If Prince Charles is a weatherman, can we let Heather the Weather be head of state?

Prince Charles reads the weather

I for one welcome our new meteorological overlords. It was refreshing to see how barriers can come down in our meritocratic society, when an amateur enthusiast was allowed to read the weather on BBC Scotland.

One thought struck me, though: if Prince Charles can do forecasts on the telly, can we not let Heather the Weather have a shot of being head of state?

Like HRH she has bags of experience appearing in public, has a cult following among a certain segment of the population and has never been elected.

Given how wildly popular Chuck’s broadcast has become, I think there’s a real appetite for such an arrangement. It would get around those gnarly succession issues as well.

  • Nice one Stewart.  Hope the idea catches on!

  • Or you could ask for the WORST pun on this article.

    Like: “It never reigns but it bores”

  • I would think the answer is pretty obvious: “Ay we can!”

  • Guest

    Not if it means we have to view Charlie on our screens every night after the news.