Video: the tide turns against the Porty jetski parkers

They say there’s a downturn. They say there’s no spare money around. Well, on Portobello beach there’s cash to splash, as the suddenly popular video above shows.
The Porty jetski parking fail

It’s not clear quite which “jetski dudes” had the bright idea of parking their nice shiny 4×4 on the wrong side of the high-water mark, but there must surely be cheaper car-valet options in town.

It’s great the way that the footage starts with the jetskiers running out into the sea (shades of Chariots of Fire) towards a dark amorphous shape that could, for those first few seconds, be anything – Jaws, the Firth of Forth version of Nessie, a lost Trident sub – before the camera zooms in and it turns into £15k’s worth of half-submerged pickup.

The whole film is great, but the best bits are at the end. With some assistance from a winch, the jetski dudes shove the damn thing back ashore to a polite round of applause from the assembled watchers – very Portobello, that. Then the cameraman says “What a bunch of fannies.” Indeed. Who needs Last of the Summer Wine when you can have real-life stuff like this?

And what is it with the Lothians and underwater vehicles? Seven months ago it was this more downmarket version.

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  • Mrs Wilson

    More money then sense

  • The waterfall produced by the opening of the door was straight out of Laurel & Hardy. I also liked the barking dogs. Great film, rating: **** (with better camera work it would have been 5 stars).

  • I’d read about this on the evening news and thought it was quite funny but last night a saw your version and fell off the chair laughing. partly down to the appropriate video title and finally the comment by the film maker at the end in typical dry scots tone – genius!

  • Dougie Douglas

    Yes, thank you CalMerc for bringing this to our attention. It is proof-positive that the country is awash with cash and that everything is a-ok.

    Yes the last line of ‘bunch of fannies’ is pure comic genius.

    It’s great to see that whilst there are stories that might divert your journalists time such as minimum pricing and Blairs memoirs that you guys have kept the vision and nailed the biggest story around.

  • Reminds me of Thatcher’s worst. Where’s Pol Pot when you need him?

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