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Top 10 Best Bubble Gun For Kids & Toddlers – Nontoxic-Colorful-Durable 2022

Looking for the best bubble gun for your kids?

We have complied with the top 10 best bubble guns for great enjoyment of your kids.

Non-toxic, colorful, nice shape & size, completely safe to play.

Small, transparent bubbles are a treat to the sight.

Every individual is fascinated by bubbles and they never fail to bring a smile to the faces of many.

Kids are in love with bubbles, they enjoy bursting them and running around them.

If you are excited to see your children giggling, running, jumping, and having the best time of their life then you definitely need bubble guns for them.

A Table of Top Best Bubble Gun For Kids & Toddlers [Updated 2022]

Bubble Machine Blower Gun
Liberty Imports

What is The Best Bubble Gun on The Market?

Lots of brands are manufacturing bubble gun for kids these days, among them, Toysery Dragon shape  & Haktoys bubble blower is the top-rated preferable to children.

They come with a value design with vivid color and easy assemble.

Can You Make A Bubble Solution At Home?

Yes, there are many recipes available with which you can make a bubble solution at home.

It may be or may not be as good as the bubble solution that comes with a bubble gun itself.

However, people do make their own bubble solution for bubble guns.

10 Best Bubble Gun For Kids & Toddlers Reviews

01. Toysery Dinosaur Bubble Shooter- Bet kids Bubble Machine



This is one of the cutest bubble guns and your kids will definitely fall in love with it because of its features.

This dinosaur shaped bubble gun is available in yellow and green color.

The colors are bright and it seems very attractive to the eyes.

This product is extremely easy to assemble, you can just take off the cap of the refill, attach it to the blaster and you will be good to go.

The unique feature of this bubble gun is that it consists of LED lights that illuminate the bubbles that come out of the blaster.

Also, the outer body of the gun is transparent so the kids are able to see the bubbles coming out of the blaster.

Highlighted Features
  • The bubble gun has an assembly and it can be refilled with bubble containers
  • Uses 3AA batteries which come with it
  • This bubble gun is specifically created for kids above the age of 3 years
  • It comes with an automatic system with flashing lights
  • Safe to use for children

Once the first container of the bubbles is finished, you can easily change the refill by removing the cap and attaching it to the blaster.

This bubble gun comes with two containers of bubbles that your kids can enjoy.

Your kids will love the illuminated bubbles and they will have a great time with it.

02. Haktoys Cartoon Fish Bubble



If you are children are fond of fish and then they will definitely enjoy this bubble gun.

It’s a cartoon whale-shaped bubble gun where the bubbles come out of the fish mouth.

The best thing about this bubble gun is that it is completely safe for children and blasts non-toxic bubbles which your kids will love.

It comes with containers of bubble solution which can be easily attached to the blaster.

Highlighted Features
  • A very attractive cartoon whale shape
  • Ensures the active play of the children
  • Comes with 2 bubble solution containers and 3 x1.5V AA batteries
  • The bubble solution is made with non-toxic materials
  • Comes with colorful LED lights which illuminate the bubbles into different colors

This bubble gun has a very nice grip which allows the children to hold it firmly.

Your kids can enjoy this bubble gun inside the house and even outside the house.

It also contains colorful LED lights that illuminate the bubble into different colors while making them very beautiful.

It is a great product for parties or for outdoor activities.

Not only does it provide entertainment to the children but it also ensures active play.

It is a product specially designed for children which they will love to play with.

03. Haktoys Transparent Bubble Gun Shooter – Best Bubble Blower



This bubble gun is transparent and the internal parts of the gun are visible to the children.

It has great features that make it an amazing toy for kids.

This product is completely safe to use for children, it produces non-toxic bubbles which do not cause any harm to the children.

The unique thing about this bubble gun is that it has sound-free functioning.

Some of the bubble guns make a lot of sounds however, this bubble gun is completely sound-free.

Girls and boys both will love this product.

It has LED flashlights which allow the bubbles to be illuminated into different colors.

Highlighted Features
  • Consists of colorful LED lights
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors both
  • This bubble gun has a sound-free operation
  • Comes with an easy to grip handle
  • It consists of 2 bubble solutions and 3 x1.5V AA batteries
  • Non-toxic bubble solution

The children can play with this bubble gun in the daylight and they can play with it even in the dark because of the flashlights.

It is easy to assemble the product, you can just take off the lid of the bubble solution and attach it to the blaster.

The gun will make many bubbles which will be illuminated with the LED lights.

If you wanted a unique and fun toy for your child then you should definitely check this product out.

Your kid will love you even more after receiving this as a present.

04. Prextex Pack of 5 Bubble Shooter Gun



If your kid is a really big fan of bubble guns then you definitely need this pack of bubble guns.

It will keep him busy for a long time. also, if you plan on throwing a party for your kid, then you can opt for this pack of bubble guns and you can distribute them to the kids as a goodie.

They will enjoy it a lot and it will save you a lot of time and effort.

The best thing about this pack of bubble guns is that it doesn’t require batteries.

All you need to do is to attach the bubble solution with the blaster of the gun and you will be ready to enjoy hundreds of bubbles.

Highlighted Features
  • Five bubble guns along with five bubble solutions are included in the pack
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautifully packed in a box
  • Batteries are not required
  • LED lights have the ability to illuminate the bubbles
  • This pack of bubble guns is perfect for children over 3 years of age

Each bubble gun in the pack comes with a container of bubble solution.

These bubble guns are safe to use and they are a lot of fun for the kids.

You can buy them for your kids, you can give them away on parties and they will be an amazing and unique addition to your pool parties.

Let’s get bubbling!

05. Duck Bubble Shooter Gun – Best Bubble Machine For Toddlers



This is one of the most adorable looking bubble guns.

It is a cute duckling shaped bubble gun which blasts many bubbles.

The bubbles come out of the beak of the duck which seems very cute.

This is a perfect toy for bath time of children as well.

If your child gives you a hard time while showering or bathing then you can use this toy to get him to the bath.

One of its unique features that makes it even more attractive to the kids is the music that it plays.

Highlighted Features
  • Produces music and sounds
  • Duckling shaped bubble gun with a bright yellow color
  • Comes with 2 containers of bubble solution and 3 x1.5V AA batteries
  • It requires batteries for operation
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors as well
  • Ensures the health and safety of the children

It requires minimal effort, all you need to do is to hook the bubble solution to the base of the gun and with the push of the button, it will make hundreds of bubbles which will be very fascinating for the kids.

This bubble gun requires batteries for proper operation.

If you are in search of a bubble gun that has music and sounds as well then you need to grab this product.

06. ArtCreativity Bubble Blasters



These multicolored bubble guns are adored by children because of their beautiful shapes and amazing functioning.

One of them is a transparent bubble gun and the other one is a dinosaur-shaped bubble gun.

Boys and girls both will enjoy these bubble guns because of their attractive shapes and colors.

The bubble guns consist of LED lights that light up the bubbles and the kids remain busy with them for a long period of time.

You will be able to catch up on your tasks when the kids are busy playing with their bubble guns.

Highlighted Features
  • One bubble gun is transparent while the other one has a dinosaur shape
  • They are easy to refill as the pack comes with two extra bubble solutions
  • Provides the kids with health benefits along with entertainment
  • LED lights to light up the bubbles
  • Comes with 3 AA batteries
  • Safe for children

These bubble guns don’t require any extra effort or fancy techniques for operation.

You just need to pull the trigger and the automatic system will make hundreds of bubbles.

This is not just entertainment for the kids, it provides various health benefits to the kids as well.

It keeps the kids active, provides them with healthy exercise, and also ensures hand and eye coordination.

These bubble guns have a nice and comfortable grip which allows them to hold the gun comfortably.

07. 3 Bubble Guns Kit



This pack of bubble guns consists of three amazing flashing light bubble guns.

One of them is blue, another one is green and the last one is transparent.

They can be enjoyed by both girls and boys.

They are beautifully packed in a box and they produce amazing streams of bubbles.

These bubble guns are a perfect summer toy as they will keep the kids occupied in the backyard for quite some time.

These bubble guns are manufactured with great quality materials so that is why they are very durable.

Also, this pack of guns was designed while focusing on the health and safety of the children.

Highlighted Features
  • Pack of 3 bubble guns consists of one blue, one green and one transparent bubble gun
  • These guns have easy to grip handles
  • Easy to attach and assemble
  • Completely safe to use
  • Non-toxic bubble solution
  • Comes with 6 containers of bubble solution

The bubble solution is completely safe to use and it doesn’t harm the children.

It has passed a variety of tests. The bubble solution is non-toxic.

You can use this pack of bubble guns as a party favor and you can also give them as birthday presents or Christmas presents.

The kids will definitely love these bubble guns as they are very easy to use and they come with refills.

08. Bubble Machine Blower Guns



This set of bubble guns consists of two extremely cute looking bubble guns.

One bubble gun is fire truck shaped however, the other one is a police car-shaped.

It is likely that boys will enjoy these bubble guns more than girls.

The fire truck bubble gun is bright red in color while the police car shaped bubble gun is in blue color.

The cutest thing about these guns is that they have multicolored LED lights and along with that they produce fun sounds and music.

The kids will definitely be fascinated by the bubbles but they will also love the sounds and the shape of the bubble guns.

Highlighted Features
  • The pack consists of two guns, one is a fire truck shaped while the other is police car shaped
  • They are easy to use and assemble
  • They require batteries for operation
  • The bubble guns come with 2 bubble solution containers and batteries
  • Provide health benefits to the kids
  • Consists of LED lights which are multicolored and provide illuminated bubbles
  • Produce various sounds and music

These bubble guns also have a wide range of health benefits for the kids.

They promote healthy exercise and allow the kids to jump and run around.

They can use these guns indoors and outdoors.

It comes bubble solution which is completely safe to use for the kids.

You can make the kids happy by giving them these bubble guns as a present on their birthday.

They are great because they are durable yet very cute.

09. Liberty Imports Blue Dolphin



This is another very attractive bubble gun.

It is a dolphin-shaped, light blue bubble gun that comes with pink bubble solution containers.

It has flashing lights that allow the multicolored bubbles to come out of the dolphin mouth.

The stream of bubbles makes the kids enjoy it even more.

It is very easy to assemble, you can easily attach the bubble container to the base of the dolphin-shaped bubble gun.

Highlighted Features
  • This bubble gun comes with two containers of bubble solution
  • It doesn’t have any sounds or music
  • The flashing LED lights to keep the bubbles illuminated
  • Ensures the active play of the children
  • It is a durable product
  • Provides endless fun for a long period of time

This bubble gun is very adorable and it is very to operate.

You just need to pull the trigger so the bubbles come out of the dolphin mouth.

It also has the ability to provide health benefits to children.

It keeps the children busy and also keeps them active.

This can be a great toy for your backyard, shower time, and even parties.

It is highly recommended for the kids because of its cute shape and amazing functioning.

10. GlowCity’s Set of Two Light up Bubble Guns



This is a pack of two transparent bubble guns that the girls and boys both can enjoy.

They don’t require batteries for operation.

As compared to other bubble guns, they are slightly less attractive when it comes to their shape and body.

However, their functioning is almost the same as the other bubble guns.

They have LED flashing lights that light up the bubbles and they seem even more beautiful.

Highlighted Features
  • Smaller in size
  • Safe to use for children
  • Don’t require batteries for operation
  • Come with LED lights which light up the bubbles
  • Transparent outer body

These guns are packaged separately and they come with bubble solution.

You can easily assemble them and they will start producing bubbles as soon as the trigger is pulled because of the automatic system.

They might be slightly less durable as compared to other bubble guns.

They will last for a long time if they don’t fall that much.

Also, they have a smaller size as compared to other various bubble guns.

But if you are looking for less pricey bubble guns which you can distribute to the kids at a party or any event then these will be the perfect option.

After our research, we picked out the best bubble guns and created this list for your ease.

It will save you effort and you will not have to spend time looking for a bubble gun.

We are sure that you will be able to find the best one out of all these according to your personal preference.

Before you randomly pick one bubble gun, wait a minute, and have a look at the buying considerations, you will be able to make a rational decision after going through them.

Buying Considerations of Best Bubble Gun For Kids & Toddlers

01. Size

Different bubble guns have different sizes. Some are bigger while others are small.

You need to make sure that your kid is able to handle the bubble gun comfortably.

If the size is bigger and the weight is greater than your child might not be able to play with it easily and comfortably.

The gun should be able to fit into the hands of the children easily.

Also, the handle should have an easy to hold grip so that the kid can hold it with comfort.

02. Shape

Secondly, the shape of the bubble gun is very important. If the shape is not attractive and is simple then the children will not be much attracted to it.

However, if they are shaped into different attractive objects then the kids will love it. Colorful things are attractive, make sure that your kid enjoys the shape of the bubble gun.

03. Color

Colors are a treat to the eyes, children enjoy bright colors and they are attracted to them.

If the bubble gun has a boring color then it is likely that the children will not enjoy it that much.

It is necessary that you get a bright-colored bubble gun so that the children enjoy it.

There are some bubble guns whose outer body is transparent but the internal parts are very colorful.

The colorful parts make the transparent bubble gun very attractive for the children.

04. LED lights

Most of the bubble guns come with LED lights, the LED lights provide more attraction to the children they have the ability to illuminate the bubbles.

Kids get fascinated with the multicolored bubbles and they spend hours running after them.

The flashing LED lights make the ordinary bubble guns even fancier and attractive for the children.

The children can play with the bubble gun in the backyard during the day and also in the dark because of the LED lights.

05. Safety

Since the children will be running around the bubbles and they will be popping the bubbles it is necessary that the bubble solution is safe.

Some of the kids are even exposed to the bubble solution.

If the bubble solution is toxic, it will certainly harm the children.

It is essential that you get the bubble solution that non-toxic.

The bubble solutions undergo various tests to ensure the safety of the children.

Make sure that you get a bubble gun that has a tested and non-toxic bubble solution.

06. Bubble Solution And Refills

The bubble solution is the most important component of the bubble gun.

If there is no bubble solution, the bubble gun is useless.

Some of the bubble guns come with more than one refill which you can easily attach with the blaster by removing the cap.

However, there are bubble guns that come with only one refill so you will need more refills as soon as they are finished.

It is also important that the bubble solution is non-toxic and safe for the children.

Toxic bubble solutions might have harmful chemicals that can cause harm to children.

07. Durability

Since the bubble guns are made for kids, they need to be manufactured with high-quality materials, or else they will become useless very soon.

It is likely that the kids will not handle the toys with care so they can drop the gun often and they can even break it.

In order to have increased durability of the bubble gun, it is necessary that they have a greater build quality, as the durability depends upon the build quality.

If they are made with high-quality materials then they will certainly last for a long time.

Your kids will enjoy the bubble guns for a long time with greater durability.

08. Health benefits

It seems as if the bubble guns are designed just to provide entertainment to the kids.

Bubble guns can provide other benefits to the kids as well while giving them an opportunity to have fun.

The bubble guns allow the kids to stay active as they run and jump in order to pop the bubbles.

Instead of sitting on the couch, or staying in bed, the kids play in the backyard and due to that, they get healthy exercise.

It is very necessary that the kids stay active.

Being active will keep their metabolism properly functional.

Also, the bubble guns make sure that the kids are able to have a better grip on things and they also allow them to have a better hand and eye coordination.

It is important to keep the health benefits of the bubble guns in mind and you can even give them to other kids as presents as well.

Their parents will thank you as the bubble gun will keep children active and healthy.

09. Age limit

There is a wide range of toys available in the market. There are toys for kids of every age.

However, it is very necessary to find out whether the toy is age-appropriate for your child or not.

Babies have a habit of putting things into their mouth and they can even choke.

However, bubble guns are designed for children who are 3 years old or older.

Make sure that you get bubble guns for the kids who are at least 3 years old because then they will not know how to use it and they can cause harm to themselves.

To prevent your children from an accident, keep this thing in mind.

10. Batteries

Some bubble guns require batteries for operation while others work without batteries.

Some bubble guns require batteries.

However, their operation is very noisy which can annoy the children or even scare them at times.

On the other hand, there are some bubble guns that do require batteries but they are sound-free.

Try to get the bubble gun that requires batteries but is sound free because they function amazingly.

They are able to make streams of thousands of bubbles.

The bubble guns which operate without batteries may also work well but the ones with batteries are even better.

It depends upon your personal preference that you choose whichever bubble gun.

It doesn’t really make a difference because both of them perform the same.

But the noise factor is important, make sure that the bubble gun you are getting is noise-free.


11. Price

With the advancing of technology, globalization, and competition, there are so many manufacturers and types of the same thing.

Since there is a lot of variety, the price of the different products varies as well.

Similarly, the price of the same product but with a different model varies as well.

There are expensive bubble guns available and then there are affordable ones as well.

It depends upon the person’s pocket that how much is he willing to spend on a bubble gun.

If you are going to buy just one then you can look for greater quality and slightly higher price.

If you are buying bubble guns as a party favor, or as a goody to distribute then you can get them in packs at a lower price.

You will save money and it will be an impressive idea as well. Also, the kids will enjoy them a lot.

12. Packaging

Another thing that is usually not considered is the packaging of the product.

It is very important that a product has good packaging because it will keep the product safe and it will also make sure that it doesn’t get damaged because of different factors.

Also, if you are giving someone a present, good packaging is essential.

Bad packaging will give a very bad impression on the receiver.

Bubble guns that come in packs are usually packed in a box together but some of them are also packed separately.

Above all, it is very important that the product remains safe.

13. Easy assembly

Lastly, the easy assembly of the bubble gun is essential.

If it is not easy then you will have to spend a lot of time putting the parts together.

Most of the bubble guns require the bubble solution to be attached to the blaster and once you pull the trigger you will see many bubbles.

In order to answer all the questions that may arise in your head, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions.

The Basic FAQ’s of Best Bubble Gun For Kids & Toddlers

01. Are Bubble Guns Safe For Children?

Yes, bubble guns are completely safe for children.

You need to make sure that the toy you are getting for your child is according to his age.

Bubble guns are usually designed for kids older than 3 years of age.

Once you assemble the gun on your own, your child will not have any issues playing around with the bubble gun.

They will have an amazing time running around the bubbles, jumping and catching, and them.

On the contrary, don’t leave the bubble solution without a lid near your kids if they are very young.

02. How Do You Assemble Bubble Guns?

Most of the bubble guns are quite easy to assemble as they automatic systems inside them.

You will not have to put the internal parts together.

All you need to do is to remove the lid of the bubble solution and attach it to the blaster.

Once it is secured properly, you can pull the trigger and hundreds and thousands of bubbles will be formed.

It doesn’t require any fancy assembly techniques.

03. Can Bubble Guns Be Refilled?

Yes, after some time the bubble solution will be finished and you will have to refill it in order to make more and more bubbles.

Most of the bubble guns come with extra containers of bubble solution.

When you run out of the first one, you can easily replace it with the other one.

You just need to screw it to the base of the bubble again, where the blaster is.

Once the container is attached to the blaster, you will be ready to make more and more bubbles.

04. Are Bubbles Guns For Outdoor Use Only?

No, bubble guns can be used indoors or outdoors as well.

It is not necessary that they must be used outdoors only.

However, you need to have some extra space if you are allowing your kid to use it indoors.

The kids will want space where they can jump around and run to pop the bubbles.

If there is a lack of space inside, the children can always play with the gun outside the home.

Also, most of the bubble guns have LED lights.

These LED lights illuminate the bubbles and attract the children.

The LED lights allow the children to use the bubble guns even in some dark.

If it is slightly darker in the inside, they will enjoy the flashing lights a lot.

05. Are Bubbles Dangerous If Swallowed?

No, the bubbles cannot be swallowed so they are not dangerous for the children.

However, if the bubble solution is kept without a lid and that is swallowed by the children, it will definitely be very dangerous.

If the bubble solution is toxic then it is basically poisonous for the children.

You need to be very careful in this regard, make sure that you keep the lid of the bubble solution on at all times and also, make sure that you assemble the bubble solution for the kids yourself in order to prevent them from an accident.

Another precaution is getting a non-toxic bubble solution which is not harmful.

06. Can The Bubble Solution Expire?

Yes, the bubble solution is made up of various chemicals.

These chemicals have the capacity to expire.

However, they do not expire in a short period of time, they take more than a year or so to expire.

So, make sure that you know that expiry date of the bubble solution.

If the bubble solution is quite old then you must discard it instead of taking risks.

Bubble solution, on the other hand, lasts a long period of time but if it is really old then it must be discarded.

Usually, if a solution smells funky, then it means that it is expired so you can also check that.

07. Are All Bubble Solutions Non-Toxic?

No, it is not necessary that all bubble solutions are non-toxic some of them can have toxic chemicals as well.

It is very necessary that you check the ingredients of the bubble solution.

Most of the companies mention whether the bubble solution is non-toxic or not.

Make sure that you look for a non-toxic bubble solution as they are completely safe for children.

08. Are Bubble Guns Durable?

Some of them are durable while others are not.

The durability of the bubble guns depends upon the build quality of the gun.

If the bubble gun is manufactured with high-quality materials then it will last for a long time.

On the contrary, if the bubble gun is made with cheap materials then it will not last for a long time.

It will break or the internal parts will not function properly.

It is very important to find products that are made with high-quality materials in order to have increased durability.

09. Can you use dish soap in place of bubble solution?

No, in most cases dish soap doesn’t work as a bubble solution.

The bubble solution is made up of different chemicals and ingredients so the dish soap cannot compete it.

The solution is the most important component of the bubble gun.

If the solution is not good then the gun is useless because it will not make bubbles properly.

In order to have hundreds and thousands of bubbles, make sure that you get the refills of the bubble guns.

You will enjoy them with your kids and the gun itself will last you for a long time.

Bubble Guns For Kids & Toddlers- A Nice Toy To Play

If you throw a lot of parties for your kids and friends like birthday parties or pool parties, then bubble guns are a great idea.

Even if you throw a theme party, adults can have fun with the bubble guns along with the children as well.

You can even distribute them as party favors or as goodies on different parties.

The kids will love them and you will save money as well.

They will keep the kids busy for a long period of time.

You will also get an opportunity to complete your remaining tasks while the kids enjoy bubble guns.

Also, they provide various health benefits to the kids as well.

Your kids will stay active, healthy and fit.

Bubble guns are a perfect way to get them out of their beds and to play outside in the sun.


Nowadays, children have a lot of screen time, this fun activity will reduce their screen time while allowing them to go out and play.

They will also be fond of playing with their bubble guns with their friends.

You will love the kids in your backyard playing around with cute bubble guns.

So, we say that bubble guns are not only a source of fun and entertainment but they also provide a variety of benefits to the children.

For your ease, we have created a list of the best bubble guns so that you can buy them.

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