Personal Best

It’s an interesting concept. To find out how ordinary people achieve extraordinary success, the Glasgow-based business guru, Barry Duddy, went out and interviewed 200 people who’d been successful in one way or another.

They’re quite varied. They include Sir Frank Williams, the founder of Williams Grand Prix and George Buckley, the Chairman and CEO of 3M. There’s the West Indian athlete, Richard Thompson, who was unfortunate enough to reach his best in the year Usain Bolt burst on the scene. The result is a book called “Personal Best”.

As Duddy explains in the book, “your life is about private and personal victories. Maybe you don’t go home with a gold medal, but if you do more than you ever thought possible, you have made progress and gained pride in the personal success of having done something you had never achieved before. If you can do a bit more, be it in the workplace, or within the home, if you strive just to be better than you were before, your life will open up and you will progress more than you could ever imagine.”

One of those who contributed to the book was Sir Tom Farmer, the Founder of the Kwik Fit Group and now back in business with Farmer Autocare. He wrote: “To succeed in business, you must have enthusiasm, you must have energy and it has to be an obsession, a magnificent obsession, an inner passion of your being.

“The main thing stopping people is themselves, it is simple as that; there are opportunities out there. You have to be sure you have a product and service that people want, but there are opportunities out there every day of the week and if you have the ability, the self-motivation and if you have done your homework beforehand, you will be able to give the time and energy that’s required.

“I often remind people that business isn’t about computers, it isn’t about fancy advertising programmes or premises, it all is about people, the relationships with the people in your organisation, the relationships with your suppliers, relationships with your customers, you have to make sure that interpersonal relationships are right: it helps to overcome any problem that may arise. So surround yourself with likeminded people, those people whose company you enjoy and with whom you can build great relationships, by doing this you will have great success. That’s how you can become your best.”

The book is normally £11.99 but this weekend however, it’s available for just 99p. It’s available as a download from amazon. He told me: “I wrote Personal Best over the last two years after interviewing two hundred achievers who had reached the top in business, leadership, sports, politics & management with all money going to the charity, Buy1Give1.”

He says he’s putting together research-based training materials related to the book and plans on taking on some speaking engagements for first few months of 2013 and is looking for businesses or organisations who might be interested in hearing what he has to offer.