Rangers fans celebrate with a Top Ten hit

Turner: Surprise return to the charts
Turner: Surprise return to the charts

It is a chart success which will have left all those millions of music fans who don’t follow Scottish football scratching their heads in curiosity, writes Allan Laing. Why did an old hit from the Eighties suddenly break into the UK’s official Top Ten yesterday even though it’s rarely played on the radio?

The answer lies with Glasgow Rangers Football Club. Just hours after the club clinched the SPL league title, it was announced that Tina Turner’s Simply The Best had made a return to the UK chart. This is not unconnected with the fact that the ageing anthem blares out the Ibrox PA system, much to the supporters’ delight, before every game.

The record, which entered the charts at number nine, was one of three new entries. It’s success was a direct result of an internet Facebook campaign by Rangers’ fans to get the song to number one on the same day the club won the title.

As a result, Simply The Best, whose previous chart success peaked at number five in 1989, was one of the UK’s most popular downloads throughout last week. When news of the campaign broke, rival Celtic fans launched a similar effort to get their stadium anthem – Gerry and the Pacemakers’ You’ll Never Walk Alone – back in the charts. It didn’t make the Top Ten.

The Rangers’ chart bid, similar to the Facebook campaign which last year prevented Joe McElderry, the X Factor winner, from being the Christmas number one by getting an obscure 1990s track by Rage Against The Machine to the top, was organised by three Ibrox fans – Mark Dingwall, James Fairley and Mark Farley. At its height the Facebook campaign had 25,000 names attached to it.

For the record, this week’s number one slot was taken by former X Factor contestant Diana Vickers.

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    The Charts are a load of mince anyway.

    They are rigged and full of crap songs.