Daily roundup: Scottish Liberal Democrats, 5 April

With yesterday’s big news from the Scottish Liberal Democrat camp being the launch of their 2011 manifesto, other news from the Lib Dem camp took on a distinctly aquatic theme.

Commenting on the launch of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation’s (SFF) manifesto which has called for the phasing out of fish discards and a better representation of the industry, Liberal Democrat Fisheries spokesperson Liam McArthur said:

“In these challenging times for the industry, the manifesto put forward by the SFF is pragmatic and achievable. A Liberal Democrat Scottish Government would look to work closely and constructively with the industry to deliver the objectives set out in the SFF’s manifesto.”

Meanwhile, in response to SNP claims that the Liberal Democrats are seeking to privatise Scottish Water, the Liberal Democrat manifesto author Jeremy Purvis said that the Nats’ claims don’t hold water.

“Section 8.4 of the Treasury rule is quite clear that the Treasury has an interest in the transfer of assets that they originally paid for.” Mr Purvis said.

“That is exactly why, under our plan, the money lent to Scottish Water by the Treasury is repaid to them and the money lent to Scottish Water by the Scottish Government is repaid to them.

“Rule 8.4 is there to stop the Government privatising something and then trying to keep all of the money. We are not proposing either of those things.

“Instead of a drip, drip, drip attack on our ideas for future investment in Scotland, the SNP also needs to explain why it is throwing the advice of its two biggest budget advisers down the drain. The Scottish Futures Trust and the Independent Budget Review have both published reports recommending our sensible plan.”