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10 Best Decompression Belt For Back Pain Relief 2022

Looking for the best decompression belt for the relief of back pain?

Check out the top 10 decompression belt, which gives comfort from extreme pain and suffering from ache.

A lot of people stay late at workplaces stuck to their laptops, mostly in decently furnished offices of sizeable chairs.

Unfortunately, they are oblivious or unconscious most times of the damage sitting on for a long time could cause their spinal discs.

It is the back that carries much of the work and suffers the significant consequences of this unhealthy habit.

This is where the back-decompression belt comes in. They help in mitigating the risk of ending up in degenerative.

It is not just the discs; other disorders could make physicians recommend the use of decompression belts.

In any case, it is essential to use the best products. Check out our different product reviews like pill cutter, diamond painting, etc.

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A Comparison Table of Best Decompression Belt For Back Pain Relief 2022

HailiCare Decompression Back Belt
HailiCare Lumbar Support Decompression Relief
HailiCare Physio Decompression Brace
DR HOS Decompression Relief Lumbar Support
Spinal Lumbar Traction
HONGJING Lumbar Support Belt Relief
HONGJING Relief Waists Heating Decompression
Decompression Support Instant Relief Lumbar
Physio Decompression Lumbar Support Massage
Leawell Decompression Traction Inflated Character

What Are The Best Brands of Decompression Belt?

Hailicare Decompression Belt is one of the number one decompression belts on the market.

It is a multifunctional belt that offers therapy in the area of clinical traction, decompression, and heat therapies.

It helps protect your lumbar spine.

It is suitable for any activities and can be used even during sleep, relaxation, walking, sitting, gardening, and driving.

What Are Back Decompression Belts?

Decompression belts are air-filled lightweight medically recommended therapeutic belts that help relieve the pressure of a number of disorders, including pinched nerves.

The belt serves a lot of purposes, including the correct degenerative.

In other words, with the belt, users who have dislocated spinal discs can then return to regular positions.

Also, Decompression belts are used in treating the upper and low back.

What is Unique About The Decompression Belt?

The first thing that catches your fancy about Back Decompression Belt is that it provides therapeutic relief.

And unlike many others, back support belt offers a great decompression therapy, which is medically recommended for enhancing back pain.

The marketplace, whether offline or online, is filled with so many back-decompression belts.

In fact, in your search for the best quality back support belt suppliers, you may end up settling for counterfeit products.

So, are there back support belts that are not producing the right results despite the attractive features and product descriptions placed by their suppliers?

You’ve got to change direction and embrace new products.

In this post, we have researched and carefully selected the best Decompression Belts in the market with the most incredible features and descriptions that will not only catch your fancy but will help you to decide to choose the perfect one which suitable for you.

Top 10 Best Decompression Belt Reviews

01. HailiCare Decompression Back Belt



Highlighted Features
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • Portable, durable, and lightweight
  • Perfect for most waists
  • Adaptable and flexible to a lot of activities

If you’re making your first foray into the world of Decompression Belt, either as a seller or user, it’ll require that you use a belt that will endure and provide the best relief you desire.

That is precisely what the HailiCare Decompression belt brings to the table. Held by Velcro, HailiCare allows itself to be whirled around the lower back, providing 2 in 1 solution of clinical traction and decompression therapy.

The first rule of the thumb when using HailiCare is that ‘never you wash the belt by immersing it into water.

What more can you say about this incredible belt?

It has a front pocket where a plastic key is fitted in case you want to deflate the belt.

To inflate, the belt has a hand pump that has vertical ridge-like lines that help in creating friction between the hand and the pump.

You can only wear the belt only after inflation is finished, and the pump has been detached.

The product has only one size that is suitable for users with 29-inch and 49-inch waists.

The materials make-up of the product is such that the inner layer is made of cotton, the outer layer material is a polyurethane (PU), while the inner layer of traction is made of a unique soft material called the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

The belt has the 45.2-inch length of traction, 5.1 inches of width (before inflation), 7.9 inches (after inflation) and 9.8 inches of length of the extension.

02. HailiCare Lumbar Support Decompression Relief



Highlighted Features
  • Easy to use
  • Nice-looking, pretty lightweight, and powerful.
  • A built-in flashlight that lit
  • Long-lasting battery and works with low power supply
  • Operates at both low and high temperature

Are you looking for a decompression that is not only cheap but also effective and provides complete relief from all back pain, then, Hailicare Lumbar support decompression relief is the ideal belt for you.

It remains one of the best decompression belts.

It is suitable for use while engaging in any activities, including sitting, lying down, sleeping, relaxation resting, sporting, etc. it comes with a box in which you can save it to protect against destruction.

Unlike many others, this fantastic product can be used with or without plugging the charging cable.

The device doesn’t have a vacuum, so you have to do little or no cleaning after use.

You can tune the temperature low or high, depending on how hot you want the device to be.

Like some other best decompression belts, HailiCare Lumbar Support Relief is easy to use as it whirls itself around the lower back, held together by Velcro.

For support that offers traction and wraps around your slim or chubby body, HailiCare Lumbar is made for you.

03. HailiCare Physio Decompression Brace



Highlighted Features
  • Works perfectly with a low voltage of 5V-2A power supply
  • Light, portable, comfortable
  • Promotes blood circulation

One decompression belt that serves different purpose and functions in a multiple of ways is the HailiCare Therapy Physio Decompression Brace.

Like many other decompression belts, this comes as a combination of grade decompression therapy and heating therapy.

So, with the belt, you’re guaranteed something unique which is enjoying lumbar spine support with heating therapy.

What more? The device comes with a heating compress pad that contains micro-carbon fiber heating and hair-thin elements.

That immediately informs you that the method does not work with the coil.

So, if you have serious problems ranging from lumbar back pain or soft tissue damage, you get a back brace to resolve all of that.

Even arthritis patients will find help and support with the HailiCare decompression back brace.

In the same vein, the device offers a great solution as traction and heat therapy, reducing the burden around ligament while ensuring that the damaged lumbar fibrous ring receives a considerable rest.

The device is suitable to be worn anytime and anywhere.

So, whether you’re sleeping, resting, golfing, relaxing, swimming, or working, you can always put on the therapy back brace.

The device fits most wrists, entering 29 to 49 inches.

The product contains three layers, namely, an outer layer, an inner layer, and an inner layer of air injection.

The inner layer of injection is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material, while the outer layer of polyurethane (PU), while the inner layer is made of cotton.

The gross weight is 2.4 lb; the belt length is 45.2 inches; width (before inflation) is 5.1 inches, and width (after injection) is measured at 9.5 inches.

04. DR HOS Decompression Relief Lumbar Support



Highlighted Features
  • Relieves tension to the back area of the body
  • Great for all ages and sizes
  • Sizes A (21-45) and B (42-55)

It can only be DR-HO’S 2-in-1 Decompression Belt.

On the one hand, it serves as a deflated support belt to take the pain off bulging or herniated discs.

A device that comes with incredibly amazing features that beat many of the decompression belts you can talk about.

It is made with a hand pump that is pretty easy to use and an accessible, friendly arthritic.

And should you miss the mechanism to use it, there is an attached DVD manual that instructs you.

Its externalities are superbly made.

One, you’re provided with a bag with which you can easily hold your belt and its pump together at the same time.

When inflated, the belt can stretch vertically and helps you to expand and decompress pressure off or aching disc. It also stabilizes the lower back and enhances posture.

The belt gives a relief to the upper body weight while decompressing your lower back joints and spinal discs.

It comes in different sizes, but buyers need to find out through the belt’s video manual to measure out the accurate size that fits them.

And depending on the policy you subscribe to, this belt may be insured, depending on the policy you subscribe to.

05. Spinal Lumbar Traction



Highlighted Features
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for a sore back, pinched nerves, degenerative discs, etc.
  • No pills required
  • Versatile, durable and gives lasting relief

When you talk of a Decompressing belt with a good Velcro hook end that is large and grips well when held, then spinal decompression lumbar traction device is the right deal for you.

One thing this device offers which you don’t find in many other belts and back support devices is the freedom to weight lift with it.

You could also construct, garden while you wear your device.

It helps to keep your lower back muscle warm and supple, strengthening your back and core while even stretching tight your lower back muscles.

Or perhaps your choice is a support belt that lifts your upper body and takes off the weight that your lower back brings along, then take advantage of this decompression belt.

You get sufficient relief from pinched nerves, allowing your muscles to relax.

It is an excellent therapy for back pain.

It is suitable for all ages, kids, adults (men and women).

The belt is air-filled when inflated, so that makes it light, not bulky, portable, and it is recommended for patients suffering degenerative discs, hyperglycemia of lumbar vertebra, or scoliosis, this device is perfect for getting relief from effect resulting from long sitting behind the wheel.

It is made of quality material, including PU and TPU in the outer and inner, respectively.

In terms of measurement, the length is 115 cm, with a width (before Inflation) of 13 cm.

But the width (after Inflation) stands at 20 cm, with a package size of 28 x 20.5 x 9 cm.

06. HONGJING Lumbar Support Belt Relief



Highlighted Features
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • One size fits all: one size for 29-49 waist
  • Susceptible to direct sunlight

Suffering serious spinal disc problem and want instant and long-lasting therapy, then, grab Hongjing lumbar support belt relief.

You can cure of getting enough back pain relief, muscle relaxation, relief from a herniated disc, sciatica, among other back discomforts if you use this device.

It is simply a perfect therapy.

Because the device inflates with air, it is pretty light, not bulky, handy, and portable for users.

You can carry it along and use it whenever you’re taking part in any kind of activity.

It requires no pull, no appointments, and guarantees incredible relief.

It lifts your body and takes off the weight from your lower back, thus giving full rest and relaxation.

You’re sure this is going to reduce back pain as well as takeoff stress off pinched nerves to the barest minimum.

Precaution for use: Never immerse this belt into the water for washing.

You can only use alcohol or water-soaked wipes to smear off dirt around the region of the device.

Two, never dry directly under the sun or severe heat. Keep in a cool, dry place to avoid. Do not overfill the belt with air.

Take note of the sound that the pump makes once the belt is fully air-filled.

That’s time to remove the pump from the belt.

In terms of measurement, the length of the product’s extension belt is 9.8 inches; it has a range of traction standing at 45.2 inches; While the width (before inflation) is 5.1 inches, the diameter (after increase) is 7.9 inch; inch.

The materials with which the product is made cover the outer and inner layers.

The outer cover is made of polyurethane (PU), inner layer with cotton, while the inner cover of air inflation is made of a unique soft material called the Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).

The product is suitable for any kind of activity.

So, whether you’re golfing, gardening, walking, driving, or working, you can always wear this belt.

07. HONGJING Relief Waists Heating Decompression



Highlighted Features
  • No coil; only micro-carbon heating elements
  • Works with the low power supply: can connect via a 5V-2A
  • Flexible and versatile.
  • Not bulky
  • Air-filled, light, portable and comfortable
  • Adaptable: Fits most waists

When we talk of a decompression belt that reduces the burden that sucks you around the ligaments, brings good rest for the lumbar ring, then you’ve got yourself covered with Physio Decompression Relief Waists.

It’s a great deal of belt that serves as heat therapy.

A 2 in 1 lumbar support Belt that offers the best experience when it comes to giving relief to sufferers of severe lumbar back pain, nerve pain, scoliosis, etc.

The device consists of spine decompression, which serves to prevent lumbar vertebrate disease.

Once Physio Decompression Waist is air-filled, its air tube stretches the lumbar vertebra in order to give support to the waist while offering fantastic traction.

What more? Physio Decompression belt is a blend of clinical traction and heat therapy, providing massive support to the lumbar spine.

Individuals can make an adjustment to the belt based on their size and needs.

And because it supports the waist size of up to 49 inches, the belt is considered a one size fits all decompression belt.

One precaution you have to take before you wear the belt around your lower back is to loosen the leather belt, then join it firmly with Velcro.

Other steps will require you to inflate with air by pumping the belt.

It is also advisable you wear the belt for about 30-60 minutes for the first time.

This is to observe if there’ll be any side effects.

Subsequent wearing can be extended once no adverse effect is suspected.

The product can be used during any kind of activity, swimming, working, walking, driving, gardening, sitting, relaxing, etc.

08. Decompression Support Instant Relief Lumbar



Highlighted Features
  • Provides stability and firmness to the lower back
  • Relieves the lower back of pain
  • Improves posture
  • Eases the pinched nerves of pressure and pain
  • Reduces load on the intervertebral disc

Do you want instant relief from back pain and give support to your spinal discs, then do not go elsewhere in search of any other decompression belt.

Decompression Support Instant Relief Lumbar is the answer.

It is most often difficult to bend forward, and doing so could cause some pain in the back.

This condition can be attributed to a number of factors, including aging, regular wear, and tear, degenerative, and bulging spinal discs.

The bulk of the burden is carried by the muscles, which try to hold the spines together and ensure stability.

However, with a belt that provides incredible support for the lower back, then you can be sure that bending forward and doing some gymnastics may not be as difficult as it used to be.

With it, you could stand straighter and taller without any hassle or hitches.

That is a common feature to a number of decompression belts, right?

Here’s what distinguishes support instant relief lumbar belt from others: its effect on the back and every affected area are instant.

It does not take too long before users begin to feel the impact of using the belt.

Whether you suffer from sciatica, back pain, pinched nerves, sore muscles, herniated disc, instant lumbar support gives you lasting relief.

In that way, the pressure on your lumbar vertebra is significantly reduced, stretching and relieving tight lower back muscles.

With this back support, you get all traces of lower back pain and stiffness wholly taken off.

Interestingly, almost everyone, fat, slim, young or old, can wear the belt.

It’s not selective as it fits pretty perfectly most waists.

And it can be worn even while driving, relaxing, walking, sporting, or sitting.

09. Physio Decompression Lumbar Support Massage



Highlighted Features
  • Takes pressure off your spine
  • Get relief from pain
  • Takes off pressure on your pinched nerves.

There is no other decompression belt product for treating chronic back pain than physio decompression lumbar support massage.

And as the name suggests, the Decompression Belt is a blend of clinical traction and decompression therapy.

It is not just one of the regular support belts you find around.

That’s why it makes the first list of top ten brands that are of high quality and generally sought after.

The product gives stability to the lower back and improves posture. It is also great to stretch tight lower muscles, relieving lower back pain as well as reducing stiffness.

The belt will also decrease the pressure of lumber, and thus through traction reduces the weight on the ligament and bring good rest for the damaged lumbar (fibrous) ring.

One thing that you’ll also find calm with this belt is that it is suitable for all ages and sizes, fitting most wrists.

It’ll perfectly match 29 to 49-inch waist without hassle.

However, in case the natural length does not accommodate the waist, the belt comes with an extension pad, which makes it easy for users to adjust and insert the belt into the waist.

The belt is also suitable for use during any activity. It is lightweight and comfortable for use: not bulky for users to carry around.

So, whether you’re walking, working, gardening, golfing, or driving, you can conveniently wear the physio belt and get the desired and most potent effect.


Again, while it is recommended to ensure proper cleaning of the belt to remove any dirt from it, do not immerse it into the water and never expose it to direct sunlight.

The product is measured as having a length of traction belt of 45.2 inches, a width (before Inflation) of 5.1 inches, a width (after Inflation) of 7.9 inches, while the length of its extension belt is measured at 25.0cm.

The product is made of materials of PU and TPU, for the outer layer and inner layer of air inflation respectively while the inner Layer is made of Cotton.

10. Leawell Decompression Traction Inflated Character



Highlighted Features
  • Detachable hand pump
  • Great for both the neck and back to correct the anomaly
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Comfortable and convenient

Are you looking for a spinal-air decompression lumbar traction belt that has the best easy-to-use mechanism, then, Leawell decompression traction inflated character is the right device.

It serves as a corrective, supportive, and preventive device.

As a device to correct the anomaly, the Leawell decompression belt surrounds the waist and gives stability to the lumbar vertebra.

It also gives adequate support to damaged or malfunctioning lumbar vertebra while also ensuring that it stretches the lumbar invertebrate disc to prevent any reoccurrence of damage.

The belt comes with a user manual, one Brace, and one hand pump.

The essence of the detachable hand pump is to be able to relief the weight and pressure that the belt will exert while wearing it.

So, it is recommended that we detach the pump when wearing the belt without air remove.

Again, it’s also good to wear the Back brace when watching TV or to sit on desks with computers, driving, chatting, or before sleeping.

There’s also the adjustable length of 44.5 inches which makes the device to be adaptable to any neck or waist.

It is recommended that you first wear this belt for not more than 30 and 60 minutes to observe that there is no side effect.

Subsequent use of the belt can be extended once it’s established that there’s no adverse effect.

Maintain the belt is simple. The first thing you must know is that you don’t wash the belt.

The best form of cleaning it is to gently full with a semi-damp towel. I repeat DON’T WASH again.

The product has an adjustable length of 44.5inches, with a net weight of 0.55 pounds.

Width (before inflation) is 5.12 inches, while width (after increase) stands at 7.87 inches.

The product consists of three essential layers, like all other decompression belts.

The outer layer is made of PU; the inner layer is made of cotton woven fabric.

The Buying Considerations of Best Decompression Belt For Back Pain Relief

Don’t just go to the market with the excitement of what is offered to you on the internet.

Never jump at every attractive decompression belt product that you come across.

But more importantly, try to find out what factors you need to put at the back of your mind before offering your hard-earned cash in exchange for a widely promoted back support belt.

You’ve got to be careful and watchful of your choice.

These buying considerations will not only a guide but will also help mitigate the risk of wasting a lot of resources. Take a look at some of them.

01. Weight

Weight is one essential to be considered when buying your back-decompression belt.

The lighter the belt, the easier it is for you to carry it around. However, when your Back-Decompression belt is heavy and bulky, it constitutes pressure.

So, you have to either put it off each time you have to change position, or you’ll have to remain stationed in one place until you want to remove it.

As a buyer or seller, consider the weight because users want to go around with the decompression belts.   

02. Flexibility of Usage

Flexibility is also essential when you’re purchasing a decompression belt.

This is so because an ideal back support belt should be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

In other words, whether you’re sleeping, engaging in one energy-sapping activity, or the other, a decompression belt should be adaptable and flexible to be extended or compressed.

Never go for ones that are only applicable for indoor or only outdoor purposes.     

03. Ease of Use

Never underestimate the place of ease of using your belt when buying it.

Ordinarily, a back-support strap should not require any technical know-how before it is applied.

But experience has shown that some of the belts out there require that you understand specific techniques before you can operate them.

04. Pricing

One thing that will perhaps drive your interest in this selection is the reasonableness and affordability of the prices attached to each of the products.

You may find products out there cheaper, but be sure they are not either counterfeit or expired.

As a seller, customers will flock your market once they know you’re offering quality products at competitive prices.

Each of the top best products mentioned here comes with prices that are not scary and match the quality they represent.

05. Power Range of Therapy

Decompression belts are basically meant to give relief from pain and serve as therapy to users.

This relief varies, and there are a couple of them.

So, before going to buy any of the belts, try to find out what number of disorders it can address.

Primarily, anyone suffering from bulging or herniated spinal discs or muscle compression should get relief once a decompression belt is used.

There are other conditions the products also can lay to rest.

They include but not limited to respiratory or heart problems, scoliosis, back pain, etc.

As a seller, consider the variety before putting down money.

06. Size range

Again, it is essential to consider the availability of different sizes of whatever decompression belts you’re buying.

Decompression belts should come in multiple sizes such that any category of persons, fat, slim, ones who’ve either gained or lost some pounds, should be able to have theirs in the market.

The Regular FAQ’s Best Decompression Belt For Back Pain Relief

01. Is it Challenging To Use The Belt?

BDB is also unique for its easy-to-use and straightforward structure.

All you need is just to attach the pump and inflate the belt.

It has an auto mechanism, which makes it expands vertically as it increases with air.

02. What Specific Health Benefits Do I Get Using The Belt?

With its incredibly gentle traction, DBD helps users decompress their spinal discs, stretching tight muscles.

Again, the belt also stretches gently, thus allowing itself to tension the lower back.

03. Can I Wear Decompression Belt To Sleep Or For Any Activities?

Because it is air-filled, DBB is smooth, light, and not bulky for users to carry around.

That is, you can wear the belt for as long as you can, and it can be worn while sleeping, working.

You can even wear BDB underneath your everyday clothes.

04. Does The Decompression Belt Fit A Range of Sizes?

One thing you will find with many of the belts around is that they don’t come in different sizes.

But BDB comes in a wide range of sizes, which makes it a perfect fit for everyone.

That is why it is excellent for all ages.

Basically, the belt comes in two different sizes, A and B, and based on your waist or pant size, you can always find your size.

Take a look at the chart below:

Women Only (Pant Size) Men and Women (Waist/Jean Size) Belt Size
0.16 25-41 Size A
17-21+ 42-55 Size B

05. I Have Scoliosis, Will This Help Me?

The versatility of BDB has been tested in many areas, and it has proven to be an excellent therapy for people living with scoliosis.

With the help of its traction, the belt helps scoliosis patients to be able to stand taller, straighter, and in a more upright manner.

You can stretch out your tight muscles and relieve pressure on pained nerves.

06. Does Insurance Cover The Belt?

This can only be answered ‘Yes’ only if your insurance company offers a policy that covers for lumbar support belts.

But the description for the belt will always carry a “lumbar support belt.”

So, you’ll need to find out the scope of your insurance contract.

07. Is it Suitable For A Person With Heart of Respiratory Problem?

It is better to consult your physician before you use the belt if you have a heart or respiratory problem.

You can first ask your physician, or you buy and show him.

In any case, your physician has the final word on that.

08. I Have An Abnormal Spinal Disc- is The Belt Ok For Me?

Whether you have degenerative, herniated, or bulging discs, you can get relief using a decompression belt.

It will help relieve the pressure and weight of the upper body off the lower back, paving the way for the discs to receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

09. What if I Lose Or Add Weight- Has My Decompression Belt Become Useless?

No. If you gain weight, regardless of the pounds, Decompression Belt has an extension that can add up to 8 inches.

If you lose weight, you have to buy a new smaller size decompression belt.

10. I Have Worn My Decompression Belt For A While, And it is Getting Dirty. Can I Wash it?

Washing your decompression belt doesn’t take anything away from it.

In fact, you can use your washing machine for that purpose. But caution must be made here.

Ensure you place your Belt in the mesh bag provided before a gentle washing is done to prevent water from entering the belt.

Ensure you use a mild detergent with warm water.

After washing is completed, the Decompression belt should be air-dried but not with direct sunlight.

You can either wash by direct immersion into water or covering before washing.

11. I Lost My Belt’s Air Valve. Can I Replace it?

Yes. You can always get a replacement air valve. And it is usually given free by some suppliers.

But it depends on the return policy of your supplier. If you can’t fix it, give it to your supplier to do that for you.

Rounding off, we’ll actively draw the attention of the reader to the fact that medical professionals always recommend decompression belts.

Whether you’re a user or seller, don’t just bulge into the market and start making a purchase of a decompression belt either because you’ve read this post or because that you feel some pain in the spinal or back area of your body. You’ll be missing the mark.

No doubt, for athletes and general users, this post has armed you with sufficient information that will guide you in making an informed decision on decompression belts, the best products out there, and how to go about buying the top-quality products.

But here is the caveat: Always ensure you consult your physician before you even think of buying.

Having received a nod, try to get specific details from your physician to know which one suits your condition.


On the flip side, professional sellers of these Decompression belts have only one thing they need to put at the back of their mind: buyers’ preference.

Don’t just go and spend your cash on products that buyers will eventually turn down.

Each of the best decompression belts mentioned here has been carefully selected, and the information provided for each is sufficient to equip you with direction to go when next you want to go to the market to buy them.

Hence, be guided accordingly.

If you go for any of the products treated here, you’re on the right path, and be sure you’ll make your profit.

Finally, follow the buying considerations and go through all the frequently asked questions that have been duly, precisely, and accurately dealt with.

So, pick the best, and you’ll understand it pays to stock the market with the right and top products that will entice customers’ taste and improve your profit.

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