Alex Salmond meets old and new faces in the SNP MSP intake

SNP MSPs en masse, 7 May 2011
SNP MSPs en masse, 7 May 2011
By James Browne

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond met his new parliamentary colleagues today – some of them for the first time.

“I’d like to say I knew everybody in the new group,” Mr Salmond said, “but I signed an autograph for one a moment ago and I thought they were a member of the public.”

Mr Salmond held a photocall with all the other 68 SNP MSPs on the grass ouside the Holyrood parliament, before the first parliamentary group meeting which was designed to set out the priorities for the SNP in government.

Mr Salmond talked through various issues with the prime minister, David Cameron, on the telephone and hopes to secure coalition backing for an extension to the powers of the Scottish parliament through the Scotland Bill as his first and most immediate priority.


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