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Announcing our scheme to encourage new Scottish voices

Sony microphone. Picture: Chris Metcalf

Picture: Chris Metcalf

The Caledonian Mercury is committed to encouraging open and free debate as part of our mission to revitalise the Scottish media. We celebrate all the voices of Scotland and want to encourage as many people as possible to share their thoughts about our country.

For that reason we are unveiling a scheme to promote and reward new talent.

We are inviting emerging writers (or podcasters or film-makers or photographers) – be they young or old, trained or not – to submit articles on any topic for publication in our new Scottish Voices section.

Every 30 days or so, the author of the most-read will receive a cash prize of £50. They will also receive feedback on how to develop their skills. The competition will then begin again with new entries.

The initiative is open to anyone. We welcome any piece on any topic, in any form: text, audio, video, pictorial or graphic.

The terms and conditions are simple:

  • All contributors are solely responsible for what they provide.
  • All contributors must own the copyright of what they provide.
  • No defamation, libel, hate speech, bigotry or obscenity.
  • Anyone submitting marketing guff, SEO linkback spam and other such nonsense will be blacklisted and publicly humiliated. If you want to advertise with the Caley Merc, read how here.
  • All contributors give The Caledonian Mercury an unlimited license to reuse submitted material.
  • All contributors retain copyright over their material.
  • We reserve the right not to publish articles if we feel they are not quite appropriate.
  • We will need your real name, age, postal address and occupation (though only your name will be published).
  • By submitting a piece you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you have something to say please submit your piece to the following email address: [email protected].

Please suggest a headline. It should be short, to the point and factual.

Your piece will perform better if you provide a picture. This has to be one you own the copyright to or licensed uncer Creative Commons. The picture should be interesting and relevant – and obviously not obscene or offensive.

Be prepared to promote the story yourself using email, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. This is the best way to increase reader numbers.

  • Gary

    Hi – how long will this run for?

    • http://caledonianmercury.com Stewart Kirkpatrick

      Indefinitely. We’ll announce a winner every 30 days or so.

      • guest200

        First batch of articles have been up for more than 30 days now. Any winner yet?

  • m0r1arty

    User driven content with a potential six hundred and twenty quid salary?

    May I be the first to loudly yell “LOL”

  • Lindsey Fraser

    Is there a lower age limit?

  • Matt Quinn

    “All contributors give The Caledonian Mercury an unlimited license to reuse submitted material.
    All contributors retain copyright over their material.”

    - So; if the Caledonian Mercury’s licence is UNlimited… That means they can let, re-assign, create derivative works etc etc etc… Do whatever the heck they like with the material basically….

    Somewhat detrimental to the originator’s economic rights surely???

  • http://bucketoftongues.wordpress.com/ Mike Cormack

    Is this still running? I sent an email but it was rejected.