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Top 11 Best Diamond Painting Tools & Kits: A Painter Must Have in 2022

Which is the best diamond painting tools on the market?

We compiled a list of diamond painting kits to enhance your love for art and design.

Expressing our creativity is one of the best ways to reduce the levels of stress and relax while seeing something produced by our own hands.

But, as we know, not everybody has skills when it comes to drawing, painting, and other creative hobbies.

Luckily, there are kits that enable us to create something beautiful, even worthy of displaying in our homes and offices.

A diamond painting kit is one of those things that will allow us to be creative and come up with a nice piece of art, without the need to take painting classes.

You just need to take the time to find the best diamond painting kit for you.

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A Comparison Table of Best Diamond Painting Tools & Kits 2022

Crafts Graphy
Hi stone

What Are The Top Diamond Painting Brands on The Market?

Crafty & DIY 5D are the top diamond painting brands on the market with various designs and colors.

What is The Tool Lists For Diamond Painting Kits?

Tool list for diamond painting kits:

  1. Light pen
  2. A traditional drill pen
  3. A wax pen
  4. Light Pad
  5. Glue
  6. Storage box
  7. Frame
  8. Sealer

11 Best Diamond Painting Tools Reviews

01. Crafts Graphy 5D Diamonds Kit



It is so easy to be creative and come up with something gorgeous with a diamond kit that provides everything you need to make it happen.

The digital printing of the canvas is very accurate, so the activity will be easy and enjoyable.

You will have all the tools and guidance necessary in hand, as the painting is a semi-finished work of art.

The main idea is to give you the chance to finish it while adopting a relaxing and pleasant activity for your spare time.

The small diamonds used for the creative process are beautifully cut, so that they will sparkle in the light, creating a magical effect.

Highlighted Features
  • Accurate digital printing and high-quality materials
  • The kit comes with all the tools and accessories required for the completion of the painting
  • It is suitable for adults and children alike, as long as they are over the age of 6
  • The result is a beautiful mosaic that can be displayed in any room

The outline of the canvas is very detailed, so you won’t have any issues figuring out where to place each diamond.

You will just have to pay attention to the color legend and symbols on the canvas.

The kit was made to provide enjoyable DIY projects and an effective way to reduce quotidian stress.

The best part of this kit is the sense of accomplishment you will obtain when you’ll finally manage to complete the painting.

Success is guaranteed, as the final image will be a gorgeous one.

02. DIY 5D Diamond Painting By Number Kits



Did you dream about creating beautiful paintings, but your skills were never as expected?

Instead of considering taking painting classes, you could direct your attention toward a diamond painting kit.

This one, for instance, will help you achieve a beautiful colorful painting.

The canvas was printed at HD quality and it features a stick background, so you will find it easy not just to position the diamonds but also to fix them in place.

To avoid errors, just pay attention to the design scheme and guidance of the colors legend.

Highlighted Features
  • HD-quality printed canvas that will provide exceptional images
  • The kit contains all the tools required to maneuver the tiny diamonds and set them in place
  • The canvas is protected by a plastic over-top, for safekeeping during and after the work has been completed

The canvas is also protected by a plastic over-top, which will maintain the sticky background when you’re not working on your painting and protect the diamonds you already set in place.

So, make sure to cover your work of art with this special top every time you’re done working on it.

The kit comes with everything you need for the completion of the painting, including a special kind of glue.

The glue becomes male able at room temperature, so it will be easy to use it.

Once your painting is completed, you can enjoy it for up to 20 years.

So, don’t hesitate to decorate any of your home’s rooms with such a work of art.

03. Diamond Painting By Number Kit – Full Drill Peony Flowers



While cross-stitching can indeed be a very relaxing DIY activity and project if you want something easier and more enjoyable you need to try our diamond painting.

The activity is similar to cross stitching, although it does not involve needles and threads.

Instead, it uses small diamonds that are meant to be glued to a special canvas, the result is a very detailed and colorful painting.

The best diamond painting kit will provide everything you need for this enjoyable activity.

Besides a proper canvas and the diamonds, the kit will also provide special glue and the tools you need to handle the diamonds.

Highlighted Features
  • It can be a great DIY project for yourself or gift for someone you know
  • The product is suitable for adults and children, as long as the children are old enough to understand that the small diamonds are not suitable for eating
  • The canvas will come with proper legend and guidance, so the entire process will be easy and enjoyable

They are very small and handling them with your hands will be very difficult.

Plus, the painting is made to be very detailed, so you will need to position the diamonds with precision on their destined spot.

Every work of art requires attention to details and patience.

But, as you work your way around the painting and place more and more diamonds, you will see just how beautiful everything comes out.

There’s an incredible satisfaction seeing that you can do amazing things with your hands.

This is precisely what this kit is trying to prove.

04. Number Kit 5D Diamond Painting – Rooster Hen Chicks



You never thought you can create intricate painting and designs?

Well, that is until you managed to come across a diamond painting kit.

This kit requires no painting skills, in spite of its name.

This kind of DIY project actually involves the use of very small diamonds, which should be placed on special canvas in order to obtain a beautiful image in the end.

It’s like connecting dot with dot until an entire painting comes to life.

The diamonds come in various colors and they each have a special position on the canvas.

How will you know where to position each diamond?

The canvas will contain specific symbols, each symbol belonging to a particular diamond color.

Highlighted Features
  • A very easy and enjoyable activity for people of all ages
  • The resulting painting is durable and you can easily decorate your home with it
  • The kit contains all the tools you need to complete this painting with ease, including a special pen for the glue and tweezers for the diamonds

On the side of the canvas, you will find a legend that will tell you which symbol goes with each diamond color.

So, all you have to do is to follow the symbols on the canvas, check the legend, and place the diamonds accordingly.

The tiny diamonds will be held in place with the help of glue, so make sure to use that before placing them on the canvas.

05. Diamond Painting Kit, Full Drill Cute Cat



It is so easy to relax and do something beautiful with your own hands at the same time.

A diamond painting kit is all you need to unwind and chase away stress.

This kit, besides giving you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant activity, will also teach you how to cultivate patience and perseverance.

You see, in order to obtain a spectacular result, you need to be ready to take the time to set every small diamond in its place correctly and pay attention to the entire process.

This will help you get your mind off things and, in the end, your efforts will be quantified in the form of a gorgeous painting you will be able to use for decorative purposes.

Highlighted Features
  • Delicate and detailed designs that will turn out to be gorgeous paintings in the end
  • The small diamonds present various facets, so they will reflect light in a beautiful manner
  • Similar to cross-stitching, diamond painting can be an easier and more relaxing alternative
  • Ideal as a gift

Everything you will need for this DIY project will be found in the kit.

Starting with a special canvas, which is waterproof and of the highest quality, to the diamonds themselves, a special adhesive and tools required for your work.

Even if it may seem tricky to complete such a project, start small and work your way up.

It’s like with any other large or intricate project in our lives.

We should take small steps and work our way until achieving the larger picture or obtaining the final result.

06. Mobicus Blxecky DIY Diamond Painting



If you’re looking for new ways to relax, without having to spend a small fortune on your hobby, you must check out a diamond painting kit.

The best diamond painting kit will provide everything you need to get started right away.

You don’t need any kind of preparation prior to starting such a hobby and you don’t need to buy any tools or equipment.

The kit will contain everything you need, so all you have to do is to find some free time to enjoy it.

Don’t worry, because once you get started, you won’t want to stop.

Highlighted Features
  • A complete kit that offers you everything you need for diamond painting
  • The small diamonds feature 16 facets, so they will shine beautifully under the action of the light
  • Special glue will help the diamonds stick to the canvas with ease. Just press gently to make sure they are properly positioned

Diamond painting is very relaxing, in spite of being an activity that requires a good amount of attention toward details.

Learning what you have to do is very easy because you just need to pay attention to the legend found on the side of the canvas.

As you will notice, the canvas will be filled with a wide array of symbols on every small square it contains.

These tiny squares will tell you how to position the diamonds so that you will obtain a beautiful result in the end.

This is why diamond painting is such a good method to forget about all the things that cause stress and do not allow you to relax.

07. Adarl 5D DIY Diamond Painting Rhinestone Pictures



Would you like to do something incredibly detailed with your own hands, but you’re afraid that you are lacking the required skills?

Well, with the help of a diamond painting kit, you will never have to worry about this again.

This painting kit is specially developed to be used by anyone looking to do something creative and relaxing.

It is the ideal solutions for when the weather is bad and you don’t want to go outside or when you’d want to do something that will help you unwind.

Highlighted Features
  • Canvas and printing of the highest quality
  • Easy for beginners and anyone looking to adopt a new creative hobby
  • The resulted painting can be used for decorative purposes

Some say it is similar to cross stitching, but the truth is that it is much more interesting to pain with tiny little diamonds.

All you need to do, in order to enjoy this kind of activity, is to have the willingness and desire to try it out.

The diamonds are indeed very small, so you will need a bit of patience as well.

Don’t worry about not being able to handle them, as the kit contains the right kind of tools for this type of activity.

Just try to relax and calm down and enjoy the beauty of this exceptional activity.

Very soon, you will be able to reap the results of your work.

08. 2 Pack 5D DIY Diamond Painting Set



This particular diamond painting kit is ideal for a numerous family or for those looking to get something for their friends as well.

Instead of containing just one single canvas and supplies for one diamond painting, it contains two.

Of course, the canvas is different, so you can hold on to the entire kit if you want to, as you’ll have what to do for quite a while.

The canvas has similar designs, but they are both enjoyable, due to their gorgeous patterns and beautiful colors.

Highlighted Features
  • The kit provides two canvas, not just one, together with all the supplies needed for the completion of two diamond paintings
  • The designs are gorgeous and the finished paintings will scintillate beautifully in the light
  • The signs and guidance provided by the canvas are clear and easy to follow, so the kit is ideal for beginners as well

So, if you want to get engaged in pleasant activities with the entire family, this kit can help everyone spend quality time together while doing something creative at the same time.

If your children are bored with drawing and painting, maybe it’s time to get them something new and intriguing to do.

However, do bear in mind that the diamonds are very small, so children should be old enough to understand that it’s not safe to swallow the diamonds.

Apart from this, the set can provide the ideal kind of past time activity, which, in the end, will provide a beautiful painting that can be hung on a wall.

09. Number Kits Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Embroidery Paintings



Anyone can become an artist overnight with the help of the right kind of kit.

What are we talking about? About the best diamond painting kit, of course.

Diamond painting is ideal for those that would like to do something creative, but are not that great with handling a traditional brush used for painting.

These kits were created out of the desire to give people the chance to do something easy and pleasant, yet to allow them to come up with something mind-blowing as well.

The activity can be compared with cross-stitching or puzzle making.

Highlighted Features
  • High-quality diamonds that look brighter than resin diamonds and will not fade away in time
  • The canvas is waterproof and features a sticky background, helping the diamonds adhere to the surface better
  • The glue is environmentally-friendly and will be easy to use at room temperature
  • Once the painting is ready, it can be preserved with ease for 20 years or more

The kit will contain everything you need to create and enjoy a real painting in the end.

Some even like diamond paintings better than traditional paintings, due to the beautiful way they appear in the light.

The small diamonds have numerous facets, which makes them reflect light in a beautiful way.

Besides this, it is much more interesting to create paintings with the help of tiny diamonds than with paint.

Not to mention that these diamonds will never fade in time, so you will be able to enjoy your finished painting for very many years to come.

10. Sqailer 5D DIY Diamond Painting



Do you envy the people that can relax while painting?

Would you like to do the same but you’re not that great when it comes to being creative with a brush on canvas or paper?

Then you should try a different style of painting.

Diamond painting is just as relaxing and spectacular as traditional painting.

And the best part is that you don’t need to have any kind of skills in order to create gorgeous paintings, which you can, later on, hang on the walls.

A diamond painting kit contains everything, from canvas to the needed diamonds, and tools required to create the painting.

You just need to get the kit, follow the instructions, and start creating your own painting right away.

What kind of instructions are we talking about?

Because the picture is extremely detailed and you have a wide array of colorful diamonds, you will need to know how to place them correctly onto the canvas.

Highlighted Features
  • The canvas is of the highest quality, the same kind of canvas used for oil painting
  • It is an activity suitable for everyone, although children should be old enough to handle beads that are this small
  • It is a complete kit, so all you need will be in the package. There’s no need to buy anything else to enjoy diamond painting

So, with the help of the legend and special symbols placed on the canvas, you will determine which diamonds go where.

Then, diamond by diamond, you will add to your painting until you will manage to place the last diamond in its rightful place.

The result will be a painting worthy of display anywhere in the house.

11. DIY 5D Diamond Painting For Adults



Even diamond painting can be taken to another level, with the help of an LED lid tablet.

The tablet will allow you to enjoy this kind of activity even in the evening, by providing all the light you need to clearly see what you are doing.

The light is gentle for your eyes, so you will experience no discomfort.

It is worth mentioning that this package includes the LED light tablet board only and does not offer diamond painting canvas, diamonds, or anything else.

However, those passionate about diamond painting should consider getting this tablet, if they want to enjoy their hobby at any time during the day or night.

Highlighted Features
  • Powered with a USB cable, it doesn’t require batteries in order to operate
  • The technology used by the board will protect your eyes
  • The brightness is adjustable with the help of a touch sensor. Just keep the sensor pressed until reaching the desired level of brightness

The tablet board allows you to adjust the brightness according to your needs, so you will enjoy only the level that suits you best.

The device is also powered by a USB connection, so there are no batteries involved.

The board is made so you can place your diamond painting canvas on it, seeing clearly what symbols are displayed and what diamonds have to be used to correctly complete the painting.

This is why the board is extremely useful if you want to make sure that your eyesight won’t deceive you or you feel the need to have a bit more light in your work area.

Buying Guide of The Best Diamond Painting Tools & Kits

01. Find The Image That is Most Attractive And Desirable

First of all, you should find an image and color combination you find most attractive.

The whole idea behind the diamond painting is to help you enjoy yourself and that is impossible if you don’t like the image you are creating.

So, take the time to find a more beautiful image in your opinion and think about where you can hang it in the house after it is completed.

02. Look For A Diamond Painting Kit With Complete Accessories And Tools

The best diamond painting kit will come will all the tools and accessories you need for such a hobby, so make sure the kit you are about to purchase has everything you need.

This means not just the canvas and diamonds, but also glue and proper tools.

Some kits even over a plastic cover that can be placed over the canvas, in order to offer additional protection.

This is due to the fact that certain canvas has a sticky background, for an extra grip on the diamonds, besides the glue, you will be using.

Thus, the plastic cover will maintain the background sticky until you will manage to complete your painting.

03. The Final Results Also Count

Another aspect worth remembering is that the diamonds can have a different number of facets.

Thus, when the painting is ready, it will glow and look precious in the light, in comparison with traditional painting.

But it is the facets of the diamonds that give them this particular property.

The bigger the number of facets, the more they will scintillate.

Most of the diamond painting sets will have diamonds with 16 facets, which is a good number, but there will be some with slightly more facets or fewer facets.

This is not necessarily an important aspect, but if you want in the end to enjoy a sparkly painting, you should take a look at the number of facets.

04. When You Do Something You Like, You Do it With A Higher Degree of Excitement

Apart from these aspects, all you need to do is to order the desired kit, containing your preferred image, and start enjoying your new hobby.

Yes, you can start right away, as you will have everything you need in handy.

Just be careful when handling the small diamonds and follow the instructions provided by the kit.

Most certainly you will love your new creative process.

At the same, you will have an incredible opportunity to cultivate patience and perseverance, build self-confidence and self-trust, all of these while relaxing and diminishing the presence of stress in your life.

The Basic FAQ’s of Best Diamond Painting Tools & Kits

01. What Else Do I Need To Get Started, Besides The Kit?

You don’t need anything else but the kit in order to start enjoying your new diamond painting hobby.

A great diamond painting kit will contain all the items you need to get started as soon as you get the kit.

Inside the kit, you will find a special canvas, printed with all the instructions you need in order to know how to set the diamonds right.

Some canvas can also have a sticky background, which will allow the diamonds to stick to it even better.

Of course, even if the canvas does not have a sticky background, the diamonds will also stick with the help of the glue.

Speaking of glue, the kit will also contain a special glue and tools that will allow you to handle the diamonds with ease, including special trays, so you won’t accidentally spill the small diamonds.

02. The Diamonds Are So Tiny. Do I Have To Handle Them By Hand?

The diamonds are indeed like very small beads.

As you can tell, it is impossible to handle them by hand and place them on the canvas as shown by the printed symbols.

This is why the kit contains special tools that will make their handling much easier.

So, you should not worry about not being able to handle the tiny diamonds right.

To start with, you will have a special pen that will allow you to take a small amount of glue and them get the desired diamond in order to stick it to the canvas in the desired spot.

Also, with the help of a pair of special tweezers, you will be able to handle the diamonds and arrange them as desired, without the need to touch them by hand.

These tools will not just make your task easier, but will also give you the level of precision you need for an exceptional result.

03. Can A Diamond Painting Kit Be Offered To A Child?

The best part about diamond painting kits is that they are suitable for people of all ages.

They are great for adults, seniors, teenagers, and children alike because they are fun, interesting, and relaxing.

They help everyone cultivate a sense of patience and perseverance.

However, when it comes to children, they should be offered only to children that are 6 years old or older.

This is due to the fact that the kit contains very small diamonds, which can be swallowed by younger children.

This mention will also be found on the package of the kit.

So, if your child is old enough and will understand that the diamonds are not for eating, it is then safe to offer such a kit to a child.

It is even recommended for young people to have this kind of activity, as it teaches them patience and it shows them that care and attention can lead to amazing results.

04. How Will The Diamonds Stick To The Canvas?

It may seem weird to paint with diamonds, wondering how will you make the diamonds stick to the special canvas.

As mentioned earlier, the kit will contain everything you need to enjoy this activity.

This also includes a special glue that is easy to use and will allow your work to stay on the canvas.

All you need to do is use the special tools and glue when placing the diamonds on the canvas.

Do not use any other type of glue and do not place the diamonds on the canvas without glue, as they will fall off if you will move the canvas.

The kit will contain a special glue pen for this operation.

Take the pen and take a very small amount of glue with the help of its tip.

Then put the tip of the pen on the desired diamond and transfer it onto the canvas.

Because the diamond will have glue on its surface from coming in contact with the tip of the pen, it will easily stick to the surface of the canvas.

If required, you can use the tweezers to arrange and fix the diamond in its set place.

After positioning several diamonds, it is recommended to press them gently with your hand or a flat item, allowing them to stick even better.

Some manufacturers recommend placing a book on top of your work, once it is done, allowing the glue to dry with the diamonds in a pressed position.

This way, the diamond painting will look flat and even in the end.

05. How Will I Figure Out How To Position The Diamonds?

Do not feel overwhelmed as soon as you lie your eyes on the intricate canvas.

At first, the design can appear impossible to handle, as the canvas is just a chaotic group of signs and symbols.

Relax and take a look at the side of the canvas.

There you will find a legend telling you which diamond color goes to what symbol.

In order to complete the painting, all you will have to do is to position the correct diamonds on the spots containing the right symbols.

This way you will know what color goes well in order for the painting to look, in the end, as presented in the sample.

There’s no mystery when it comes to diamond painting and you don’t need to take any classes in order to know how to do this right.

You just need to pay attention to the instructions, legend, and symbols on the canvas.

If you do this, success is guaranteed and there’s no way you won’t be able to obtain a gorgeous painting in the end.

Just be patient and pay attention to where you need to place each diamond.

05. Can The Resulted Paintings Be Kept Or Displayed?

Yes, the painting resulting, in the end, can be kept for your personal enjoyment or they can be used as decorative items anywhere in the house.

Some of these paintings are made to last up to 20 years if they are made correctly, which means that you’ll have it around for very many years.

Making it correctly means to stick the diamonds to the canvas right.

Pressing them with a book is also recommended after you’re done working on a particular section, as it allows the diamonds to stick better and for the glue to dry well.

If you want to display the painting, it is worth mentioning that the kit does not contain a frame.

You will have to come up with the frame required to hang the painting on a wall.

And if you don’t want to hang the painting, just roll it up and store it safely.

Don’t worry, as the diamonds won’t fall off if they were positioned and glued correctly.


The truth is that diamond painting is the new craze among people that are looking for relaxing and pleasant activities.

It is much easier than traditional painting, as it doesn’t require any kind of skills, just patience, and will.

And it is safer than cross-stitching, as it doesn’t involve needles and scissors.

In order to enjoy diamond painting, you don’t need to have any kind of training or tools.

The kit is all you need to get started right away.

So, if coloring books and painting doesn’t offer the level of satisfaction and attraction you would like, maybe you should try diamond painting instead.

Because you are using diamonds and not crayons or watercolors, the result will be beautifully colored no matter what.

Just make sure to place the diamonds as instructed and the resulted painting will be gorgeous and impressive.

The most difficult task, on your side, is to select the image that speaks best in your case.

If you choose an image you find interesting and attractive, you will work on it with more excitement, looking forward to finishing it as soon as possible.

Then, the entire process is all about paying attention and doing things with patience.

This is why diamond painting is an activity that is indeed capable of chasing stress away.

For the hours you will be spending focusing on how and where to place the colorful diamonds, you won’t think of anything else.

If adult coloring books were said to be one of the most relaxing activities, most certainly diamond painting is next.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that diamond painting is suitable for all ages, with the mention that in the case of children they should be at least 6 years old.

This is due to the fact that the kit contains very small diamonds that can be ingested by young children.

Apart from this, a diamond painting kit can represent a great gift or the start of a beautiful hobby.

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