UFO Sightings and Chocolate in the Sky

UFO Sighting in NorfolkToday is a UFOlogy red-letter day, as the Ministry of Defence (MOD) once again allows access to their spooky UFO files which you can download, for freefor one month. Here you can read about everything from a flying Toblerone that hovered over an electrician in Penicuik, to “first-hand” accounts of alien visitations.

The files also detail a number of letters written by Billy Buchanan, a Falkirk Councillor, to several Prime Ministers.

Mr Buchanan was the self-appointed voice representing the thousands of people who had reported sighting UFOs in and around Bonnybridge, central Scotland. This small area, or “Falkirk Triangle” as it is still known, averaged about 300 sightings a year, making it the world’s number one UFO hot-spot.

Buchanan’s response to this almost daily visit from alien nations was to hold public meetings and petition for something to be done. The newly released MOD files show that he took the situation very seriously. Back in 1994 he asks John Major for a “top level” inquiry, writing that “the village itself has suffered cruelly from ridicule and yet the sightings are continuing.”

Although this enquiry was never authorised, Buchanan didn’t give up, writing to Tony Blair in 1997 that “for five years the people both you and I represent have witnessed a phenomenon in the area that has been left unexplained.”

Reading these letters reminded me of the time I interviewed Buchanan in 2005 when he gave me what remains one of my favourite quotes of all time. When I asked him why he thought Bonnybridge has turned into a UFO hot-spot he replied: “When people say to me why Bonnybridge? I say, why Bethlehem?”

I loved it then and I still love it now.

Yet, easy as it is to mock, the sightings at Bonnybridge have fascinated not just because of their volume, but for the credibility of many of the witnesses. The same is clear from the recently released reports.

Although not all.

A report from June 1997 gives details of a close encounter experienced by a man who was sleeping in his living room when a man walked in and lay on his quilt. The report says that “the windows then went all white and the man…whooshed through the window.” The report goes on to note that although the man did call the police they declined to visit because they “thought he was a nutter” – this despite his assurances that he “was not a crank and was not on drugs.”

  • Sir James Douglas

    I would recommend Timothy Good’s book ‘Need to know’ or Freidman’s research. The evidence for cover-up is indisputable. However it is only within the intelligence community and even then at extremely high level. Elected politicians are not made aware of such issues, so writing letters to Tony Blair was never going to work.

    There was a serious chance of some of this information being released in the early 90s as public interest was growing – unfortunately ‘the x files’ came along and ruined that (ironically enough the show came about as a response to public interest!).

    The ‘X files’ was the best thing that every happened as far as the intelligence community were concerened as it served to discredit the whole issue. Now when anyone, pilots or military personnel included, report anything, they are told that they having been watching too much of the x files – hey presto: subject discredited.

    However, the subject remains THE most highly classified subject in the intelligence community today.

  • Michael

    You have got to love the UFO nauts. I am a farmer out in all weathers at night during early morning etc etc. Walked to the local school as a lad. Years of experience of the outdoors ex territorial etc. Lots of Aer Lingus, RAF, USAF (even a low level B52) the odd Salyut space station etc Not one UFO, must be the smell of silage. Sigh.

    • Lawrence

      “Not one UFO”

      Sheesh! So there’s no such thing as camels and raccoons and pyramids either? My world view is falling apart here.

      I think I once saw someone from Dumbarton Labour Party, but it might just have been a trick of the light. It definitely wasn’t Venus.

  • The DUMBarton branch of the North British Labour Party were spotted last year with a banner at Faslane demonstrating against the Labour Trident. Spooly or wot?

    The Labour Party MP and MSP claim the the base is only there to provide Scots jobs. Aye. same as Buchenwald provided jobs for the local people.

  • Eretta:- Spooky or wot?

    • Wee Willie Bee

      Erratum! But who cares?