to wireless controllers, then you will definitely prefer them; similarly, if there are people who get used to controllers with wires, they will definitely prefer them.

02. Can You Use GameCube Controllers With Wii?

Yes, you can use GameCube controllers with Wii and other gaming consoles, but it is not possible directly.

You can not directly attach the controller to the gaming system.

You need to have an adapter that has the ability to connect the controller with the gaming system.

Once you have the adapter that is compatible with the gaming system, then you will be able to attach the controller.

The adapter has a USB port that can be plugged into the gaming system or to the PC, and then you are good to go.

You can enjoy your desired games with the controller of GameCube on Wii.

03. Are The GameCube Controllers Durable?

The durability of the controllers depends upon their build quality.

If the build quality of the controller is good, then it will definitely be durable.

If the build quality of the controller is not good, then it will not last a long time.

Even if a single component breaks, the whole controller becomes useless.

If a button breaks or it is displaced, it is possible that the performance of the whole controller will be impacted by it.

It is necessary that the controllers get manufactured with high-quality materials so that they can last a long time.

04. Are GameCube Controllers Expensive?

There is a variety of GameCube controllers available in the market.

Each one of them has different build quality, model, manufacturer, and a different price.

Some of the controllers are quite expensive, while others are more towards an affordable price.

So, we cannot generally say that they are expensive. Cheaper options are available, as well.

Now it depends upon your need that which controller you chose and in how much budget.

05. Can The GameCube Controllers Save Data?

Some of the GameCube controllers have the ability to load, delete, and save games.

However, not all controllers have this function.

Some of the controllers might come with memory cards in which you can store all the games and data.

They have a lot of space in which you can store the games.

06. Can People of All Ages Play With GameCube Controllers?

Yes, the GameCube controllers are designed for people of all ages, whether they are young or small.

The controllers are designed in shape and size that will fit into the hands of people of all ages, and they will be able to play with them comfortably.

07Are The GameCube Controllers Region-Locked?

No, the GameCube controllers are not region locked.

Some products are limited to certain regions, but the controllers are not restricted.

They can be used worldwide in any region.

They are distributed in all the regions and can be utilized by anyone.

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