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10 Marvelous Best Edible Printer For Cakes 2022 – Amazing Images & Vivid Color

Looking for the best edible printer for cakes; home or professional work?

Of course, you have come to the exact place where you will get help selecting the desired edible printer which you needed the most.

From a different perspective, our expert picked the top 10 edible printer which is really best based on performance, quality as well as reasonable price.

The best edible printer helps anyone who bakes to make their cakes and other confections look more professional and personalized.

This is because the software that comes with it allows you to take any image, pattern, or photo you choose and then print it out in full color on rice paper, sugar sheets, wafer sheets, or chocolate transfer sheets.

A Table of Top Best Edible Printer For Cakes [Updated 2022]

Sweet & Magical Canon

Which Printer is Best For Edible Printing?

According to our research Icinginks, one of the best brands of all most recent edible printers collection is best for edible printing.

Can You Use Any Printer With Edible Ink?

Yes, you can use any printer with edible ink such as an inkjet or bubblejet printer, the resolution may be poor but you can adjust with it.

But before using regular printer just make sure there is no previous ink on printer left behind for safety purposes.

How Much Does An Edible Printer Cost?

You can find various ranges of edible printers on the market.

Less than $300 you will get a fine edible printer.

If you want more updated and use as professional purpose, go for higher range like $600-$1000 version model.

When you apply the icing sheets to the frosting on the cakes or cookies you make, you will have a one-of-a-kind creation that looks more finished than if you just used traditional frosting on its own.

That said, here are some suggestions for an edible printer package like our previous review of the vinyl repair kit & best American duffel bag.

10 Best Edible Printer For Cakes Reviews

01. Icinginks Most Recent Package Offer- Best Edible ink Printer



This bundle is different than their other basic packages because it includes the 50 wafer sheets that you would need to use for a home-based or retail bakery.

The wafer sheets are important because they can be customized and affixed to almost any food surfaces a bakery might produce.

This includes customized cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, meringues, macarons, and even pizzas.

This bundle also includes the Canon Pixma TS6120 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Photo Printer, which Icinginks has modified with different settings to provide a better color resolution and a higher quality of printing for the wafer sheets.

Highlighted Features
  • Wireless Canon Pixma TS6120
  • One pack edible marker set
  • One set of ink cartridges
  • Fifteen Wafer Pre-Cut 2″ Designs
  • Setup CD-ROM
  • Manuals and other documents
  • Lifetime images editing service

It also works with the other sheets that a home or commercial bakery would use to make customized baked goods: e.g. fondant paper, frosting sheets, icing sheets, and pizza edible sheets.

This package also includes two types of black ink cartridges, along with yellow, cyan, and magenta.

These are all the colors needed to capture and reproduce high-quality images to put on baked goods that are of a commercial grade.

The sheets, as well as the inks in the cartridges, are both FDA compliant, which makes them perfect for someone who is in business to sell baked goods and other hand-crafted food items.

As well, this printer consistently delivers the end results that someone in business can rely on to meet deadlines for special events and catering venues on a daily basis.

02. Sweet And Magical Basic Starter Kit



This basic starter kit, which includes a modified Canon Pixma printer, is designed for the person who is just starting out in the world of customized cake decorating.

This machine ships with one set of five Sweet And Magical Edible Inks – which are refillable and resettable.

It also comes with six sheets of Sweet And Magical premium frosting sheets.

This is a kit for someone who wants to learn the art of customizing cakes, without ordering the whole gamut of products and trying to master them all at the same time.

So, if you want to learn the basics of cake decorating, this is a package that will help you – rather than overwhelm and confuse you. As well, once you finish with the original inks and frosting sheets, you can easily order more.

Highlighted Features
  • A Basic kit for beginners
  • Same Canon model as others
  • Smaller investment for new bakers

Then, when you are ready for other more advanced baking projects, you can order rice and wafer paper in larger amounts from Sweet And Magical.

These types of paper will allow you to tackle more advanced cake decorating projects.

For example, rice paper can be cut into many designs and then colored with edible markers to create flowers and other decorations for your frosted baked goods.

Simply place your cut and colored designs in any frosting on a cake after brushing them with piping gel.

In a few days, the rice paper will melt into the frosting, leaving your design as a beautiful impression on the top of your cake.

This is only one of the ways that a novice baker can impress anyone without having extensive baking or cake decorating knowledge.

03. Icinginks Advanced Artistic Bundle



This kit is more for the person who is advanced in cake decorating and knows what they are doing.

Fans of cake decorating shows like “Extreme Cakes” or “Cake Boss” may try to replicate the efforts of the master bakers, but realize that their talents and skills are not quite there yet.

However, this is a bundle that provides shortcuts for all of those fancy decorations that you will see on the television shows.

If your cake decorating skills are advanced but do not quite meet the professional outcome you want to present.

This package also comes with technical support, customer support, and picture editing at no extra charge.

This means that if you have a deadline for a party and get stuck, you can call tech support right away and get the help you need to finish your project on time.

Highlighted Features
  • Latest Canon printer
  • 50 wafer sheets
  • 5 Icing sheets
  • Set of 6 fine edible ink markers

This package also comes with the extra-large ink cartridges which are already filled so you can start right away with your baking and decorating projects.

And since the cartridges are extra-large, you will have enough ink to last for any project.

There is also a CD and written instructions that come with the kit.

This makes setting up your operation as easy as installing any other regular device to your computer.

04. Sweet And Magical Canon Printer



Again, this is another basic kit for beginners who are new to cake decorating.

This is a backload printer, so the delicate icing and wafer sheets will go through unharmed.

This package comes with a limited amount of supplies so it is a very good starting point for the beginner who wants to experiment and become acquainted with creating cake toppers as a first lesson.

If you are a beginner though, you should go to YouTube and watch some tutorials before you use the machine.

Then you will have much more success your first time around.

When you complete your first projects, it is very easy to order more wafer sheets, icing sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, or frosting sheets.

Highlighted Features
  • A Basic kit for beginners
  • Same Canon model as others
  • Smaller investment for new bakers

You can also order more advanced cake decorating products as you become more skilled at your craft.

This printer is also convenient to use in the fact that it is wireless and compatible to use with any android phone, iPhones, iPad tablets, and many other brands of phones and mobile devices.

One nice feature about this package is that it comes with six frosting sheets which print a clearer image, and with more vivid color than packages that come with rice paper.

This edible printer also has a scanner so you can scan images directly into your computer if you don’t want to sync your cell phone or other mobile devices to it.

And if someone else wants to use it, they create images for their confections without needing access to your tablet or cell phone.

05. Icinginks Package For Professional Bakers



This is the more advanced bundle from Icinginks, designed specifically for professional bakers who would use it on a daily basis for commercial purposes.

A big difference between this kit and the others is that it comes with refill ink bottles, refilling tools, and cleaning cartridges needed for the professional baker.

This is an important distinction; because when you use an edible printer at home for the occasional anniversary or birthday party, the printer works fine without these tools.

However, when you are running edible inks and frosting paper through the printer on a daily basis, the printer will have to be cleaned like any other bakery equipment.

So, the refill ink bottles, refilling tools, and cleaning cartridges are what makes this package ideal for bakers who have a high demand for specialty cakes and need to use the printer on a daily basis.

The refill injector kit also comes with 4 syringes.

Highlighted Features
  • Latest model printer
  • 5 extra-large ink cartridges
  • 12 premium frosting sheets
  • 5 cleaning cartridges
  • 4 refillable ink bottles
  • Refill injector syringes

This is to make sure that when you are refilling the cartridges with ink you can do it quickly and without splattering or spilling the inks or mixing up the colors.

The cleaning cartridges are included to make sure the print heads don’t become clogged as you use it every day.

This edible printer is economical for commercial bakeries because it cuts labor time down significantly and yet still creates a product that has that look and quality of handcrafted baked goods and confectionaries.

It also comes with lifetime technical support so there is no worry if there is a glitch during a busy workday.

It also comes with free lifetime image editing designing – to speed up the image creating process.

06. Starter Package From Tasty Creations



This is a basic package for the amateur baker who wants to create cupcake toppers, cake toppers, and edible decorations for other types of confections and cakes.

This includes printing for sheet cakes up 8.5 inches X 14 inches.

If you are a novice, cake toppers are the easiest way to start out because what you are doing is taking an image from your phone, tablet, or computer and then printing it out on a frosting sheet.

This kit comes with six frosting sheets, which produce the highest quality when it comes to image resolution and color.

So if you want to create specialty cakes for any occasion, this is the kit that will get you started.

Highlighted Features
  • A basic kit for beginners
  • Same Canon model as others
  • Smaller investment for new bakers

This type of frosting sheet can also be applied to any plainly frosted cake from a bakery.

So even if you aren’t an avid baker, you can still create stunning cakes simply by affixing your printed image to the top of a sheet cake from your local bakery.

The inks that come with this printer are FDA approved and Kosher, so there is no need to worry about using them for any occasion.

Like the other models, this edible printer can be connected to almost any smartphone, computer, or tablet and features wireless and mobile printing capabilities.

This package also includes the extra-large ink cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ink in the middle of printing a frosting sheet for a special occasion.

07. Unlimited Image Designing From Icinginks



This is a printer package from Icinginks designed for the most creative cake decorating enthusiast.

The first difference in this package is that it comes with 12 of the most flexible frosting sheets available for advanced bakers.

While many amateur bakers simply print out cake toppers (which are photos transferred to a frosting sheet), there are many other ways to creatively use frosting sheets.

They can be cut, folded, and even made into lace – if they are of high quality – and these frosting sheets are.

They will not even crack while you are creating cake walls for layer cakes, which is a delicate operation, even for advanced bakers.

Highlighted Features
  • Latest Wireless Canon printer
  • Cleaning kit
  • 12 highest quality frosting sheets
  • One set of extra-large ink cartridges
  • Manuals and other documents
  • Free artwork designs
  • Free lifetime tech support

This bundle also comes with a cleaning kit and extra-large prefilled ink cartridges – a must for avid bakers who use the printer often.

These cartridges print up to 45 or 50 sheets, so you won’t run out of ink in the middle of a project.

Ordering more frosting sheets of this high quality is fast and easy when you need them, but this printer will work with any other sheets, such as rice paper, wafer sheets, or sugar sheets.

This package also comes with free lifetime technical support, free Icinginks templates, and free designing of artwork as needed from the graphics art team.

This machine is compatible with MAC and Windows and is easy to set up when you follow the manual that comes with it. You can also call the customer support team to help with installation.

08. Double Inks From Icinginks



This is a unique package for the avid baker because it not only comes with the five extra-large ink cartridges but it also comes with the refill bottles of each color and the syringes to refill the cartridges without spilling or splattering.

Since the cartridges will print up to 45-50 pages, and the additional bottles of ink will refill them 3-5 times, you can print out many frosting sheets before you have to purchase any more ink.

This package is ideal for the home-based commercial baker who specializes in personalized cakes for special occasions.

This is because this bundle also comes with free image templates and editing to save time when you are creating original designs for your clients.

Highlighted Features
  • Latest Wireless Canon printer
  • 5 extra-large ink cartridges
  • 5 refill bottles of ink
  • 5 injector syringes
  • 50 wafer sheets
  • Manual and Installation CD
  • Free lifetime tech support

In addition, this package comes with 50 wafer sheets – so you don’t have to worry about reordering more right away.

There is free lifetime 24/7 tech support with this package – if you need help with installing or maintaining the printer.

This is ideal if you have a busy home-based business.

This bundle includes a top-loading, wireless Canon printer that works with Mac or Windows and won’t rip or tear delicate wafer sheets or icing sheets.

It produces richly-colored and vibrant images that are true to the original.

It connects with Wi-Fi, so it can be used with any device including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

It is easy to install with any device you decide to use and comes with a CD and a manual.

09. Design Package From PC Universal



This bundle includes a Canon MX922 – which is different than the Canon Pixma model that most other packages offer.

This printer has a 35-sheet document feeder and is capable of scanning, copying, and faxing.

Also offered in this package are two sets of extra-large PC Universal 250/251 ink cartridges.

There is a total of 10 cartridges in all.

This package also comes with 20 sheets of wafer paper and 10 sheets of frosting paper in various sizes.

The various sizes of frosting sheets are used for different sized cakes and they are used when the baker doesn’t want to do any cutting of the paper, which can be delicate to work with.

Highlighted Features
  • Canon model MX922
  • 10 extra-large ink cartridges
  • 20 wafer sheets
  • 10 frosting sheets, various sizes
  • 1-year free cloud access

These frosting sheets are also used to speed up the design process when a baker doesn’t need an image that covers the whole cake.

The printer accommodates all standard sizes of paper so every size of these frosting sheets can be used.

Another one of the features of this bundle is that it includes one free year of the online design tool from PC Universal.

This online software allows the buyer to design, save, and print their favorite images and then save them to the PC Universal cloud.

The cloud is where they can also share their favorite designs with other subscribers if they choose to do so.

The main thing about PC Universal is that they provide an alternative computer model, as well as an online community of sorts for people who are looking to share their design ideas.




Sweet & Magical Canon brings a limited addition edible printer bundle Deadpool limited called also.

This package from ProColor comes with a modified Canon Pixma model, which is wireless.

It also comes with 6 bottles of ink & 4 colors.

Tech support is included, but no frosting sheets, or any other printing paper that you would need to get started with edible printing.

Highlighted Features
  • A basic kit for beginners
  • Same Canon model as others
  • Smaller investment for new bakers

These would have to be purchased separately, but as a Pixma model, it accommodates the standard sheets like all the others.

This would be an ideal package for someone who wants to custom-pick the exact quantity and quality of the frosting sheets, wafer sheets, and rice papers they would like to use.

The Purchasing Guide of Best Edible Printer For Cakes

Since most of the edible printer models are the same, what you should be looking for? This is an easy answer.

It is the accessories and supplies that come with the bundle you are purchasing.

But how do you evaluate this? In order to decide what package is right for you, you first have to think about your interest level in cake decorating.

Are You New To Baking?

For example, did you watch a baking show and want to immediately start recreating something you saw there?

Or did you watch a celebrity baker use a hand-crafted image to complete their cake, and this inspired you to want to create cake decorations of your own?

The question is, however, have you ever baked before?

If not, then you may need to take a weekend baking class or try to make a cake from a mix and then frost it.

If you enjoyed doing this, then you will want to try one of the basic edible printer packages.

Because if you are new to baking, it wouldn’t make any sense to buy the professional package and everything that comes with it.

Are You A Commercial Baker?

At the same time, if you own a commercial bakery, then a basic bundle wouldn’t be enough.

This is because you need the tools to clean the printing heads that frequent use requires, as well as the syringes and extra inks to refill the cartridges.

It’s still the same printer as in the basic kit – it’s the extras that come with it that make it viable for a commercial bakery.

These are also things like the extra frosting sheets, wafer sheets, and other papers you will need to have more of if you own a business.

Are You Somewhere in Between?

Perhaps you bake on the weekends, or occasionally for parties and gatherings.

If you are a fairly accomplished baker, then you are probably ready to go to the next level.

Customized images and garnishes would really add something to your creations, so you will need one of the kits that come with more than the basic bundles, but don’t jump the gun and get the professional kits; this is too much.

The design kits are specifically put together for the creative weekend baker and will help you achieve the originality you are looking for in cake decorations.

This is because they come with more image templates and graphics options.

Doing Your Homework First

There is another thing to research: what kinds of frosting sheets will work best for your baking projects?

There are wafer sheets, fondant paper, rice paper, icing sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, and pizza edible sheets.

You will have to do some reading, because each bundle comes with a similar printer, but not the same kinds of sheets, papers, and accessories.

This is what makes them different.

So, deciding what you want to bake and who you want to bake it for is the best way to decide what printer package you should buy.

A good place to start is to do some research on YouTube.

There are many educational demonstrations as to what icing sheets are best for your baking projects.

Then, when you find a project that is similar to yours, not only will they tell you which sheets to use but they will also show you the right way to use them.

This will make your printer purchase much more enjoyable as well as much more successful.

Plan Ahead

While this technology is amazing and easy to use, these printers do have a learning curve when it comes to cake decorating.

In other words, if your child’s birthday party is happening in a week and you want to create a specialized cake, it would be a good idea to wait for another special occasion to learn to use an edible printer.

This is because it isn’t realistic to have the expectation that you can buy decorations and presents for a party, get the venue ready, bake and frost a cake –and then learn how to use your new printer to create the perfect image.

Remember, while the software is easy to install, this is only the first step.

And while scanning the image and printing it out on a frosting sheet is also a quick and easy process, you still have to learn how to adjust the colors and then put it on the cake.

Start With A Clear Image

Again, while the technology is amazing, you have to choose an image that is clear, sharp, and the right color palette if you want it to show up with the same resolution on the frosting sheet.

You may have to experiment until you get it right, because not every image is meant to show up nicely in frosting, and the printer won’t fix or correct a poorly-executed image.

Dark images, blurry images, poorly lit photos, and lightly executed drawings will not look good in the frosting.

As well, while there is a balance of five different color cartridges, not every image is the right color for a frosting masterpiece.

Some colors and tones do not translate into an appealing cake topper.

So, if your frosting sheet turns out different than the color palette you imagined, you will have to experiment until you get it right.

Remember, since most of the printers are from Cannon, it is more than likely that it is the photo that needs to be adjusted, and not the printer.

The Basic FAQ’s of Best Printer For Edible Images

01. What Exactly is Edible Ink? And What is it Made From? Is Eating it Safe?

Simply put, edible ink is really just food coloring that has been altered in a food-grade laboratory to mimic the characteristics of printer ink.

This is so that it will pass through the printer jets and onto the icing sheets to create the same image as you would see on paper.

And because it has the same characteristics as regular printer ink (droplet size, viscosity, and charge) the printer is fooled into thinking that it is really just performing a regular print job.

This is the reason it can jet the edible ink onto the icing sheets and create the same digital image as it would print onto normal paper.

These inks are made from FDA approved colorants, water, ethanol, glycerin, and probably some type of preservative.

They are safe to eat, and you wouldn’t ingest enough of it from one or two pieces of cake for it to make any difference in your health.

These inks are FDA approved, and as long as you purchase them from a trusted manufacturer, there is no harm in eating them.

The only word of caution here is that you should never use an edible printer for anything else – like a regular printing job.

Regular inks are highly toxic and can leave a residue in the edible printer that could be toxic.

02. How Do The Ink Cartridges Work?

Unlike regular cartridges, which you throw away, edible ink cartridges are refillable.

They are essentially containers that are in the shape of regular inkjet cartridges, but with one difference.

These cartridges have an auto-resetting chip.

So that every time you refill the cartridge and put it back in the printer, the printer thinks you are putting in a fresh cartridge.

Regular cartridges have a one-time chip that sends signals to the printer when it needs to be replaced.

And because it has a one-time chip, the printer won’t accept it again.

This is not the case with edible ink cartridges, where all you have to do is buy new bottles of ink to refill the cartridge.

To refill edible ink cartridges, you simply remove the plug, fill the syringe with ink (you can buy the syringes when you buy extra ink) and inject the ink into the cartridge.

03. How Does The Printing Process Work?

Exactly the same as regular printing. Because the printer thinks that the edible inks are the same as the regular ones.

It is able to recreate the same digital image as it does normally, except that it does it on frosting sheets or wafer sheets.

The frosting and wafer sheets are edible sheets that are made to take and hold an image just like paper.

They are also made in the same thickness of paper and have a plastic backing on them so they go through the machine just like regular paper.

Except that the end result is a photo or design that you can put on top of a cake and then eat.

04. What Printer Settings Should Be Used?

Because you are working with icing sheets (and not paper), this is something you will have to experiment with until you find the settings you like.

But it is also important to start with the clearest and most vibrant images you can find.

Remember, this is going on a cake, not regular paper or photo paper.

If you don’t like what you see at first, you can adjust the intensity and brightness on the “printing preferences” tab.

If you are new to the process, don’t get frustrated if your first attempts don’t turn out as you had expected until you make these adjustments on the printer.

05. Will The Image on The Frosting Sheet Look Exactly Like My Photo?

Not necessarily. First of all, if you download an image from the internet, the size and resolution will directly affect the quality of the image on your frosting sheet.

For example, a small-sized photo with limited pixels will not translate into a great-looking image on a full-sized sheet cake.

A good rule of thumb here is to go to a printer with a paper output and print out an 8 X 10 image of your downloaded photo.

If it looks bad there, it will not translate into a high-resolution image on a cake.

This rule also applies to any other images you want to put on a cake.

So, if you want to use an image on a cake, print it out on paper first.

The main reason for doing this is because the color palette your software uses on any device will be different from the edible printer uses.

And there are so many different types of photography and imaging software available, it’s hard to gauge how each one of them will interact with your edible printer.

But here’s an idea: what you may want to try first is to scan a clear, vibrant photo or image into the scanner of your edible printer and let it decide the color palette.

It will produce the best results.

Remember, all of these edible printers are equipped with scanners, so it may be best to go right to the source.

What’s The Best Kind of Frosting To Use on A Cake To Enhance The Image?

You can use any type of frosting, but it will have to be white in color for your image to show up in the way that you originally intended.

Your image will simply disappear in chocolate and colored frostings because the frosting sheets only come in white – and they are not completely as opaque as you think they are.

And although a frosting sheet is considered to be another layer of frosting on your cake, when you consider that it is thin enough to go through a printer, you will realize that it can only be truly appreciated on the backdrop of white frosting.

How Do I Prepare The Cake Beforehand?

This is the tricky part because the icing sheets require moisture to adhere to the frosting on the top of the cake. Remember.

You are working with real icing (your icing sheet) and with a printed image (your photo) and you will need a sense of timing to present an image that looks like you frosted it into the cake yourself.

You can ideally apply your icing sheet to the cake as soon as you have frosted it, which works perfectly.

Then, if you are serving the cake that night, the image on the icing sheet will hold its integrity.

But that’s not reality. For most people, they bake and frost the cake ahead of time or buy a store-bought cake before the day of the event.

This is a good plan. And a cake that is made a few days ahead of time (or a cake bought from a bakery) are both great options for pre-printed icing sheets.

In this case, though, there’s only one thing to keep in mind: you have to wait until a few hours before you present the cake to your guests to apply the finished icing sheet.

If you apply the image into wet frosting a day or so before the event, the image will fade into the layer of frosting under it.

But if your cake frosting is already hardened, you can’t apply the frosting sheet to it because it won’t set.

But it is still very easy to incorporate your frosting sheet into the top layer of hardened frosting on the cake.

Simply take a spray bottle and gently mist water onto the cake frosting until there is just enough moisture to adhere the frosting sheet to the existing layer of frosting on the cake.

Final Thoughts

Home cake decorating has been revolutionized by the innovative technology of putting personalized images and other decorations on cakes with the use of a home computer.

Many people watch the baking shows, wanting to replicate the efforts of master bakers for themselves, but don’t know where to start.

The edible printer makes it possible for anyone to create cake decorations for themselves that would take years to learn at a culinary school.

That being said, there is still a learning curve that needs to be appreciated with edible printers.

But taking the time to think about your commitment level, watching some instructional YouTube videos, and planning ahead can make anyone into a master cake decorator with the least amount of effort possible – especially if you buy the best edible printer for you.

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