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10 Best 3rd Party PS3 Controller of 2022 – Low Budget, Fast Control, Reliable For Replacement

There is nothing as frustrating as having a bad Game controller.

To save yourself from unnecessary troubles, it is important you go for one of the best 3rd party ps3 controller available on the market.

Over the years, the major challenge which PS3 gamers are faced with comes from the controllers – how fast and easy they get irresponsive or get spoilt.

In the past, there were a series of arguments raised to identify why PS3 controllers find their way to the waste bin in a short time after purchase.

Some of the possible causes listed by frustrated gamers are the purchase of the wrong controller and the poor handling of a controller.

But still, even with proper handling and purchase of some known brands of a PS3 controller, the problems keep reoccurring.

Having identified the challenges and frustrations faced by PS3 gamers and how unlucky they can be when it comes to getting a perfect controller that can withstand factors such as long playing hours and inadequate handling.

We have been able to come up with 10 high-quality controllers which are made from superior materials and that can absorb anything thrown at them better than other controllers on the market.

The Comparison Table of Best 3rd Party PS3 Controller (2022 Updated)

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What is The Best 3rd Party PS3 Controller on The Market?

A lot of ps3 controllers are available on the market. If you choose a brand like Sony, it will cost you.

So people search for 3rd party ps3 controller. Kids look for an affordable, functional, fast controller.

We found Bek controllers are the best third party controller due to lower budget, higher controlling power, so that sale of this controller is more than other controllers on the market.

Alongside Bek ps3, you can check on IHK ps3 controllers, a lot of variations available with a reasonable budget so these are also popular 3rd party controllers.

What Are The Main Difference Between 3rd Party Controller and Regular Controller?

The main difference is the regular controller such as Sony built with higher quality material, expensive than 3rd party controller. Regular brand controller response time is fast than a third party, it lasts longer than the 3rd party.

For budget people buy 3rd party having almost the same features over a regular ps3 controller.

You get going with your gaming activities with your controller closer to you, thanks to the wireless-enabled option.

All you have to do is charge the batteries to get your gaming experience going with no interruption.

With the designs on this list, the charging of your controller has been made easier. They come with rechargeable batteries and a charger.

To charge your controller, all you have to do is to get a USB cable connected to the controller and plug the cable to the USB port on your PS3 system.

Top 10 Best 3rd Party PS3 Controller Review & Buying Guide

01. Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller By BEK – Overall Best Third Party PS3 Controller



Also, making it to our list of best PS3 controllers is the Dualshock 4 by Bek. It is a design that comes with two joysticks (Analogue).

It comes with a wireless function, which eradicates one of the major challenges that are common with the wired controllers when it comes to how far you can stretch or reach while playing your game.

Also, this design is light in weight and very easy to handle.

It runs on batteries which are easily rechargeable.

With the provision of rechargeable batteries, this saves you a reasonable sum of money that would normally have been invested in batteries replacement.

Highlighted Features
  • Very attractive
  • Easy and fast charging
  • Connects easily to the PS3 system
  • It is Wireless
  • It makes use of batteries
  • Easy to charge

To recharge your batteries, all you have to do is to connect the controller to the PS3 system through the USB cable.

Great enough, you do not have to pause your gaming activities while charging the controller as you can play your games and charge the controller simultaneously by just having the cable connected to the right sources (Cable attached to the controller.

Then plugged to the USB port on the PS3 system). If you are thinking of replacing your old controller with a new one, this is a perfect pick for you.

02. A Wireless PS3 Controller By IHK – Best Budget 3rd Party PS3 Controller



This PS3 controller stands out in numerous ways. One notable point is the availability of a dual controller in a package.

This controller comes in two colors, prominently blue and red or blue and black.

With this, you can make use of two controllers interchangeably, or play your favorite games with friends and family members as an opponent by experiencing the awesome feeling this controller brings, together.

Also, the availability of two controllers ensures the life span of your major gaming equipment gets elongated.

The presence of an extra controller should not be seen as spare, but as means of saving cost on possible future investment on a new controller, a means of creating an equal gaming experience between two gamers, and also a means of elongating the life span of your controllers.

Highlighted Features
  • Dual wireless controller
  • It can be used for all PS3 games
  • Relates/picks every move made by gamers- Highly sensitive
  • 3 different colors (Black, blue and red)
  • Well improved joysticks
  • Easy to charge and connect
  • Rechargeable batteries

The controllers are wireless and can be charged using the single USB cable that comes with the pack by carefully connecting it to the PS3 system.

This controller is a perfect fit for all PS3 games and the accuracy is remarkable.

With every move you make, this controller feels it, thanks to its motion control system which is highly sensitive.

It also comes with advanced joysticks, and the positioning is always at 360˚.

This PS3 controller is connected to the PS3 system via Bluetooth. Bluetooth connection is regarded to be very effective and also highly responsive which brings about a great performance.

03. Dualshock 3 Wireless By OUBANG – Best PS3 Controller For Replacement



This controller comes in 2 beautiful designs. These designs are attractive and eye-catching that you have no other choice than to fall in love with them at first sight.

They are suitable for both young, old, regular, and experienced gamers- they are creatively designed.

These beautiful PS3 controllers go beyond the designs. They are also known for their great performance.

It comes with advanced joysticks (3D) and excellent connection response.

Connection to the PS3 system is through wireless, which gives gamers the freedom to switch positions without a break in connection, whereby enhancing their gaming experience.

Highlighted Features
  • Two controllers with attractive designs
  • A pair of charging cables
  • Anti-sweaty designs
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous playing time
  • A fast-charging rate of between 1 to 2 hours
  • Wireless connection
  • Rechargeable batteries

Also, worth noting is the battery life which extends to more than 10 hours of uninterrupted gaming time.

All you have to do is to charge your controller just as being advised by the manufacturer.

These controllers come with caps (4) – Rainbow in appearance which safeguards the joysticks and also prevents unnecessary slippery that could occur as a result of sweaty hands due to extensive gaming time.

To aid an interrupted charging and to save time, this pack of controllers comes with two charging cables- one to each controller.

To charge your controllers, all you have to do is connect it to the PS3 system.

Lastly, if you are thinking of a perfect gift to give to a gamer friend or a family member, there is nothing as perfect as this.

04. Pro Ex Wired Controller By Power A



This amazing controller stands out when it comes to the arrangement of control buttons.

The control buttons are creatively arranged in a manner that is amazingly different from other controllers you see on the market.

The analog controls come in a reversed form (placed in the upper and lower position of the controller as left and right analogs respectively) which promotes efficiency and comfort for gamers (Say goodbye to the cramping that could result from extensive playing time).

Also, this PS3 controller is designed to accommodate all the necessary features gamers need to have a great gaming experience.

It comes with a technology that detects your motion or movement which makes it a perfect choice for SIXAXIS enhanced games.

Highlighted Features
  • Wireless connection
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Amazing buttons rearrangement/ repositioning
  • Controlled backlit buttons
  • Dual-action- Charging and playing simultaneously
  • A very long cable- up to 3 meters
  • Ease of handling
  • Fits for all hands

Also, worth putting on this page is the flexibility of gaming time. With this creatively designed controller.

You can switch off the light in your gaming room at night and still experience the same satisfaction as any other time of the day- it comes with backlight control buttons.

The backlit can be activated and deactivated whenever the need arises.

It is a wired controller and it has a very long cable of up to 3 meters.

The cable makes it possible to enjoy your game, thereby making it possible to choose a suitable position and stretch your body within the reach of the cable.

To connect or make use of your controller, all you have to do is plug it to the USB spot available on the PS3 system.

It is easy to hold and also fits into all hands.

The grips are anti-sweaty, which eradicate any form of slippery. Thanks to its well-designed rubber grips.

05. A Wireless PS3 Controller By H3 GRUP



This PS3 controller is known for its eye-catching designs.

A box or package of this brand comes with two controllers.

The controllers are wireless and can be connected to the PS3 system via Bluetooth.

This makes connection easy and fast.

Its carefully created functions; such as an improved joysticks function, improved accuracy, and its positioning which is at 360˚makes it a great pick for all types of PS3 games.

Also, the motion control technology is top-notch, making it easier for the controller to feel every move you make.

Highlighted Features
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Dual controllers
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • A long charging cables
  • Improved features
  • Enhanced wireless connection
  • Very sensitive motion detector

It comes with rechargeable batteries that are strong enough to handle intense gaming time.

For ease of charging, the charging cable comes with a length of about 2 meters.

If you are looking for controllers with a perfect color mix yet effective, then this type of controller will be a great addition to your gaming collections.

06. PS3 Wireless Controller By KLNO



Getting a slot on our list of best PS3 controllers is this amazing design from KLNO.

KLNO is a household name with close to two decades of presence in the gaming world.

They are known for their creative and excellent service delivery.

Talking about this PS3 controller, it was designed with notable challenges gamers are faced with in mind.

And these challenges are what this controller has been able to eradicate.

It is a wireless PS3 controller that connects exceptionally fast with your PS3 system.

Also, it ensures secure and stable connections hereby promoting uninterrupted gaming time.

Highlighted Features
  • Uninterrupted signal/connection
  • Wireless connection
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Up to 10 meters long charging cable
  • Fit for all hands
  • Improved features and performance
  • Amazing/attractive design

It comes with inbuilt rechargeable batteries which are strong enough to last for up to A-day on standby.

Also, to promote energy-saving and extend the battery life, this controller goes to sleep automatically when unused for more than 15 minutes.

Charging is made easier, as you can charge it by simply getting it pugged to the USB slot available on your PS3 system.

The charging cable is up to 10 meters long which makes it possible for gamers to extend their reach/position while playing and charging simultaneously.

It comes with improved joysticks and it is also a great fit for every hand size- Made for all.

07. PS3 Wireless Controller By CHENGDAO



This controller is operated or connected to the PS3 system via wireless.

It ensures uninterrupted connection or other forms of interference while enjoying your gaming sessions.

Impressively, the level of accuracy of the buttons and controls is highly commendable, not to talk of its superb grips and improved sensitivity which translates to unforgettable experience during and after every game session.

Also, it comes with double shock and Sixaxis technology, which make every action of your favorite games appear like they are happening in real life.

With these two functions, every hit, explosion, and other associated occurrences in the game are felt as the controller vibrates in response to those actions.

Highlighted Features
  • Wireless connection
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Amazing shape and design
  • Improved sensitivity and accuracy
  • Longer battery life- up to 8 hours of uninterrupted gaming time
  • Excellent grips

Additionally, characters and objects in the game move as the controller respond to every movement made with it without pushing the necessary controls or the buttons.

It comes with rechargeable batteries that are strong enough to take you through up to 8 hours of constant play.

Amazingly, you can as well play your game and also charge the controller at the same time using the charging cable that comes with it.

The shape is also easy to hold as it sits comfortably on your palms.

This eradicates any form of discomfort that could arise from extended gaming hours.

This controller is of optimum quality, which means you can pick it up with beaming confidence.

08. PS3 Wireless Controller By BOWEI



If you are a great lover of elegance, I bet you will fall in love with this magnificent design from Bowei.

The color/design stands out amongst other controllers you see on the market.

Interestingly, its look complements its purpose.

This PS3 controller is created for convenience and ease of playing.

The shape ensures it sits comfortably in your palms.

The controls and buttons are carefully placed to eradicate any form of discomfort that may arise from long usage or handling as a result of long-playing time.

It comes with a double shock technology which enables gamers to feel every action like it’s happening in real life.

The hits, crashes, and explosions are felt like they are real, thanks to the presence of the dual electric motors that comes with it.

Highlighted Features
  • Fit for all
  • Wireless connection
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Up to 5 hours uninterrupted game time
  • Amazing/ eye-catching design
  • High responsiveness
  • Comes with a user guide

Also, the motion control system is advanced, which picks all moves made in the game.

Also, it ensures all objects in the game respond to every movement made with the controller.

It comes with powerful rechargeable batteries which ensure up to 5 hours of uninterrupted gaming experience.

Also, with the availability of up to 2 meters charging cable, you can charge this controller and at the same time proceed with your gaming activities simultaneously.

To charge, all you have to do is get it plugged to the PS3 using the USB cable.

There is a red light on the controller which blinks while charging and stops when the batteries are charged.

So, a low battery is a thing of the past.

If you are looking for a surprise with a touch of uniqueness, looks expensive but affordable for that kid or friend who loves games, then this controller perfectly serves those purposes.

09. PS3 Controller By KOLOPC



Also making an appearance on our exclusive list of Best PS3 controllers is this design from Kolopc.

This awesome design is connected to the PS3 system via wireless.

The shape ensures the controller sits comfortably in your hands, with the buttons and controls properly fitted to avoid cramps that could arise from extensive handling as a result of long-playing time.

It is user-friendly, which makes it a perfect fit for all types of gamer.

A pack of this design comes with two amazing controllers.

This makes it easier to switch between the two controllers in a case where the power of a controller cuts short- ease of switching.

Also, having these two amazing controllers make it possible to play your favorite game with friends and loved ones- as opponents.

This brings about the spread or feeling of the same gaming experience.

This PS3 controller design runs on rechargeable batteries strong enough to take you through hours of exciting gaming experience.

All you have to do is ensure the controller is fully charged and then swift into action-uninterrupted game time.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes with two controllers in a pack
  • It runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Wireless connection
  • A high rate of responsiveness/sensitivity
  • Extended gaming time
  • A real-life gaming experiences

In case you experience a drop or low battery level, the charging cable ensures you can easily plug the controller to your PS3 system, continue with your game while you charge the controller on the other side.

The charging cable is close to 1 meter long which enables you to stretch a bit while charging and playing.

Also, each action that occurs in the game, such as hits, crashes, and explosions are felt like they are a real-life occurrence- thanks to the pressure sensors that come with the controller.

Also, it comes with a motion control system that is sensitive enough to pick any movement a gamer makes while holding on to the controller.

So, by just shaking, pushing, and tilting the controller, characters and objects in the game follow such action or command.

10. DualShock 3- A Wireless Controller By SONY



This controller is a perfect pick for an amazing gaming experience.

It is black in color and also comes with rechargeable batteries.

To charge the batteries when it’s running low, all you have to do is to connect the controller to the PS3 system with the use of a USB cable. When connected, charging commences automatically.

This design brings about ease of connectivity with your PS3 system via Bluetooth.

Sony DualShock controller comes with pressure sensors, which ensures you have a real-life gaming experience.

By real-life gaming experience, we mean the hits, crashes, and explosions are felt like they are happening in real life.

This tells you about how much time, effort, and research made before this design was built.

Aside from feeling the effects of what happens in the game like it’s occurring in real life, the DualShock 3 also picks or perceives movements made naturally by the gamer.

Highlighted Features
  • Ease of charging
  • Real-life gaming experience- You will feel every action like it’s happening in real life
  • Wireless connectivity which is Bluetooth enhanced
  • Gamer’s motion or movements detection
  • Efficient grips design

For example, if the game played by a gamer is interactive, in which your body movement follows or reflect the next action or direction to move, without you using the buttons on the controller, by mere detection of your body movement, the controller responds to it.

Movements’ detection is made possible through a technology known as SIXAXIS.

This special attribute makes its response rate faster and superb.

Also, the grips are efficiently and safely designed to ensure gamers feel so comfortable while playing their choice of games no matter how many hours of game time.

The grips eradicate any form of pain or discomfort that might arise from continuous or long-time handling of the controller.

The Buying Considerations of Best 3rd Party PS3 Controller

Now that you have a list of top PS3 controllers to choose from, it is also important you know how to go around picking a controller that fits into your pattern of play.

As you know, the market is oversaturated, so there is a need to have a clear understanding of what you want in your controller.

If you seem confused about the design of the controller to go for based on past experience or it is your first time, the following points will guide you in making a great decision.


The freedom that comes with moving around in the process of playing your favorite games can’t be overestimated.

And the only time this is achievable is when you have a controller that supports this.

To get the best out of your playing time, it is important to go for a PS3 controller that connects to the PS3 system through its “Wireless” system.

A wireless connection brings about ease of movement and uninterrupted game time.

You care less about a possible ejection of cable- disconnection as it is with wired PS3 controllers.

It is important you jump, move, and celebrate as the case may be while playing your favorite game.

This is where a wireless controller stands out.

Power Option

Another important point to consider why choosing a perfect PS3 controller for you is the power option.

One of the things that could make a gamer get easily frustrated is an unexpected disconnection in gaming activity.

To avoid a situation whereby your controller turns off in the middle of your gaming activity as a result of a need for battery replacement, it is important you go for a controller with rechargeable batteries.

Not only that, make sure you go for a controller that allows the use of your controller while charging at the same time.

So, when you are on a lookout for the next PS3 controller to buy, ensure you go for the one with longer battery life and with a longer charging cable which will allow ease of movement while charging/playing your games.


Games are so pleasurable and fun that you don’t mind spending several hours playing non-stop.

Knowing this, it is important to consider your health, above all.

When looking at the type of controller to go for, ensure the shape is good enough to eradicate any form of discomfort or pains that could arise from extended playing hours.

A controller with a good shape sits comfortably in your palms, with its buttons well arranged.

Also, a controller of a good shape comes with great grips that prevent unnecessary slip off that could possibly arise from sweaty hands.

In other words, go for a controller with a fantastic shape and that can withstand your sweaty hands.

Understand Yourself

By understanding yourself, it means you should clearly state out what your gaming approach is.

Are you an individual who likes playing alone, like extensively? Or an individual who likes playing against an opponent?

If you fall between either of these categories, then a dual wireless PS3 controller could be a choice of design to go for.

These brands of controller come with 2 controllers in a pack, which performs the same function.

This time, the only difference is the color- they come in two different colors as the case may be.

As a lone gamer with extended or longer gaming time, you can easily inter-switch between both controllers when the battery is detected to be running low.

As you plug in the controller with a low battery, you can continue your gaming activity with the other one.

Easy, right? And if you are an individual who likes playing against an opponent.

You can make use of the two controllers simultaneously by ensuring you and your opponent enjoy the same level of satisfaction and gaming experience.

To avoid an uninterrupted game time, ensure you go for a brand with two charging cables which ensures that you can charge and play with both controllers simultaneously.


This attribute is greatly dependent on one’s choice.

If you are a gamer that plays more at night, then this is one of the things you should consider in your PS3 controller.

This function ensures you can easily play at night without having to switch on the lights in your gaming room.

While playing in the dark, all you have to do is turn on the backlit which reflects on all the buttons and controls.

Interestingly, this option or function is not fixed. You can switch on the function and switch it off when the need for it arises.

With this, you can forever wave goodbye to putting the lights on at night while playing your favorite games, which translate to less energy consumption and power saving.


As we all know, we all associate or relate to brands according to the value placed on them.

We believe the higher the price, the better they are.

Don’t be tricked by this while shopping for your PS3 controller.

You don’t have to break the bank before getting a controller that fits into your specifications.

There are amazing controllers just as we have listed on our list of best PS3 controllers, at reasonable prices.

To have an idea of how much that controller of your choice costs, ensure you verify the price on the website of the company that produces it.

This will ensure you have an idea of how much you are investing in a new controller and to also confirm if it meets your target.

With this, you can plan accordingly and even save more.


What makes gaming interesting and entertaining is the ability of gamers to connect with every action or moment as they unfold.

When looking out for what PS3 controller to pick from, ensure you consider how sensitive the controllers are to every action of the game.

How would it feel to hit an opponent, and also have a feel of it when you are being hit back?

Amazing, right? This brings about a real-life experience.

Apart from this, with improved sensitivity function, your controller does a bit of the control for you.

I mean without having to use the control buttons, your controller can make the necessary moves for you by detecting possible moves, shakes, or swings made with it while sitting in your hands. Impressive, right?

The Common FAQ’s of Best PS3 Controller

How Do I Know The Best Controller To Go For?

Choosing the best controller for you has been made easy.

All you have to do is to carefully read through the list of our best PS3 controllers to pick from to see the ones that fit into your specifications.

Additionally, we have also highlighted some of the necessary features to look out for when getting a new controller and why.

This article should guide you through your next purchase.

How Do I Get Started?

Now that you have gotten the controller of your choice, the next thing is to get it installed or connected to your PS3 system and get started.

Synchronizing your wireless PS3 controller to your PS3 system is simple during the first use.

All you have to do is attach the cable to the controller, and proceed to connect it to your PS3 system.

After you have the controller connected to your PS3 system, click on the home button, and gently disconnect the cable from the controller.

At the end of this process, the wireless function becomes active. That is how simple it is.

What If My Controller Fails To Connect With Synchronizing With My PS3 System?

In case your wireless PS3 controller fails to connect with your PS3 system, all you need to do is to restart your PS3 system or by trying to charge your controller.

If any of these two listed alternatives fail to work, the next possible action to go for is to reset your controller.

To reset your controller, all you have to do is to press on the reset button which is mostly located or fixed at the back of the controller.

How Do I Know When To Charge My Controller?

On most occasions, when your controller is running low on power, a notification pops up on your TV or any other device you are connected to.

A low battery doesn’t have to interrupt your gaming session.

You can charge your controller and still continue your gaming activity simultaneously.

How Do I Charge By Controller?

To charge your PS3 controller, all you have to do is attach the charging cable to your controller and connect it to the USB port on your PS3 system.

While charging or when it is fully charged, there is a red light on the controller which serves as an indicator.

The red-light indicator blinks while charging and stops when the battery is 100% charged.

How Do I Turn My Controller on Or Off?

By just clicking on the home button, your controller comes alive.

Another way you can turn on your controller is by gently plugging the cable, attached to the controller to the USB port of your PS3 system.

To turn it off, ideally, between 5 to 15 minutes of inactivity, the controller switches off automatically by itself.

And in case it fails to turn off by itself after 5 to 15 minutes of inactivity, gently plug in the cable into the USB port of the PS3 system, and carefully unplug the cable. With this, it should power off.

How Reliable Are The Batteries?

When you opt for a controller with rechargeable batteries, the battery life is amazingly impressive.

With adequate charging, once fully charged, your controller can last for up to 5-8 hours of uninterrupted, intense gaming activities.

There are some controllers that last up to 10 hours.

The longer the batteries last is a function of the batteries’ capacity.

So, once you come across a controller that fits into your specification, ensure you check the battery’s strength.


With good controllers, you can be assured of saying a bold goodbye to having your buttons and the sticks unresponsive after a short time of usage.

Say “NO” to unnecessary spending on controllers by just picking one of the listed designs that go well with you.

Basically, these designs have one or two things in common which makes them relatively similar.

These designs make it easy and fitting for gamers to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their couch.

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