Brave – a success story for Scotland

A report from VisitScotland suggests that this country is benefiting from a multi-million pound marketing campaign associated with last year’s hit film Brave. It says that the campaign, run in association with Disney, had reached over 500 million people around the world and thousands had started to come to Scotland as a result, boosting the economy by around £120 million over the next five years.

Fergus Ewing MSP
Fergus Ewing MSP
VisitScotland says that a number of places and landscapes which figured in the film have already seen a growing number of visitors. For example, Dunottar Castle – the clifftop ruin near Stonehaven – saw an increase of over 15% in the number of visitors this summer compared with the same time last year.

According to tourism Minister, Fergus Ewing MSP, the film had been a major boost for Scotland. “Brave has increased international awareness of Scotland and showcased the magnificent historic sites and beautiful landscapes that our country has to offer. I’m delighted by the success of the film and the boost we expected to continue to bring to the economy.”

Mike Cantlay, the chairman of VisitScotland, added that this was just the beginning of how the organisation plans to “maximise” the impact of the film. “One of the reasons we were so determined to work with Disney was that the movie was dubbed into every relevant language across the world, an ideal vehicle to reach emerging markets. What’s more,” he added, “Brave is primarily targeted at a young, influential audience. I genuinely anticipate Scottish tourism benefiting from this movie well into the 2020s.”

  • Maidmarrion

    Och! That ‘ll be all over the Scottish media in no time !
    It’s that pride in all things Scottish that’ll make them report this kind of success ad nauseum – can’t wait to see this all over BBBC Scotland ,STV ,the Scotsman , the Herald ,the Daily Record , the ” Scottish ” Daily Mail and the equally ” Scottish” Daily Express !
    You just know their going to promote it BIGTIME!