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A midden. Picture: Chiara Marra

Useful Scots word: Midden

This week I am staying with last week’s theme of waste (see keech). The subject is midden which originally in both Scots and English...

Puirseal Test

keech reek auld blether sneck snib smout skoosh pan loaf midden keech scud scutter bodach hurl humph dour scart barrie couthie skail kail kale doot preen peerie hurdies yatter douce drouthy dwaibly stechie besom happit heise wheech jag flit semmit braw bunnet pech wean rift hunker howk gomerel glaikit dinger plook fernietickle lug haar mooth heid keek sumph mawkit stooshie stramash dunt hen pickle muckle mickle muddle sonsie sleekit stay hogmanay fou jouk pawkie snell Jalouse jotter ken dreich short leet stravaig guising fantoosh skeich shoogly orra hash janitor runkle footer clype bike scunner hoachin tober shauchlin nyaff bauchle trauchled drookit fushionless shilpit peelie-wally fykie greet girn chap wheesht fankle boke tumshie syboe wersh thrawn squint disjaskit joco thirled sweir pauchie clegg flyting dwam oxter perjink boorach mingin guddle swither smeddum glamour bidie-in carnaptious pinkie snasters skelf slaister oose

Opinion: The patheticness of Gauguingate

By James Browne Something is missing from the Frank McAveety “Gauguingate” yarn. Interest. When I heard that he'd quit as convener of the public petitions committee, I...