WEIR’S WEEK 7th February 2014

Good looking male cyclists more likely to win?
(Picture: Wikipedia)

The abuse aimed at Celtic manager Neil Lennon at Tynecastle was everything that is bad about Scottish society let alone Scottish football.

Neil Lennon (Creative commons)
Neil Lennon
(Creative commons)
But how quickly did some attempt to turn this incident into an anti-Irish, racist or sectarian attack? Probably the same people who believe that every act or crime committed within a footballing environment has to be categorised under one of those headings.

I’m sorry, but football does attract it’s share of eejits, idiots, numpties, bampots and wee neds, their actions dictated not by hate, racism or sectarianism, but because they are eejits, idiots, numpties, bampots and wee neds. And usually drunk with it. If only the same time had been spent legislating against them …

Scotland kick-off their Six Nations campaign in Dublin, and kept pace with the Irish until just before half-time. Well, it was good while it lasted …

MetLife Stadium 2A bit like the contest at the MetLife Stadium in New York where the Seattle Seahawks crushed Denver Broncos 43-8 to take Super Bowl XLVIII. In a game dominated by stats, perhaps the numbers that resonated most with Scots viewing this TV spectacular was that each 30 second advert during the match cost $4m to air. Or put another way, three adverts is the equivalent of the SPFL’s current TV deal, give or take a few quid.

Of course, this isn’t a true comparison or measurement as the adverts during the Super Bowl come from sponsors. Something the SPFL don’t have to deal with …

Perhaps it wasn’t expected with his side sitting level on points with Falkirk at the top of the SPFL Championship, but John Brown quits as Dundee boss, confirmed in one of those standard issue press releases.

“Dundee FC and manager John Brown have today announced they are to part company by mutual agreement,” added their statement. Mutual agreement yes. I do wish someone would measure how much mutual respect there was between both sides when someone loses their job. Now, that would be worth releasing …

Michael Laudrup
Michael Laudrup
In Wales, Swansea admit they have “parted company” with manager Michael Laudrup, the Dane leaving the club with immediate effect following a decision that chairman Huw Jenkins said was “taken reluctantly”. Last season, Laudrup won the League Cup and this season, knocked Manchester United out of the FA Cup. But one win in 10 Premier League matches left the Swans facing the prospect of a relegation battle.

Maybe Laudrup’s star has falling a bit. Maybe Swansea are just finding their true level. And maybe, some clubs should just realise how good they have had it at times …

And findings published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters reveal that good looking male cyclists are more likely to finish first in a bike race than less good looking guys. Scientists came up with these findings after asking men and women to rate the attractiveness of 80 professional elite cyclists who finished the 2012 Tour de France. The study took the form of an online survey, each one containing the photos of 40 of the cyclists in a random order, so confirming a relationship between attractiveness and performance.

I am delighted to say then that my love for Chris Hoy is entirely scientifically based. I’m sure he is equally delighted by that fact …

Caley Thistle LogoThursday
League Cup finalists Inverness Caley Thistle suspend their youth team defender Joe Gorman after he posts a sectarian comment on Twitter. Gorman had viewed Ross Kemp’s ‘Extreme World’ programme on Sky One, which visited Belfast and Londonderry. He then posted a comment stating: “Ross Kemp in Belfast talking about the troubles … wouldn’t you love to open up on all them orange men.”

Just how unlucky was Gorman that folk not only read his comment, but also took screen grabs. And now the polis and Vincent Lunny at the SFA are taking an interest. At least he hasn’t claimed that he was set up, or that his account was hacked, yet …

Talking of hacking, Eric Djemba-Djemba’s Wikipedia page suffered a bit of rewriting. Remarkable how it remained untouched and unscathed, until he arrived in Paisley. It’s occasionally difficult on Wiki to work out what is fact and what is fiction, but it reliably informed me yesterday that the former Manchester United player and now St Mirren new boy had been educated at Eton.

I’m sure someone will ask him about that at his first post-match presser …