Daily roundup: Scottish Greens, 4 April

greens2Following yesterday’s Conservative manifesto, Patrick Harvie of the Scottish Greens said: “The Tories have today issued a manifesto from another Scotland, some delusional Scotland where tackling poverty isn’t worth a mention, where Jeremy Clarkson can write policy on transport and climate change, and where it doesn’t matter if universities are exclusive clubs for those with the money to pay.

“Given the slash-and-burn economics they’re delivering at Westminster, it is absolutely no surprise that the Tories have nothing constructive to say on public services, on tackling inequality, and protecting our environment.

“They are the deficit delinquents, still unable to grasp that whacking the Scottish economy and public only makes sense if you’re a masochist, George Osborne or Danny Alexander.

“On jobs and the economy they appear to think that slashing public services and forcing up unemployment is the answer. It didn’t work in the 1980s and it won’t work now. A Scottish parliament where the Tories hold the balance of power would be just about the worst possible outcome in May.

“They have learnt nothing since the Thatcher years, they are out of touch with Scotland, and they are unfit to have any role in this country’s next government.”

The Greens also welcomed yesterday’s announcement from the Labour Party that they would eliminate snaring, but the party pointed out that no progress on this issue was made over the eight years Labour were in power at Holyrood.

“It’s great to see some movement from Labour on this issue,” said Eleanor Scott, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, “but Greens spent eight years in parliament trying and failing to persuade a Labour-led administration to do the right thing here, and we’re frankly sceptical about their commitment now. In fact, when I proposed this very change in committee in 2004 every other party voted against it.

“Snaring is a cruel and indiscriminate substitute for proper rural estate management, and both Labour and the SNP have struggled to free themselves from the influence of the snaring mafia. A strong group of Green MSPs in the next parliament will be the best guarantee that this brutal practice is ended forever.”

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