Useful Gaelic word: sgeul

<em>Picture: Tessa Carroll</em>
Picture: Tessa Carroll
Sgeul – story

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The word is worth knowing about because it appears in several compound words and also in a couple of useful idioms.

The word sgeul means story or account and sgeulachd is a synonym which is nowadays more common in the spoken language. For some reason sgeulachd seems to have a better rhythm to it, especially when telling a child a story. That is just a personal view by this writer.

The Gaelic word for excuse is lethsgeul, and literally means “half-story”. A useful idiomatic use of sgeul in the modern language comes about when looking for something which cannot be found. Chan eil sgeul air means there is no sign of it, literally “there is not an account of it”.

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