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Cloud-free Britain. Picture: NEODAAS/University of Dundee

After the ghastly “Indian winter” of recent weeks, blue skies have been the norm in recent days, as the UK basks in glorious sunshine. The University of Dundee Satellite Receiving Station has captured a striking image showing the entire country almost completely cloud-
free. (In contrast, here’s the equivalent from winter.)

Cloud-free Britain. Picture: NEODAAS/University of Dundee

Cloud-free Britain. Picture: NEODAAS/University of Dundee

We’ve collected pictures from across Scotland – and even up in space – to show how the big freeze is transforming the country.

Heavy going on Oui Oui

Climbing Oui Oui

David “Heavy” Whalley of Burghead took this picture of Dan Carroll – ex-RAF Kinloss mountain rescue team leader and Everest summiteer – climbing Oui Oui, a frozen waterfall at Creag Dhubh near Newtonmore last Monday. “You have to be aware of a huge chandelier of hanging icicles which could make your day!”, says Whalley. “As it is a waterfall it was fairly wet, but an amazing situation. The views were breathtaking and the sunset was wonderful on the way home.”

All in Vane

Vane Farm snow
Chris Tyler is working at the Vane Farm bird reserve near Kinross and took this picture of just one night’s dump of snow last Tuesday.

Snow on the Voe

Lower Voe
“I took this photo whilst driving through the snow to work on Wednesday morning,” says Peter Peterson, a communications manager with Shetland Council. “Trees are few and far between in Shetland, so this scene with the snow hanging on the branches of the Lower Voe trees was almost too good to miss!”

Arthur’s Seat: The Hard Way

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
“Not Glen Coe, but Edinburgh,” says Richard Webb, a teacher from Cockenzie. “The summit of Arthur’s Seat is always exciting. On Thursday it was in full winter condition – no different to Highland hillwalking, save for the proximity of the nearest coffee shop.”

Frozen Forth

Ice on the Forth
“Ice was floating in the Forth at Stirling on Friday,” says freelance researcher and lecturer Tessa Carroll, “just as there was at the end of last year.”


Drumpellier cricket ground
Retired mathematics lecturer Ken Stewart photographed a ground mist hanging over the snow-covered Drumpellier cricket ground at Coatbridge on Saturday morning.

Nowhere fast

Edinburgh car
Going nowhere fast: an urban street scene snapped on Saturday by freelance IT consultant Oron Joffe in the Craigmount area of Edinburgh.

Bonnie Corbett

Ben Ledi
The trick on Saturday was to get away to the hills if you could. Your correspondent was on the summit of Ben Ledi at lunchtime…

Monumental journey

Wallace Monument
…but it wouldn’t be so easy to get there now – this was one of the roads out of Stirling as skies started to clear after Monday morning’s heavy snowfall.

White out

Dundee University satellite photo
This satellite image from Dundee University shows the whole of Scotland wrapped in the white stuff.

The University of Dundee Satellite Receiving Station has released a striking image of how the heavy snow of the past week has affected the UK.

A whiteout across virtually the entire country is clearly visible on the image, received at 11.45am on Thursday, 2 December, from a NASA satellite named Terra.

The image, showing the entire country covered in a blanket of snow can be viewed, and downloaded, from www.sat.dundee.ac.uk.

The UK shrouded in snow. <em>Picture: NEODAAS/University of Dundee</em>

The UK shrouded in snow. Picture: NEODAAS/University of Dundee

Dave Hewitt adds: It’s worth comparing today’s picture with this one, also taken by the Terra satellite on 7 January 2010. It’s been a chilly year…