Useful Gaelic word: rathad

Rathad, Uibhist a Deas <em>Picture: Gordon Hatton</em>
Rathad, Uibhist a Deas Picture: Gordon Hatton
Rathad – road

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The Gaelic word for road is rathad. It is similar to the English word, but the word is interesting because of its use in idioms.

The phrase as an rathad has various uses in a series of contexts. Chaidh e as an rathad means he died and literally means “he went out of the road”.

Cha do thachair cail a-mach as an rathad means nothing untoward happened and literally means “nothing out of the road happened”.

A very direct and impolite way to tell a person to make way is to say mach as an rathad, literally “out of the road”. Gaels can be direct too.

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