Mobile phone recycling for business

The UK’s leading company for recycling business mobile phones, the Falkirk-based Redeem, has developed a new mobile site for O2 which is believed to be a world first. The new services uses automatic mobile phone detection to identify the brand and model of mobile being used and then to automatically offer a top recycling price for that device on the spot. It comes on the back of Redeem retaining and indeed extending its contract with O2 after a competitive pitch.

The company has long provided a recycling service for personal customers. This latest announcement means that Redeem will also now deliver O2’s new recycling for businesses service. The Scottish firm is already the largest mobile phone recycler in Europe. To date, it has processed over 500,000 mobiles for O2 Recycle, paying O2 customers more than £35 million for their old devices. It expects to grow even more as the “recycle for business” market takes off.

According to Simon Dunn, the firm’s director of commercial development, it is not just a great success story for the company. It is, he believes, “a huge vote of confidence for a Scottish business. The new contract is a further extension of the successful partnership we have developed with O2 over the past few years. Over 90 per cent of O2’s customer’s state they are extremely satisfied with our recycling service.

“I am sure our continued focus on delivering an excellent customer experience has played a huge role in giving Telefonica UK the confidence when committing to another long-term agreement with Redeem. We are completely focused on maintaining our market leading electronic recycling service by further improving the value we offer, and we will continue to innovate our service to meet the ever-changing needs of both individual and business recycling customers. We are very excited and positive about the future.”

Gareth Rice, head of environment at O2, says that the programme “has helped to liberate thousands of mobile phones which have been sitting in people’s drawers across the UK. Now we will be tackling business phones with a well proven recycling service, helping companies do good for the environment and raise money for good causes whilst providing a reliable office recycling solution.”

All profits generated by O2 from the recycling programme are donated to O2’s Think Big programme. This offers young people in the UK aged between 13 and 25 the chance to receive funding, training and support to develop ideas or initiatives that can make things better for them, their community or surroundings.

Given the volume of mobile phones and other handset devices in use in the UK – people here upgrade more frequently than in other parts of Europe – their recycling and reuse becomes important to ensure that they don’t end up in landfill sites where they can cause pollution through the release of toxins as the phones deteriorate. It also extends unwanted phones’ useful life with all the global warming benefits this can achieve.

Redeem gives O2 fully audited and legislative compliance to meet their sustainability objectives. Plus Redeem’s own CSR programme and ethical supply chain standards are designed to support mobile operators’ CSR programmes and environment initiatives.

Founded as a specialist recycler in 1991, Redeem is now an award-winning company that recycles high volumes of hand-held digital equipment, including mobile phones, tablets, satellite navigation, cameras and laptop computers. Redeem has recycling centres in the UK, Europe and Asia allowing the company to support a wide range of customers and a global client base. Redeem recently set up O2’s mobile recycling service in Slovakia: the first comprehensive mobile phone recycle and resale service in that country. The company extracts the maximum value from recycled electronic equipment with the aid of a global network of strategic partnerships.

  • PP

    ‘The company extracts the maximum value from recycled electronic equipment with the aid of a global network of strategic partnerships.’ Was this lifted straight from the press release?

  • Richard

    Redeem opetate in a unethical manner. They read other peoples emails, and threaten people if they dont do what they want.