Will the No campaign be called Scotland Together?

No sign. Picture: Gail Williams
Picture: Gail Williams
No sign. Picture: Gail Williams
Picture: Gail Williams

I wonder if I have stumbled across the “Scotland Says No” campaign website’s name.

I merely ask because I note that various domains with the name scotlandtogether were registered by someone at the House of Commons on 5 April. The Who Is information for the .co.uk address can be found here – courtesy of DNS Stuff. The .com record’s details appear to protected by Identity Protect Limited (as shown on the Who Is info for the .org address on 123-reg.co.uk) – a company that masks clients’ details from searches such as the one I’ve carried out.  (Another client of theirs appears to be the English Defence League – if this Who Is entry is correct.)

Regardless of the masking of Who Is information of several of the scotlandtogether domains, they were all created on 5 April this year, suggesting some coordination.

Of course, it might be a coincidence. Maybe there’s a registration error somewhere or maybe someone at the House of Commons is planning a Scottish startup that happens to have that name. (That said, I failed to find any company called Scotland Together at Companies House.) Or maybe it’s just an individual registering domains that may or may not be useful in the future.

But the name would make sense for the “Scotland Says No” crowd, as would the timing and, of course, the Westminster link.


  • Left this on Labourhame site; The first lines tell me how “clever ” you are? I am Scottish,I am also
    British,no problem there then.Now after Scottish independence I will
    still be Scottish and British,the very simple reason is this;I live in a
    country called

    Scotland on an Island called Britain,so none of that will change.Got it so far?

    What will change is the politics,Scotland will run its own affairs,we
    will dissolve the UK,and change the politics.What cant you understand
    about that?